Far Above: Mike Oldfield Secrets & Far above the Clouds Live, Mike Oldfield TUBULAR BELLS III Secrets/Far above the clouds, Mike Oldfield TUBULAR BELLS III

Far Above

Mike oldfield plays Secrets Far above the Clouds Live at the Horse Guard Parade in London in 1998 with the final ending of Tubular Bells.

The Source Of Secrets
The Watchful Eye
Jewell In The Crown
Serpent Dream
The Inner Child
Man In The Rain
The Top Of The Morning
Far Above The Clouds

Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells III Premiere Live Performance London
Не то что всякая пидарасня...хуё моё (с)
Лютый сейшн на множестве инструментов посреди Лондонабада
Рекомендуется к просмотру ВСЕМ.
Сделайте погромче и досмотрите до конца.
"Secrets" and "Far Above The Clouds" of Mike Oldfield. Live performed in London, 1998.
Видео с концерта Tubular Bells
Mike Oldfield - Secrets & Far Above The Clouds (Tubular Bells III, Live in London, 1998)
Композиция "Far Above The Clouds", завершающая феерический концерт в Лондоне 1998г.
Альбом: Tubular bells 3
Запись с концерта в Лондоне, 1998 год
Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells III - Far Above the Clouds

Recorded at Horse Guards Parade London

..и под проливным дождем человек собрал свою сумку с тайнами.. и поднялся вверх по склону за облака..
..и никто больше не слышал о нем..
..лишь изредка сверху доносился звук больших длинных колоколов..
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The world premiere of Tubular Bells III
Live from Horse Guards Parade
London 1998
The world premiere of

Live from
Horse Guards Parade
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No holding back with this week's #ThrowbackThursday. It's the Airbase remix of 'Far From In Love'. Enjoy.

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Mike Oldfield - Secrets Far Above The Clouds (Tubular Bells III) live london
Mike Oldfield - Secrets & Far Above The Clouds, NEU : 16 : 9, Top Sound
...getting close to the clouds base, should I dare?! my pilot trainer asked me throught the radio...what's your elevation? 2500m I say...U want to go above ? - GOOO!!!
And what a joy!!! I almoust got too egoistic to share it with U ;)))

A part of Tubular Bells 3 Live from Horse Guards Parade.
Hands down best dark progressive trance mix ever. Listen and enjoy! Credits to Kliment Dichev. Tracklist below.

All tracks by Kliment Dichev.

1. Inner World
2. Liquid Spell
3. The Tribe
4. Far Above
5. Deeper In
6. Nano
7. On Fly
8. Wizard
9. Outro

Above and Beyond - Far from in love

By me
Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells
Hungarian Black metal
band: Sear Bliss
song: Far Above The Trees
album: Phantoms (1996)
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Produced in 2002, this version of "so far above" released then after in 2003 on F communications is the "straight-forward" demo version of the song.
Mike Oldfield - Far above the clouds<br/><br/>
Version en directo e improvisacion de Mike Oldfield y su banda
Birds rarely fly above 10,000 ft. and they don't glow like these are... To see more, click on my video/channel... Enjoy!
Styles: Progressive House
Length: 06:02
File Size: 8.6 MB
Format: MP3, 192 kbps

Link for Listen/Download:

More information here:

"Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding." - Albert Einstein

Remastered my favorite part of the concert to sound ULTRA EPIC.
Listen to the source/original/full concert here (so you can check if you like my sound improvements): http://youtu.be/l_sVZENKv8s?t=38m20s
To me this is by far one of the greatest live performances in human history.

Info on the concert: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tubular_Bells_III_Live (Track 11, 12 and 13 are in this video right here)

If you want this version, go buy the DVD, it has similar audio quality: http://amzn.to/1mVX5FU

Check my m
(с)-Anjunabeats records,2002
Вокал-Кейт Камерон.
Live at Later... 30 October 1998. Series 12 Episode 3.

Шикарная финальная тема из альбома Tubular Bells III.
Это - отрывок из концертного выступления Олдфилда в Лондоне 4 сентября 1998 года
Потрясающе. 1998 год. Лондон.
Replay from Geometry Dash!

Level Name - Far Above
Author - TriAxis
Rate - Hard 5 Stars
mike oldfield - far above the clouds - the world premiere of tubular bells III live from horse guard parade london
Mike Oldfield - Far Above The Clouds (subtitulado)
I take no credit for this tune. It can be purchased on Discogs. Sorry, no mp3 is available.

Label: WEA International Inc.
Catalog#: WEA206CDDJ
Country: UK
Released: 1998
Genre: Electronic
Style: House, Experimental, Ambient

Brought to you, courtesy of Oldskoolbeats.com http://www.facebook.com/pages/Syko/112765838752723

Above and Beyond vs. Lange ft Kirsty Hawkshaw - Far From In Love You (Arnesto Mashup)

mix por dj jean alpohin http://jeanw1x.wix.com/jeandj
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This is one of their greatest tracks that I have picked out from the Anjunabeats collection.

Above Beyond original mix..enjoy!
This is one of my favourite songs with some pics of Nature

сыграно тоже хреноватенько
я начинаю играть на 1:56
Watch in hd pls..
Beauty of Ocean - Fantastic Ambient Mix (Above Beyond) [Hd] Relax !
Music: Above Beyond - Far From In Love (Ambient Remake)
Beautiful life in ocean..

Sear Bliss - Decade Of Perdition, 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW, 22.02.22
Copyright by Sear Bliss and Redstream