FUNERALS - Aitu: FUNERALS - Aitu (LQD Live Edit), Funerals-Aitu (Official)


Unofficial, non-profit video. Footage from "Film Ist." (Gustav Deutsch, 2000)

There are unwanted frames into this edit that I was aware of
only after the vimeo conversion. My apologies!
Actors- Emma Lolshe, Rosa Pistola, Max Verga, Jorge Aboytes. Production-Petit Pistolette Directed by Rosa Pistola y Diego de Regil Edited by Diego de Regil Postproduction-José Leandro Cordova Lucas Art and Special Effects -Rosa Pistola Wardrobe-Jorge Aboytes, José Leandro Cordova Lucas and Rosa Pistola Special thanks to María José Sesma, Cine México, LPhant Films