Fenton: The Lullaby - By Joe Fenton *, The Lullaby - 2011 - By Joe Fenton, The Lullaby - By Joe Fenton, Создание новой картины "The Lullaby" (Колыбельная)


Мастерская работа от Джо Фентона.

Больше 10 месяцев по 10 часов в сутки и по 7 дней в неделю, художник Джо Фентон (Joe Fenton) из Бруклина не отходил от огромного, 2,4 метра в высоту и 1,5 метра в ширину, листа бумаги. Карандашом, а затем грифелем и красками, он помогал появиться на свет самому красивому "Одиночеству" (Solitude), которое когда-либо приходилось видеть.
Создание новой картины "The Lullaby" (Колыбельная) американским художником Джо Фентоном (Joe Fenton)
На начальном этапе картина прорисовывается в карандаше, но основная фишка это использование обыкновенной ручки.
Страшная красота.
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Промо НР✋🏼📸🎄❄️
2 пачки по цене одной :3
Приобрел наконец-то)
Second Track (B) from the13th Wet Musik 12" (Wet013) (2001) Will E Tell - Konstant Battle (Ade Fenton Rmx)
This is a short film that was created over a 3 month period documenting the creation process of - Pater- 2014 - By Joe Fenton
Directamente del vinilo original / Straight from the original vinyl

Brunswick; mal wieder was "ausländisches" :-))

Ричмонд парк, Лондон, Великобритания, олени и Фэнтон, просто Фэнтон.
Fenton the Labrador chasing deer in Richmond Park! Jesus christ! oh jesus! FENTTTOOOONNNN

Directed by John von Ahlen for Subterrane https://itunes.apple.com/artist/parralox/id292182963

Official Music Video for "Isn't It Strange (Ade Fenton Remix)"
Originally released April 2010

Director - John von Ahlen
DP - Rodney Dekker
Production Assistant - Nic Toupee

Edited using Adobe CS4 Premiere, After Effects & Photoshop.
Colour Correction by Magic Bullet Looks.
Filmed on 22nd of December 2009 using the Canon EOS 5D Mark II
On location a
This my first brother an sister video of danny and jazz fenton from Danny Phantom.This video about how they love each and how they grew to care and love each more over the years as brother and sister .I own nothing but the Dark magician girl pic in the video I this for fun so enjoy!Thanks for watching and please leave a comment.

Помните ту совершенно безумную историю месячной давности, где обвиняемый в убийстве Дэнвер Фелтон Аллен потребовал другого адвоката, и слово за слово заседание превратилось в ожесточённые дебаты на сексуальную тему с таким количеством не нормативной лексики, будто бы дело шло по сценарию Квентина Тарантино?

Так вот, Джастин Ройланд в своей неподражаемой манере озвучил полную транскрипцию судебного заседания (слово в слово!) в лицах Рика и Морти, и получилась самая безбашенная комедия года.

Впервые в полными русскими субтитрами. Приятного просмора
A faithful, word-for-word recreation of one colorful day in the American court system.

Watch Full Episodes: http://asw.im/49UutO

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About Rick and Morty:
Rick and Morty is Adult Swim's most scientifically accurate animated comedy. Created by Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, it catalogues the bizarre misadventures of a bored scientific genius/drunkard and his socially awkward grandson, Morty. Their exploits tend to have unintended consequences for Morty's dysfunction
A faithful, word-for-word recreation of one colorful day in the American court system, now in color.
We're probably a little late to the party, but this is a remix of the original fenton video - credit to the original uploader (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GRSbr0EYYU) and Equals 3 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tX75yT8IPc) for the footage used. Remixed by Samantha Martin a.k.a Shadow (http://www.youtube.com/user/Shadow1813Wings?blend=3&ob=0); Video edited by Alex SImoes. Enjoy! :D
“Не секрет, что многие люди с удовольствием тратят бессчетное количество времени на любимое занятие: собирают модели кораблей, лепят горшки, коллекционируют старинные монеты и т.п., но для них это всего лишь хобби — приятное времяпрепровождение, в то время, как для меня работа над новой картиной — это целая жизнь, которая поглощает меня целиком и без остатка”, — говорит Джо.
Body Style: Coupe
Ext. Color: Red
Int. Color:
Engine: 4 CYL. 2.4
Drive Type: FWD
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Doors: 2
My Lovely Bluesmen
Fenton Robinson (23 September 1935, Greenwood, Mississippi — 25 November 1997, Rockford, Illinois)
Total Guitar's Me And My Guitar, sponsored by www.GAK.co.uk, with Mark Tremonti and his stunning, one of a kind PRS signature model; hand painted by British artist Joe Fenton after Mark personally commissioned him.
Get Total Guitar for iOS devices, Kindle Fire and Android: http://bit.ly/13D1Au4
Serpent Power EP
Label: Ground
Released: 08/07/2000
Genre: Techno

