Face Replaced: Youtube Poop: Faces of Evil Intro: All "D" sounds replaced with Scrub My Dinner, Заменить лицо в фотошопе.Replacement face in Photoshop, Быстрая

Face Replaced

Ускоренное видео замены лица в фотошопе.
В этом видео уроке по фотошоп я покажу как быстро, качественно и без особых усили...

Brick Steps re-facing - Granite installation and Limestone replacement, Montville, NJ USA
Created this for a friend's wedding. Faces were composited from greenscreen and motion tracked onto footage from The Artist using Adobe After Effects. I do not own the copyrighted content herein.
We present a method for replacing facial performances in video. Our approach accounts for differences in identity, visual appearance, speech, and timing between source and target videos. Unlike prior work, it does not require substantial manual operation or complex acquisition hardware, only single-camera video. We use a 3D multilinear model to track the facial performance in both videos. Using the corresponding 3D geometry, we warp the source to the target face and retime the source to match the target p
How to replace main camera Apple iPhone 6 Plus by himself.
Removal rear-facing iPhone 6 Plus at home with a minimal set of tools.

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Face Replaced

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Update: Watch my attempt to recreate the Light Bike Scene WIP

This is the Tuturial Showing How I replaced Robert Downey's Face with mine in the Ironman Suit Up Scene

Software Used - Adobe After Effects CS6

Using Adobe After Effects Creative Cloud CS6 to change out Robert Downey Junior's Face with another.
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Замена лица (Face Replacement) в Mocha и AE

автор: Максим Дьячук
Here's a quick visual effects breakdown of my Volvo/Van Damme splits faceswap parody.
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A photoshop tutorial of how to replace / change faces. I used Miley Cyrus replacing on Vanessa hudgens's face beside Zac Efron. This is really incredible, it looks so NATURAL and REAL.

This is a video showing you how to strip a technics 1200/1210 back to its face plate.
The reason for doing something like this is either to pain the face plate or to replace it, in either case stripping the turntable back to the face plate is required.
Just as an experiment I phoned my local electronics repair shop to get a quote on how much he would charge to do this and he said 20 quid setup charge 40 quid to strip it and 60 quid to put it back together 120 QUID !!!!!!! Thats like 170 dollars I
В этом видео я покажу как быстро, качественно и без особых усилий и владений программой adobe Photoshop заменить лицо, так, чтобы этого не было заметно.
- вырезание при помощи лассо
- коррекция цветов
- свободное трансформирование
- светотеневая коррекция
- трансформирование-деформация
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В этом видео подробно рассказано, как очень легко произвести замену лиц в фотошопе (Adobe Photoshop). Вам понадобятся всего две фотографии и пару минут свободного времени. Просто и удобно.

This video tells in detail how it's very easy to replace faces in photoshop (Adobe Photoshop). You will only need two photos and a couple of minutes of free time. Simple and convenient.