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Fate Unlimited Codes

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Video showing off almost all of the characters special EX attacks. This video was ripped from the Fate/Unlimited Codes disc.
More artwork at http://radiantdreamer.net

Decided to paint some wings onto the absolutely amazing Saber Lily figure by GoodSmile. Done using photoshop, took about an hour to do.
Note: The names of the music is taken from the translated version of Fate/Unlimited Codes for the PSP.
Their translation might not fit your taste,...
Can't supass myself in this one, I already have the max. score... oh well...
The last mini-game, one of the two or three that I can't surpass myself because I have the max. score... oh well...
Song : Code Artist: Tainaka Sachi

I do not own the song, but if anyone wants to dl it go to 4shared.com & type Sachi Tainaka - Fate Unlimited Codes in the search engine ^__^ XD thevideo audio may not sound clear in this video but I assure everyone that thesong which can be dl at 4shared.com sounds better
Sometimes this game feels like a punching bag simulator.
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Играю на эмуляторе. Эпично.

a cool combo/clashing movie from Nico Douga. Didn't know the clashing system was similar to Guilty Gear, or that F/UC had clashing.
Fate/Unlimited Codes (PS2)

- Player: Dragonfury23
- Character: Archer
- Difficulty: Ultimate

Fate Unlimited Codes Shiro Vs Archer
2012年1月9日にa-choで開催した、カプコン祭2012「Fate/unlimited codes」大会終了後の野試合を収録。

Fate/Unlimited Codes (PS2)

- Player: Dragonfury23
- Character: Archer
- Difficulty: Ultimate
The *NEW* trailer from Fate/Unlimited Codes' official site.

Game Mechanics, Menu of the game, Information about Bazett and Saber Alter... and MORE!
Одиночное Гейм Дефиле
1st preview is old, 2nd preview is totally new
Fate/unlimited codes: Luviagelita knock down Shiro. gyakuryona
Blog http://ryonatogyakuryona.blog.fc2.com/
uploaded for quality

notes from the player, 138:



E3 09: Gilgamesh Gameplay
This might just be one of my most epic fights so far...
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Rin vs. Kirei

An exhibition of the super moves and EX moves from the fighting game: Fate/Unlimited Codes.

A video of the few missing moves:

Songs used: "Mighty Wind" from the game itself and "Emiya" from the visual novel.
from nico

フェイト/アンリミテッドコード 公式サイト

Fate/unlimited codes Wiki - トップページ

Fate/unlimited codes BBS
Just surpassing myself... I think this is the max. score but I don't know cause I once finished with 0HP... which I though it was impossible... here is the link in case you want to watch it...
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КЦ "Москвич", 23-24 апреля 2016 года

Video bygreen.org

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Just surpassing myself...
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Note: The names of the music is taken from the translated version of Fate/Unlimited Codes for the PSP.
Their translation might not fit your taste, you have been warned.

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Fate Unlimited Codes Saber Alter Vs Saber Lily

Перевод сделал мною, и он отличается от оригинала. Переведены все четыре диалога: "Начало", "Диалог с Рин", "Последнее сражение с Широ", "Все зло этого мира".
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