When Mark Tremonti, PRS signature artist and world-acclaimed heavy metal guitarist of Alter Bridge and Creed, approached Joe and commissioned the artist to decorate his first-ever guitar, the result was a one-of-a-kind PRS guitar masterpiece that looks as badass as it sounds.


2016 Industry Dance Awards - Outstanding Performance
/// BEST OPEN ///

Congrats! This performance is now in the running to be nominated for its category in the 2016 Industry Dance Awards.

Американский блюзовый певец и гитарист, один из представителей чикагской блюзовой сцены Фентон Робинсон (англ. Fenton Robinson) родился 23 сентября 1935 года в Гринвуде, Миссисипи. Когда ему было 11 лет, Фентон смастерил свою первую гитару из деревянной коробки из-под сигар и проволоки. Он учился играть, слушая песни, которые звучали из музыкальных автоматов или во время радио-шоу, таких как King Biscuit Time. Особенно на творчество юного Робинсона повлияла музыка техасского гитариста Т-Боун Уокера.Фентон Робинсон умер 25 ноября 1997 в возрасте 62 лет в Рокфорде. Причина смерти - осложнения заболевания рака мозга.
I need blood, you fucking devil whore! Give me rats and bats and lungs and guts and flesh! Give me what I need!

Calvin Klein Jeans Fenton 7922658
New Orleans troupe the Hot 8 Brass Band stopped into Today FM's studios en route to the Cork Jazz Festival to perform their brilliant rendition of Marvin Gaye's classic 'Sexual Healing' on the Tony Fenton Show

Watch Artist Joe Fenton Create One-of-a-Kind PRS Guitar for Mark Tremonti
Heavy Metal Guitar Masterpiece by Artist Joe Fenton
So I decided to watch Danny Phantom again... I now realize just how badly I miss that show ; A;
EcoKitty's fanarts have been influencing me to watch it for weeks.. And finally succeeded

Now, 18 year-old Danny Fenton and Phantom have joined the MMD Community :3

No, you cannot has the models so DO NOT ASK, CAPICHE??<br/><br/>
Edith Mathis & Fritz Wunderlich sing "Fenton! Mein Mädchen"
from Die lustigen Weiber von Windsor by Otto Nicolai
Bayerisches Staatsorchester
Rober Heger, conductor

#GeorgeFenton #TheYouveGotMailSuite #video #АфишаFM #AfishaFM
#Эльдорадио #Спб http://vk.com/club84777362
musica dos cassas fantasma

The Blue Planet soundtrack. I own nothing.

FENTON! The viral hit of 2011 (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GRSbr0EYYU), remastered for superfast 4GEE. Watch it now in HD!

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Sean Bean was minding his own business in The Field when suddenly, Fenton
the eople who like danny hantom and the people who dont like danny phantom, i just made this video so u guys would like it. u guys dont actually have to like it if u dont want to. im not forcing u.
Björk brings her interactive, nature-inspired album ‘Biophilia’ to life in a multimedia performance.
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artist : Ade Fenton .
titre : The Mark Has Been Made // untilted 1
england / year : 2001.
DISCLAIMER: All content in this video belongs to its respective owners.

A fusion of a great film scene and a great viral video. Enjoy!


