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Fate Unlimited Codes

Video showing off almost all of the characters special EX attacks. This video was ripped from the Fate/Unlimited Codes disc.
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Can't supass myself in this one, I already have the max. score... oh well...
More artwork at http://radiantdreamer.net

Decided to paint some wings onto the absolutely amazing Saber Lily figure by GoodSmile. Done using photoshop, took about an hour to do.
Song : Code Artist: Tainaka Sachi

I do not own the song, but if anyone wants to dl it go to 4shared.com & type Sachi Tainaka - Fate Unlimited Codes in the search engine ^__^ XD thevideo audio may not sound clear in this video but I assure everyone that thesong which can be dl at 4shared.com sounds better
Note: The names of the music is taken from the translated version of Fate/Unlimited Codes for the PSP.
Their translation might not fit your taste,...
The last mini-game, one of the two or three that I can't surpass myself because I have the max. score... oh well...
Sometimes this game feels like a punching bag simulator.
a cool combo/clashing movie from Nico Douga. Didn't know the clashing system was similar to Guilty Gear, or that F/UC had clashing.
Fate Unlimited Codes Shiro Vs Archer
Fate/Unlimited Codes (PS2)

- Player: Dragonfury23
- Character: Archer
- Difficulty: Ultimate

Fate/Unlimited Codes (PS2)

- Player: Dragonfury23
- Character: Archer
- Difficulty: Ultimate
Видео предоставлено группой - http://vkontakte.ru/club15978767
Играю на эмуляторе. Эпично.

Видео предоставлено группой - http://vkontakte.ru/club15978767
Rin vs. Kirei

E3 09: Gilgamesh Gameplay
uploaded for quality

notes from the player, 138:



2012年1月9日にa-choで開催した、カプコン祭2012「Fate/unlimited codes」大会終了後の野試合を収録。

1st preview is old, 2nd preview is totally new
Fate/unlimited codes: Luviagelita knock down Shiro. gyakuryona
Blog http://ryonatogyakuryona.blog.fc2.com/
This might just be one of my most epic fights so far...
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The *NEW* trailer from Fate/Unlimited Codes' official site.

Game Mechanics, Menu of the game, Information about Bazett and Saber Alter... and MORE!
from nico

フェイト/アンリミテッドコード 公式サイト

Fate/unlimited codes Wiki - トップページ

Fate/unlimited codes BBS
Just surpassing myself... I think this is the max. score but I don't know cause I once finished with 0HP... which I though it was impossible... here is the link in case you want to watch it...
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Video bygreen.org

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An exhibition of the super moves and EX moves from the fighting game: Fate/Unlimited Codes.

A video of the few missing moves:

Songs used: "Mighty Wind" from the game itself and "Emiya" from the visual novel.
Just surpassing myself...
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Captured with PCSX2 at 1024x768 resolution and 60fps.

Note: The names of the music is taken from the translated version of Fate/Unlimited Codes for the PSP.
Their translation might not fit your taste, you have been warned.

I do not claim ownership of the contents on this video.
The contents belong to their respective owners.


Fate Unlimited Codes Saber Alter Vs Saber Lily

Перевод сделал мною, и он отличается от оригинала. Переведены все четыре диалога: "Начало", "Диалог с Рин", "Последнее сражение с Широ", "Все зло этого мира".
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