Flight Patterns: Cormorant_UAV__formerly_AirMule__Completes_First_Fully_Autonomous_Pattern_Flight_Over_TerrainUrbanAero136, Cormorant UAV (formerly AirMule)

Flight Patterns

Data from the U.S. Federal aviation administration is used to create animations of flight traffic patterns and density.


Higher resolution here:
The paths of air traffic over North America visualized in color and form.


National Science Foundation 1st Pl. Science Visualization
Japan Media Arts Festival
Ars Electronica
Golden Horse Taiwan
iDat Singapore
Media Art Fiesland
Boston Cyber Arts
Todays Art

This work was originally developed as a series of expirments for the project "Celestial Mechanics" by collegues Scott Hessels and Gabriel Dunne at UCLA. FAA data was parsed and plotted using the Processing programming environment. The frames were composited with Adobe After Effects and/or Maya.

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Data from the U.S. Federal aviation administration is used to create animations of flight traffic patterns and density by artist Aaron Koblin

Urban Aeronautics is pleased to announce that on November 3, 2016 its Cormorant Unmanned Air vehicle (UAV) prototype has performed its first autono...
24 Hours of Flight Data

For more information please see:
24 hours of flight data. Aircraft colored by type. For more information please see: http://www.aaronkoblin.com/work/flightpatterns/
Long exposures of bugs under a street light.
Aproximação para a pista 10 do aeroporto SBSN - Aeroporto Internacional de Santarém — Maestro Wilson Fonseca, após o cancelamento do plano IFR prosseguimos para o circuito visual da pista 10.

Aeronave A320 procedente de SBBE

Musica: Bon Jovi - Who Says You Can't Go Home

Visual approach pattern to SBSN - Santarem Intl RWY10.

Aircraft Airbus 320

Music: Bon Jovi - Who Says You Can't Go Home
http://video.fonsandporter.com: In this tutorial, the Fons & Porter staff show you how to make the Flight Pattern quilt. Even though the blocks feature flying geese, you only need squares to make the blocks. Flight Pattern can be found in Fons & Porter's Quilting Quickly Summer '14, and the digital pattern can be found at http://www.shopFonsandPorter.com. For more Quilting Quickly videos, visit http://www.fonsandporter.com/QuiltingQuickly

Credit: Charles Rosemond | Date Taken: 11/30/2016
B-Roll of a U.S. Army Apache helicopter from 1st Battalion, 3rd Aviation Regiment (Attack Reconna...
Dad flies some low patterns around the airfield.
Training video or preflight in Autogyro MTO Sport and 2 flights in the pattern. Hooks airport Tomball Texas north of Houston

New F3C pattern ( schedule P ) demonstration by the world champion Hiroki Ito

Keaton's very first helicopter training flight in an R22, in Bend, Oregon, with Instructor Jay of Helicopter Training Videos. We had one 'demo flight' prior. Keaton has about 10 hours previous helicopter experience, mainly in a Schweitzer 300C from a few years ago. He is working on his private rating and we start at the very beginning. Click SHOW MORE to see notes, tips, etc.

0:15 After-engine started checklist
2:25 Automated AWOS Weather
4:15 Reaching to pull anything on lower c
watch the 1:14 2:23 minute marker!! AMAZING STUFF IN MEXICO CITY CAPTURED BY A LOCAL CITIZEN on top of his high rise apartment complex.

The flight pattern of your disc, in freestyle Frisbee, is important for accurately hitting your target and throwing more precise Frisbee trick throws. Learn more about flight patterns and freestyle Frisbee from a freestyle Frisbee champion in this free Frisbee video.

Expert: Todd Brodeur
Bio: Todd Brodeur has been playing Frisbee since he was a child and has been seriously involved in all aspects of the sport for over 25 years. Brodeur won the World Championship in 2004 and 2006.
Filmmaker: Christian Munoz-Donoso

[BYROBOT PETRONE] Key Features - Voice Control, Pattern Flight, Follow Me
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A look into my take-off and landing KCRQ flying Cessna 4711B. Palomar tower had me do two 360's for spacing purposes fyi! enjoy!
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This is a video documenting the biomechanics and flight movement of a dragonfly using a NAC Image Technology Memrecam K4 high speed camera at 2,000 fps.<br/><br/>
Mike Sweet Jr. is the son of Michael Sweet of the Christian rock band Stryper and his wife Kyle Sweet (1956 to 2009 ) . This interview was done on the Stryper Tour bus Where Mike Jr and co member of Flight Patterns Shane Vagrent talk with Eric Blair about touring with Stryper etc also Mike Jr. talks about his girlfriend Lauren Bliss ,Flight Patterns and his hardcore band 'Sounds Like a City' Being a Christian etc.<br/><br/>