We love poker... and funny stuff.<br/><br/>
So I'm uploading the Blue Planet soundtrack for everyone. Enjoy, and remember, I own nothing here - the music goes to George Fenton and the BBC, and the pictures belong to their various owners.
"Groundhog Day" (Bill Murray, Andie MacDowell, director Harold Ramis) is my all-time favorite movie, also thanks to the OST by George Fenton.
Here a little suite for piano arranged by me, presenting music from the most romantic scenes in the film. Themes are (in order): You Like Boats But Not The Ocean, The Ice Sculptur, A New Day.
The Blue Planet soundtrack. I own nothing here.
ASMR meditation for how to cope alone

This is a follow up to my vlog on how to cope with being alone. Hope that you are all well xxx It is hard to be alone at time but I think it bears consideration that we are born alone and die alone...and it is only when we are truly alone that we can feel happiness in its purest unadulterated form...if we are with another our feelings are compromised by the association with another and the wanting to be with another...as soon as we feel a 'wanting' we leave the p
Stay near to me and I’ll stay near to you -
As near as you are dear to me will do,
Near as the rainbow to the rain,
The west wind to the windowpane,
As fire to the hearth, as dawn to dew.

Stay true to me and I’ll stay true to you -
As true as you are new to me will do,
New as the rainbow in the spray,
Utterly new in every way,
New in the way that what you say is true.

Stay near to me, stay true to me. I’ll stay
As near, as true to you as heart co
ASMR 3D healing medical exam role play for relaxation

head massage
light shining
personal attention
medical assessment
soft spoken
3D binaural

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ASMR 3D dream comforting fairy role play
A 3D Binaural role player of a comforting fairy who enters your sleep and helps heal you using light and touch
close personal attention
ear to ear whisper
Fenton chasing the gazelle in africa when his owner saves the day!
ORIGINAL - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3GRSbr0EYYU
Directed by Sharif Hamza. Music by EUC "Shattered Glass"
Benton (or is it Fenton ?) finally get's his revenge on the deer of Richmond Park
Ade Fenton - Inside (A2)


Ade Fenton ‎-- Into The Spiral EP
Label: Advanced -- ADV 006
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Country: UK
Released: 1999
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno
Ade Fenton -- Religion Die 2 EP

Label: Advanced -- ADV 016
Format: Vinyl, 12", EP
Country: UK
Released: 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Electro, Minimal

Tracklist ▼
A You Ruined Everything
B1 Religion Die 2
B2 Burn Bitch

Ade Fenton – The Fenton Remixes Part 2

Label: Advanced – advanced 017
Format: Vinyl, 12"
Country: UK
Released: 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno, Minimal
Music by George Gershwin
Lyrics by Ira Gershwin
Performed by Carl Fenton's Orchestra
Recorded December 11, 1924
Brunswick 2790

"Lady Be Good" premiered on Broadway at the Liberty Theatre on December 1, 1924 and ran 330 performances. The cast included Fred and Adele Astaire, Cliff Edwards, Walter Catlett, and the piano dou, Victor Arden and Phil Ohman. Other hit songs included in the show were "Fascinating Rhythm," "Hang on th Me," "So am I," and "The Man I Love."

Billy Fury - Элвис Пресли из Мерсисайда. Этому парню в Ливерпуле поставлен памятник. Первая так сказать, ласточка. Вот он какой был.
Fenton the dog (aka Benton the dog) chases and finally catches a big Deer as he enters the big hairy Forest of Richmond Park, "Jesus Christ!"

Ade Fenton - Breathing (A1)


Ade Fenton -- Into The Spiral EP
Label: Advance...
A linetest from a scene in Disney's Atlantis
A new video with my .gif animated photos, some transitions from video capture for effect and the first track off of Ade Fenton's 2007 solo album, A...
я фанатею от этой супербл готессы хДДДДДД
она великолепна
прекраснее неё нет в мире ничего хД
George Fenton - theme from The Company of Wolves (1984): The Message / Main Theme
Fenton Robinson at Buddy Guy's Legends
Labrador Fenton / Benton gets the natives a little worked up.
Thanks to http://www.youtube.com/user/JAGGL113 for the original Fenton video: http://youtu.be/3GRSbr0EYYU
This is a wonderful sensory room at Fenton school in Wales. It shows what you can do with very little money, but lots of enthusiasm.
See more from Britain's Got Talent at http://itv.com/talent

10-year old Chloe Fenton takes to the BGT stage with a very energetic routine to Tina Turner’s iconic hit, Proud Mary, with the Judges clearly impressed by her efforts!

