Finger Waves: Tutting_Combination_digit_finger_wave_, Tutting Combination [digit tuting wave フィンガータット finger dance 指] K.E.N-DIGIT, K.E.N.-DIGIT - Tutting

Finger Waves - Танцуйте вместе с нами!

Song: Secrets by Dusky Hunters
Camera Man: @TomTTrinh

Learn how you can easily create a stylish salon-quality finger wave at home. Click 'Show more' to learn about the products used in this video.

Products used in this video:
-Super Sculpt™ -
-Fast Drying Sculpting Spray™ -
-Express Ion Dry® -
-The Diffuser -

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Создание образа а-ля "Попольная империя"


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♥ НАШИ ПРОЕКТЫ ♥ - Прически на каждый день - Рай для девушек Секреты красоты
Watch How To Do A Finger Wave from the pioneers of how to videos. This instructional video will give you helpful instructions to ensure you get good at styling tips.<br/><br/>
Mr Wiggles teach basic finger waves
Раскрываем все женские хитрости! Присоединяйтесь
FB LIVE VIDEO. . Taken from fb and tweaked a bit for youtube. Not the best video but it shows a great description from very start to finish. . I am located in kansas city Missouri. You can follow me in instagram @citygirlssalon and @myajoda. Also my page on fb is City Girls Salon by Mya JoDa

If you’re a big fan of elegant vintage hairstyles and want to step back a few decades, finger fringes are exactly what you’re looking for! The finger waves are an eternal stamp in women hairstyle trends. It is fabulous and chic and nothing says retro glamour like a finger wave updo! This hairstyle can be worn at a formal occasions, formal parties and even for a wedding party perfect to give you a feel from the previous century.

We hope that you love this look and for any queries, write in to us in the com
The Lost Art of Vintage Hair DVD is available from my website -
The Lost Art of Vintage Hair is a superb collection of glamorous looks from the 30s, 40s, 50s and 60s. Here is a classic 1930s style, my gift to you.

This is a teaser for my Ultra Violet step by step DVD. This video features one of the most classical hairstyles of all time, the French Pleat. Enjoy my 8 step by step hairstyles from this collection.

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In this hair tutorial we venture to the 1920s for the first time! :D
Sokolum79's Video:
Classic Retro Glamour's Video:

This classic updo is inspired by the following WWII Hair Style Safety Video:
A big thanks to dennis1961able and 83croissant for suggesting the hairstyle! :D

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chillin i the studio with the bboys and gettin some finger isolations Bottin.Its tuff to practise with bboys because of the music but its so much fun....yeeeeeee

have fun enjoy ....hope u like it


Make authentic 20's fingerwaves. Great for costumes, pageants and dances. Learn the best techniques here. Note: you will need to leave yourself hours, maybe even a day for this hairstyle to set before you brush it out.
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Use a larger iron for a less extreme look! A GREAT alternative to the traditional finger-waving method! Great for vintage weddings or retro Halloween looks! Have fun! OBVIOUSLY I do not pull off this look well ;) Just for instructional purposes
This hairstyle is inspired from the period piece Australia set in the late 1930s featuring the gorgeous Nicole Kidman. Wet set pin curls, forming beautiful soft finger waves. This is Pt 2. of this series and features brushing and sculpting into the finished style. Part 1.! Ciao, xoxo....Azalea Tempest

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Making finger waves with curlers requires you to start by creating a horizontal section in your hair. Make finger waves with curlers with help from a hair and makeup artist in this free video clip.

Expert: Danielle Valiente
Bio: Danielle Valiente is a hair and makeup Artist in Phoenix, LA, and NYC.
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In this video I explain and demonstrate the original, authentic finger waving technique used in the 1920s and 1930s. This technique is not easy but when you get it right you can achieve beautiful results. Just keep practicing!

finger dance lesson (Digit tutorial)

Finger exercise
Finger Wave
Finger Tutting1
Finger Tutting2
Finger Tutting3
Finger Tutting4
Finger Tutting5

“Pull thru, QUEEN!!!!! 😜🙈🏆👑👑👑 #Adele #Monster the attitude & fingers to match. #Oh #Ok #IcoNIC ❤️ I cried when she waved bye to the careers 😩 #Hello…”
Mr. Leonardo easy Finger Wave Technique, featuring Mr. Leonardo's Finger Wave Products and The No-Burn Perm (Mr. Leonardo Relaxer System)
finger wave by Ms. Shameka fierce fabulous hair stylist! model Dana
shooting with Jo Lance

I learned the basics of finger waving through this series of instructions: Which I highly recommend using along with this video.
However, I found that the waves are MUCH easier to achieve when using wave clips, and thought that the illustrations were very confusing.

