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можно собрать фикс виденый в ролике
Велосипедисты Украины в группе "Вело Козак".
Самые крутые видео: VK.COM/BESTVINES

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🚴 Оригинальные велосипеды из Америки PURE FIX
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More details:

Vossen and State Bicycle Co. team up for this joint release.
Two companies at the forefront of their respective industries combine forces to bring one of the most exciting collaborations of the year.

(Limited edition release, with only 50 bicycles available per style)

Music Produced by

Instrumental Name
"Empty Night Full Moon"
Special thanks to Vladislav and Dmitriy

Canon 6D(720p)
Carl Zeiss 50mm 1.4
Samyang 14mm 2.8
Carl Zeiss 85mm 1.4 (c/y).
One shoot from GoPro hero 3+ and Phantom 2
Основа -
Сайт ССШ-
Инста ССШ -

Шоу ССШ -
Сайт шоу ССШ -

Магазин ССШ -
Сайт магазина ССШ-

Мастерская ФП -
Сайт мастерской ФП -

Сертификация ССШ-
Типичный силач ССШ -
Слабачи СШ -
We explore NE Bangalore through the gullys, service roads and the ring road which can also be called a highway. This is what Bangalore looks to us ...
Велосипедисты Украины в группе "Вело Козак".
Camera: Xiaomi Yi
Music: Raised Fist - That's Why

Сообщество любителей вело спорта.
[club133087996|Лосины. Леггинсы. Девушки в лосинах и в лайкре]
[club64935792|Продажа лосин и леггинсов]
[club133100905|Девушки в лосинах и в лайкре 18+]
[club133110754|Лайкра фетишисты]
by Mendelssohn · #fixie, #crash, #fad, #fixed gear
Fixedgear shredding! Riding track bikes in Hamstead Heath - North London. Prev is riding a Viner Special Course late 70s I believe, full campagnolo...
Video From 1st Fixed Ride in Kremenchuk Ukraine.

Milwaukee Bikes (
Profile Racing (
Mishka Clothing (
Chrome Shoes (
Fyxation Tires (

Song - "The Smallest Chilean" by Dianogah (
I do not own this video
Fixed Gear video, directed by the talented Gwenael LEWIS.
Starring the lovely Chloe BABCOOK and Tobias LEWIS

Just an average weekend riding.
Shot with Sony A7s + Carl Zeiss 35mm 2.8
Music: A-HA - "Take on me"
Новинка на Российском рынке!

Вам нужно иметь только Шлем и GoPro

В крепление входит:
-Сам ротор с алюминиевыми трубками
(4 закручивающиеся трубки, 35см каждая, обтянутые в карбоновую плёнку )
-Фирменный противовес
-Защелка в липучку (официальная от GoPro)
-Защита от выщелкивания липучки (офиц.)
-Два крепления для камер (офиц.)
-Дополнительная супер прочная лента 3M (офиц.)

Гарантия 2 месяца от производителя
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Звоните! 8-916-648-39-15
We fixed the Metal Gear Solid V booth at Gamescom 2015. Because we are nice like that.

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It's the end of the season 2015
The first short film for Birdfixedgear that also win the best movie at "Psyclo ride camp Bali".

Birdfixedgear is a fixedgear t...
Alleycat race during fixed gear 2015 season opening. 25/04/2015 Minsk, Belarus P.S. All the video at normal, actual speed (stabilization fool you) Music: Natural Child – B$G P$MP$N GG Allin Subhumans – I Don't Give a Shit

🚴 Оригинальные велосипеды из Америки PURE FIX
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More action on two wheels HERE:
The annual mash-up of fixed gear bikes and urban art brought the best riders from around the globe to San Francisco for Red Bull Ride + Style 2014. Head-to-head races and a fixie freestyle jam session had bikers throwing down rad tricks on colorful features. Check out some of the top moments from the competition!

Experience the world of Red Bull like you have never seen it before. With the best action sports clips on the web and YouTube ex
Dickies 873 Work Pant in action Designed by Andy Ellis The fixed gear bicycle has been around since the beginnin...
Пеппа и Стрэпа - стрэпы ручной работы
All we just want for our scene is to show that fixed gear is no joke and to be respected by other type/form of bike/bikers. I think with this, we gained it! Directors & DOPs Chuck Ronquillo Marvi de Guzman Aris Magayanes Ian Celis Cast Joselito "Mang Toto" Coronel Kiko "Manila Animal" Escora Chuck Ronquillo Wham be Nimble Leo Dino Aaron Pugal Maylan Calle Vincent "Sok" Palisoc Yadu Salvacion Kalki Salvacion Thank you to: TRYON Marketing Canon Phil. Manila Fixed Gear WeFxd Team - Fixed Gear Екатеринбург - Байкчек галерея велосипедов
Saint Petersburg Fixed Gear Crew
Andrey, Gosha, Vanya, Vova (video)

place: Gallery Shopping Center
music: NOFX
Trailer for the upcoming film from Newcastle Fixed Gear. Visit By Phil Thomas - Music - Frenzal Rhomb - Please Go Over There

[club69549563|Видео экстрим] - самые лучшие Экстремальное видео тут!!!
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music: Shocking Blue, Tho Who, Velvet Underground, The Fronts, The Rolling Stones, Majic Ship, The Standells, Frankie Valli & The 4 Seasons, Aluminum Dream, Electralene, Fair Exchange
Project: Bluck x Kozmic - Autumn Breath
Client: flipEvil / Bluck / Kozmic
Music and Sound Design: Box of Toys Audio
Our latest collaboration with Korea based flipEvil (Director of Photography), Bluck (Writer/Director) and fixed gear enthusiast Jay ( This piece is produced in conjunction with Kozmic Bicycles ( and showcases a cyclists journey through a backdrop of picturesque Korean landscapes.
Our brief took us in an ambient direction that musically em
Dit doen fietskoeriers dus de hele dag...
Quicksilver (1985)

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Summer is here, and there's no better time to announce and release for sale one of our most anticipated non-wheel projects of the year, the Vossen x State Bicycle 2016 Collab. The new Vossen x State Bicycle offerings have expanded in style to bring you four sizes of the traditional road bike, complete with flip-flop rear hub, as well as the all-new fat bike, a big favorite amongst our Miami-based staff.