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Five stories above a New York alleyway, RuPaul climbs from roof to window to reach the "crumbling elegance" of an abandoned building for this dangerous photo shoot with photographer Liz Lizard in 1986. Video by Nelson Sullivan
A faithful, word-for-word recreation of one colorful day in the American court system.
Fenton's Creamery - Oakland
Join Olly Murs as he tours the U.S. with One Direction and visits fan favorite spots in each city. Join the conversation on Twitter #OllyChecksIn and visit http://www.foursquare.com/ollyofficial to see where he's gone so far.

Download "Heart Skips A Beat" on iTunes: http://www.smarturl.it/hsabitunes

My section from the video "Unreal 4" made by OSD, filmed in 2003 or 2004. The Track is called "Eriatarka" performed by The Mars Volta
Björk brings her interactive, nature-inspired album ‘Biophilia’ to life in a multimedia performance. Read the full feature on NOWNESS: http://bit.ly/ZQ7lXF
This is a short film that was created over a 3 month period documenting the creation process of - Pater- 2014 - By Joe Fenton
Live in Holland 1984 the original "Somebody Loan Me A Dime" covered by Boz Scaggs and later rerecorded by Fenton for Alligator Records... one of the best albums for that label.
Jonathan "Joe" Simon Bramley-Fenton nació el 17 de diciembre de 1971 en Hampstead, Londres. Es un diseñador, escultor, ilustrador y artísta inglés que trabaja en monocromo unsando pintura de grafito y acrílico sobre papel.

Ha trabajado en un sin número de películas como un diseñador y escultor conceptual incluyendo la película de "Los hermanos Grimm" dirigida por Terry Gilliam y también en la película "Guía del viajero intergaláctico" dirigida por Garth Jennings.[3]

Fenton realiza dibujos complejos que

10. "I Am King, I Shall Lead" from George Fenton's original motion picture soundtrack for Anna and the King -- nominated in 2000 for two Golden Globe awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song. © 1999 All rights belong to the composer George Fenton, LaFace Records and Fox Film Music Corporation. No copyright infringement is intended. This video and its content are being posted solely for non-profit, education, research, comment and critique purposes -- all of which are allowed as "fair use" under
New artist Fenton has recorded this episode of the Horo Vision podcast, displaying a unique blend of ambience, techno and industrial tinged beats as well as showcasing some new material.

Buy Fenton '0096' EP:
☛ SMG Store Vinyl - http://found.ee/SMGHORO06
Love, Peace and Poetry (Asian Psychedelic Music 60s & 70s)
This time lapse film was shot over a period of 2 months.


Страна : #UK
Жанр : #crust #hardcore_punk #d_beat #grindcore #female_vocal

Британское трио, с прелестными девами на басу и гитаре и не менее прелестным барабанщиком, поют в два вокала, образовались судя по фейсбуку еще в 2011 году, первая концертная демо запись была записана в 2013 году, в последствии в том же году они записывают сплит семерку с «Choose Your Poison» и мини кассету «Screams From Our Slumbering Depths» с чем собственно они и едут с вышеозначенными CYP в совместный тур покорять мир. Вначале 2014 года они издают новый релиз под названием «The Absence Of Darkness Has No End»
Играют ярую смесь мелодий в духе анархопанка со злобой грайндкора
Danny Phantom 27 (La Amenaza Fenton) Areliux.com
Time lapse film of the creation of Fool's Journey - 2014
Джо Фентон (Joe Fenton) - художник и иллюстратор, создающий большие детализированные работы, в которых трудно не заметить сочетание карикатуры, иллюстрации, фантазии и рисунка. После окончания Wimbledon School of Art он работал с киностудиями Disney и Miramax. Затем, переехав в Нью-Йорк, Joe занялся написанием и иллюстрацией детских книг и в настоящее время готовит к печати свое третье издание...