This is a style that requires lots of practice to master, so get all the supplies and borrow a friend on a lazy Saturday afternoon before you attempt a finger wave style for a special event.
easy way to do finger waves hairstyle

lipstick: revlon matte lipstick in 006 (centre)
rimmel lipstick in Bordeaux

blush hot pink from ELF

eyeshadows from costal scents or bh cosmetics 88 palette
lined with clinque gel liner in honey black


I learned the basics of finger waving through this series of instructions: Which I highly recommend using along with this video.
However, I found that the waves are MUCH easier to achieve when using wave clips, and thought that the illustrations were very confusing.

This is a style that requires lots of practice to master, so get all the supplies and borrow a friend on a lazy Saturday afternoon before you attempt a finger wave style for a special event.
Mr. Leonardo shows a quick technique for creating deep silky waves.<br/><br/>
Check out the brand new Flick Trix BMX Finger bikes. Here you see Sunday Orange 2nd Wave. Taken with Brilliant Foscam FI8908W Camera:
The 2nd part of my special 1920's tutorials. Unleash your inner flapper or discover your Great Gatsby style with this authentic, 1920's finger wave hair tutorial.

This is by no means easy, but it is very impressive when finished. It is quite time consuming and requires some serious skills, but practice makes perfect, right?
If you have questions, please feel free to leave me a comment, and remember to subscribe to this channel for more amazing hair and makeup videos!

I found all the supplie

This video wasn't for any specific era, it is inspired by old Hollywood glamour!

How To Have Long Lasting Curl!
韓國男生波浪髮型教學 Korea Boy Finger Wave Hair Style - RickyKAZAF

RickyKAZAF, 香港星級化妝導師,

UBeauty Blog:

韓國男生化妝班 Korean Boys Makeup Class


Beast - The Fact

Trouble Maker - Trouble Maker
Что же такое, все эти «диджитс» и «спайдермэны»? Когда-то давно Poppin' Pete, родной брат Boogaloo Sam’а, основателя команды The Electric Boogaloos, создал стиль spiderman, суть которого заключалась в работе пальцами рук. Впоследствии Америку захлестнула волна рэйв-культуры, тогда и появились два стиля танца, не имеющие к фанку никакого отношения — один назывался «liquid», а другой «digits». Digits — это танец исключительно пальцами. То есть ладони и пальцы выполняют определенные последовательности движений
Behind the scenes at photo shoot with Jo Lance.Finger wave by hair stylist Ms. Shameka. Model Dana.

I love how a movie can bring back trends from the past. With the new Gatsby movie, I was so inspired by the fashion and of course...the hairstyles and makeup.

Today I'm going to show you how can you recreate the 1920's Finger Waves with a modern twist.

This hairstyle was very popular during the 20s and 30s in order to soften up the short/bob cuts of the era. Since my hair is very long, I'm going to use a similar technique to create a side-swept retro wave.

A curli
An easy tutorial inspired by 1920's finger Waves.

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В данном видео показано как сделать прическу в стиле ретро и волны из волос мето ...

In this video I explain and demonstrate how to create finger waves on long thick hair.

o nouă trupă grunge pe arena internațională, o combinație și o relatare veridică de sunete explozive, absolut în stil Alice in Chains.

This video will show you how to make great 1920's style finger waves.. you will love it. CHeck out my other videos at

Today's hairstyle is inspired by the 1920's finger wave,i combined the old with the new, finger wave style with a nowadays bun,this is a hairstyle for medium,long hair.
From Grace Kelly to Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian, Taylor Swift, so many celebrities have rocked a timeless 1920's inspired finger wave,in this hairstyle tutorial,i'll show you how you can do your own take on this hairstyle.
Ideal as a prom hairstyle,wedding hairstyle,bridesmaids hairstyle,ball hairstyle.
This is a hairstyle for long hair.
This is a hairstyle for long hair.
Hope you like it, thumbs up if you do, thanx for watching.
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I wanted to share one of the many ways that I style my relaxed pixie cut.

Great Gatsby Inspired:
Classic Finger Waves
Stylist: Chad Kenyon

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指と手先のみをつかって全てを表現するダンススタイル DIGIT を駆使して、深海をテーマにした映像作品を作ってみました。

こちらは「NHK 特ダネ!投稿DO画」にて放映していただきました。

Who is your favourite movie star of all time? Please enter the name in the comment section, thank you.
These roaring 20's cards are great for seeing what was fashionable in those days e.g. 1920's hair, finger waves, headbands, flapper fashion etc.

