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Father\'s Children

Видео группы LIBERA - http://vkontakte.ru/club3560020
1993 г.
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"My Daddy Is A Superhero" is the first single from Channing Banks' Rock My ABCs children's album. Defined as "fun for kids and cool for adults", it is an educational cd with good music for everyone.
The Kiboomers! Sometime Dad Says! Father's Day Song!
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Watch our 'Sometimes Dad...
The perfect song for kids to celebrate Father's Day. I Love you Daddy is very simple yet funny and entertaining nursery rhymes sing to all the fath...

The Kiboomers! Father's Day Song! Dance Songs for Kids! Lyrics!
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The Kiboomers! Fathers Day Song! Lyrics! Kids Songs and Nursery Rhymes!
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В главной роли - моя племянница Радушка
Ремикс - Father's children (сильнейшее слово Андрея Шаповалова - TCCI)

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Based on the popular children's book series, "The Berenstain Bears" features Mama and Papa Bear as they raise their two cubs (and later in the series, a puppy named Little Lady) in the beautiful countryside community of Bear Country
Many neighbors are furry friends that join in on life's lessons for the sibling cubs. Brother Bear loves soccer and dinosaurs, and Sister Bear loves to jump-rope. Together, they learn about family roles and r
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A Father and His Two Daughters
Once upon a time there lived a father with two daughters in a village.
He loved his daughter very much and gave them whatever they wanted.
When the two daughters reached marriageable age,
their father married them to two honest young men and had chosen.
The first daughter's husband was a farmer,
and the second one's husband a potter.
One day the father wanted to know whether his daughters lived happily,
so he went to the first daughter's house.
She and her husband looked happy

Maybe you know Luke Skywalker was Darth Vader's son. But I'm sure, you don't know that Lord Vader was the greatest Casanova in the whole galaxy far, far away... :D

©2013 Rick Roessler. Download Father's Day (INSTRUMENTAL Version and Lyrics included) at: http://sockheadsmith.com/downloads-2 Sockhead Smith and Freddy Shoehorn thought that it would be a wonderful idea to make a song that thanks fathers for their hard work and loyalty to us kids. Originally written for a Sockhead Smith online video, "Father's Day (Thank You)" pays tribute to our great fathers! Kindergarten kids as well as kids of all ages are encouraged to follow the hand motions of Sockhead and Freddy
Children of verodicia Nature's Prophet. Children of verodicia The Father of the Forest. Энты Children of verodicia. Dota 2
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We wanted to do something special for our tribute to Laura Mvula, so for this one we used hundreds of bells! They came in all shapes, sizes and sounds - we thought they echoed both the sadness and the joy that we found in this beautiful song. Laura Mvula's new album is out next week and you can pre-order it now on iTunes!
Recorded and mixed by Andrew Dudman at Abbey Road Studios. Orchestrated and arranged by R. Santesso
The Capital Children's Choir is based in London and is for all singers between the ages

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Daddy, daddy, I love you daddy,
This is your special day
Sports on TV
Or just breakfast in bed
Whatever you wish for
I'll give you instead

Libera Father hear thy children's call

This is a read-aloud of the Little Critter children's book Happy Father's Day! written by Mercer Mayer. In this story, Little Critter and Little Sister plan a big Father's Day surprise for Dad and Grandpa! Published by HarperFestival, copyright 2007. ISBN 0-06-053965-8.
Prayer "Our Father", S.S.A.A. Exemplary Children's Choir "Singing Musicians" from Republican Gymnasium-College of the Belarusian State Academy of Music. Alla Mazurova, conductor. Jan.27, 2014 @ National Art Museum, Minsk, Belarus.
Молитва "Отче Наш" С.С.А.А. Образцовый детский хор "Поющие музыканты" Гимназии-Колледжа при Белорусской Гос. Академии Музыки. Алла Мазурова, худ. рук. и дирижёр. 27 Янв. 2014 в Национальном Художественном Музее, Минск, Беларусь.
Maybe you know Luke Skywalker was Darth Vader's son. But I'm sure, you don't know that Lord Vader was the greatest Casanova in the whole galaxy far, far away... :D

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