"Всю картину я рисую механическим карандашом с свинцовым грифелем толщиной в 0,5мм, твердостью НВ или 2В. После
Fenton Robinson 1990 Live at The King Edward Hotel (King Eddy) Calgary Alberta Canada.
Ray Lemelin- Guitar - Fred Larose- Bass- Brad Carter- Drums- Bill Dowey- Keys

Ade Fenton -- Perverter 2 , B2
Label: Potential -- POT0014, Potential -- POTENTIAL 0014
Country: UK
Released: Nov 2002
Genre: Electronic
Style: Techno
Клип на песню Лоя - Розы тёмно-алые.
http://vk.com/dennyprizrak офиц. группа
Everyone knows it's Fenton!
Funny part from the English Accents video.

Video made by me.

Mark Fenton-O'Creevy, Professor of Organisational Psychology at The Open University Business School, speaking at the launch of the True Potential Centre for the Public Understanding of Finance on 14 November 2013.

Transcript - http://www.open.ac.uk/business-school-research/pufin/sites/www.open.ac.uk.business-school-research.pufin/files/files/PUFin_Mark%20Fenton-O'Creevy%20transcript.pdf

More info: http://www.open.ac.uk/business-school-research/pufin/home
‘Eternal’, the finished piece, will be on display in a group art show called ‘In Service of Monsters’ as a tribute to the filmography of Guillermo Del Toro curated by Chogrin and Gary Deocampo at Gallery 1988 (West) in Los Angeles, CA. USA (www.nineteeneightyeight.com). Dates: Sept 11, 2015 - Oct 3rd, 2015. This piece was inspired by Guillermo Del Toro’s first film 'Cronos'. A special thanks to Peter Gabriel for letting me use ‘With this love (Choir)’ from the album ‘Passion’.
He only barks at ice, promise.

Православная пасхальная служба Западного обряда. Приход Антиохийского Патриархата в США: Holy Incarnation Orthodox Church, Fr. John Fenton, Lincoln Park, Michigan

Невероятная иллюстрация Джоэ Фэнтона. #тату #tattoo #иллюстрации #тату_иллюстрации #tattoo_illustration #тату_эскизы
Danny and Sam in love, this is my first video hope you like it

Trabajo realizado con adobe premier CS6 sobre imagenes del artista Joe Fenton.

Música de Gorillaz, Demon Days, Intro.

Anna And The King Soundtrack George Fenton

Created with AquaSoft SlideShow for YouTube: http://www.aquasoft.net
ASMR series one on self acceptance( part one of four)
PLEASE listen to this series every night for 21 days- one meditation per night
for maximum effect

My name is Lauren I am a speaker, personal trainer, life coach, & ASMRtist. I make ASMR videos about life, meditation, & wellbeing.
What is ASMR?
'Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasura
The triptych was created over two year period.

The Landing/Triptych 1st Limited edition print now available. For inquiries on edition size and pricing please contact Gallery House on info@galleryhouse.ca

DEFERENT-M video on music track bright representative Industrial-music in the UK,
Ade Fenton with his famous among the music lovers the composition of'' One Day''!!!
The video was shot by order loved ones as a gift Ade - hope he likes it!
Participants DEFERENT-M, Thank you all for your work!
Special thanks for the music Ade Fenton and Zi for the task!

видеоролик DEFERENT-M на музыкальный трек яркого представителя Industrial-music в Великобритании,Ade Fenton с его небезызвестной среди меломанов, композ
Our first production and Simon Dunn's Directorial Debut and we get to work with the legendary Godfather of electronic music - Gary Numan. With no prior experience whatsoever the production was a success being showcased on MTV and bizarrely hitting one american magazines list of top 30 videos of all time http://www.regenmag.com/Blog-29-Top-25-Goth-and-Industrial-Music-Videos-of-All-Time.html

Many Thanks to Ade Fenton for the chance..
Fenton is back, bigger and better than ever, as EE remasters the iconic viral video to celebrate the launch of its 4G data service in the UK.
The deer had to die huhuhuhahahaha

Credit to RWJ for making this.

DJ-ing in the Number 1 Club in The World SPACE IBIZA for the 2nd concecutive year...

ASMR 3D binaural sublime deep binaural relaxation

In this deep binaural meditation I use deep level techniques to bring you into a deeper sense of relaxation. I use whispering, vocal technique, and Sks sounds.

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