Series: Film and Stage Favourites
Issue Year: 1926
Issuer: British American Tobacco Company

Includes: Rudolph Valentino, Buster Keaton, Greta Garbo, Tom Mix, Pola Negri, Enid Bennett, Isabel Jeans, Eleanor Boardman, Francis X. Bushman, Harr
Mr Wiggles teaches individual finger waves
Jordan dunks on Mutombo and finger waves

Мистический трайбл Олли. Волны кистью.1/1
Short hair tutorial on how to achieve a 1930's inspired "finger wave" faux-bob with a wave iron in 15 minutes or less by Noelle Fabian.
Базовые движения из стиля диджитс от Дмитрия Гидеона (Тюмень), которые он показал на открытом уроке в Школе Дракона

то же на ютубе
Creating the perfect Finger Waves with Lorna Evans.

For all your Long Hair Styling needs go to
Musical Wave - это современная школа искусств, основанная профессиональными музыкантами. Занятия в школе ведутся только в правильно оборудованных классах, а преподавателями являются звезды российского музыкального мира.
Мы хотим, чтобы каждый ученик знал - здесь он действительно получит профессиональный навык, который сможет в дальнейшем применять в творчестве.
Imagined Herbal Flows – Waves
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НАШИ ПРОЕКТЫ - Прически на каждый день - Салон красоты
В данном видео показано как сделать прическу в стиле ретро и волны из волос методом холодной ондуляции. Приятного просмотра!


О прическах -

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Old Hollywood Finger Waves Long Hair Tutorial:

Previous Video (Battle Of The BB Creams):

Some of my favourite makeup brushes from Sigma!

♥ НАШИ ПРОЕКТЫ ♥ - Прически на каждый день - Рай для девушек Секреты красоты
В первой серии восьмого эпизода "Dubstep Dance Tutorial" вы узнаете, как правильно и красиво делать волну пальцами и как ещё можно использовать пальцы в танце.

Автор видео: Владимир Шереметьев
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I've gotten a lot of requests to show how I do this hair style. Hope you like it -- thanks for watching! :)
BTW, I'm using the Vidal Sassoon Gold Series Professional 3-Barrel Waver which can be found at Target, or any place that sells curling irons :)

20-90-е годы.Retro.Vintage

I have blunt cut bangs in this video, but perhaps you can't tell because of the way I comb my hair forward in the beginning. But this shows that it's possible to achieve this type of look even with bangs.

This is a variation on the authentic finger waving technique. This is much softer and not at all as defined as the original technique. It's a real practice, doing finger waves on yourself, and let this be a warning, it might drive you insane
Please feel free to like my facebook page to see more of my work :)

There will be a new finger wave video up soon :) stay tuned!

I was looking on youtube a while ago, and couldn't find much on finger waves, so I decided to try and make my own.
If you like it please rate and subscribe or add me as a friend, I've got more coming :)

It's much much easier to do if you have wavey or curly hair, which is why mine aren't very
Базовые движения стиля диджитс от Дмитрия Гидеона (Тюмень), которые он показал на открытом уроке в Школе Дракона (
Группа - Онлайн обучение танцам
How to do a finger wave 1920s hairstyle
learn basic finger steps breakdance, learn beginner finger steps break dance,
Learn All kinds of dance such as Break Dance, B-Boying, salsa, popping & Locking, Hip-Hop, Body Break Dance moves, finger steps, Stunts, Aerobics, contemporary and many more

Lessons, Tutorial and Tricks

Near satkar papad kendra, Vallabhai patel ward, Ramnagar road, GONDIA

CALL: VISHAL SHUKLA - Mo. 09325483124 -
Instructional video by Jeff Gogue about his approach to drawing japanese finger waves. From the finger wave foundation to finish.
Music: Podington Bear - Hollow Gold, Lasers - Paris (Stereoboy Remix)
This work is licensed under a
I have other pin up vintage hair dos. See them here.

Product Description
The Hot Tools Ceramic Tourmaline Deep Waver is the only deep waver that uses PULSE Technology allowing for superior heat up and recovery times.

Hot Tools technology evolves into even more powerful performance. The all new Deep Waver has the added protection of Ceramic Tourmaline technology which heats the hair follicle from the inside ou
Mr Wiggles teaches connecting finger waves
Mr Wiggles teaches finger waves
My technique for finer waving :)

For more, please visit my blog!

НАШИ ПРОЕКТЫ - Прически на каждый день - Салон красоты
ASMR Hair waves wet lips and wet fingers
Whose Nightmare will be Pink Bunny?-
VK -

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Here's my tutorial of sorts on How to do Finger Wave Curls or Waves on Doll Hair and my Holly O'Hair Makeover.

Holly O Hair
Poppy O Hair
Holly OHair
Poppy OHair

Hi! I'm DisneyEverAfter21 or DisneyEverAfterXD.
Loved Disney Since Forever! Disney IS my Childhood! Disney Doll Collector, Newbie Ever After High Doll Collector & other Disney Stuff! Join me
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