Click here for more info:
Fixed Gear Ivanovo
Ride to Ride VI / Born to Race
фото: https://vk...
Tim & Yustina riding their fixed gear bikes
Tel Aviv, Israel
January 2016
Song: Bronski Beat – Smalltown Boy
Crack open a cold 40 and watch us take three ratty old junker bikes and turn them into race-ready fixed gears. Using the all new EighthInch Fixed Gear Conversion Kit and just a few basic tools you too can bring an old 10-speed bike back to life! The kits include EighthInch Amelia wheels with tires & tubes already mounted, 16t cog, lockring, EighthInch Courier cranks, EighthInch bottom bracket, and a KMC chain. Choose from Black, White or Silver, whichever matches your bike best! Pick up your kit no
Normandy by fixed gear and single speed.

Paris - Rouen - Etretat - Le Havre - Caen - Juno\Sword\Omaha beach - Saint Lo - Avranches - Le Mont-Saint-Michel - Pontorson

Lissie - Pursuit Of Happiness (Kid Cudi Cover)
There are only a handful of people who bridge the gap between track bikes and the common day FGFS build. Andy Sparks & Michael Chacon have been doing so for years. With no real agenda, we met up at the clocktower, rode around down town and put together one day jammer. This video was a true pleasure to piece together and we hope you enjoy it as much as we did filming it.

Song: MAITRO - Flying Nimbus
I take a ride on the custom bicycle frame I made. It's a cross between a track bike and fixed gear freestyle bike, that but smaller.
First run of the day, first time biking this road in the wet, and first time being filmed by a longboarder. I'm riding an Aventon Mataro geared 49:16. Save The Track Bike. Ride Jah Bike.
Filmed by Micah Green
Song: A Year in Suffering by Cough
Utah SLC Brakeless Clipless Fixed Gear Fixie Track Bike Skid Mash Freedom Thickslick HPlusSon Phil Wood Sram Omnium Giro Republic UDP Utah Dawn Patrol
More info on the filming, location, gearing, etc.:
Music: Across The River - N. O.
Калькулятор передаточных чисел
Советские рамы для Fixed gear
Наш сайт
Группа ВКонтакте
Также подписывайтесь на наш Инстаграм
Highwat to Hell.

Rider: Patrick Röich.
Camera: Nicolás Caliguiri.
Editing: Patrick Röich.
Music: The Knife - You Make Me Like Charity

Follow us at

Thumbs up are welcome!!!
When we went out to Red Hook Crit we met up with some of the local riders and smashed through the city streets of NYC.
Обзор советских рам пригодных и не пригодных для сборки велосипедов с прямой передачей для уличного катания.
Xe đạp Fixed Gear chơi Trick
Team Southwoods | San Antonio Fixedgear
Norbert Santos
Jayvee Laviña
Rovic Miranda...

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Special thanks to David Ramirez for the transportation and Roberto Monarrez for making this possible.
The track "Entrapment" by Dexter Britain is used under creative commons.
fixed gear spin
Xe đạp fixed gear đường phố những kỹ thuật điêu luyện cần học hỏi từ các thanh niên nước ngoài - http://fixedgear...
На прошлых выходных мы собрались небольшой fix-компанией около десяти человек, чтобы преодолеть путь 30 км от самого центра Новосибирска до пляжа Академгородка. Погода была довольно пасмурной, но небольшой дождик нас застал только на середине пути, поэтому не обошлось и без падений. По дороге мы сделали пару непродолжительных остановок, чтобы подождать отстающих. На пляже в, уже всем полюбившемся, баре "Лобстер Боб" нас ждал просмотр полнометражного видео Line of Sight.Однако пришлось подождать пока стемне
Агонь с 1:00
🎶Talking about you...

This is Fixed Gear, We Can't Stop And Don't Want To Either.
🚴🏽Features: ???
🚲Bicycle Of Choice: All City -...
A Reebok Classic and Unknown Bike collaboration. Designed by PIGMENT HOUSE Production Company : Dmajor Director & Editor : Ryan Son, Dmajor Cinematographer : Park Rang, Dmajor Score : Smash it up
Торговая марка «Azimut» представляет вниманию покупателей новый класс алюминиевых велосипедов Azimut Fixed Gear bike.
Вы оцените небольшой вес и скорость трековых велосипедов Fixed Gear.
Вариант: 28» Fixed Gear bike
Размер колес: 28»
Фривил: Tri-Diamond
Рама: alloy 6061 гидроформованная(Алюминиевая)58 см
Вынос: Neco(алюминиевый)
Тормоз задний:Radius caliper brake
Тормоз передний: Radius caliper brake
Обода: алюминиевый двустенный JINHENGTONG 6061 Alloy-t6
Втулки: профессиональные KT-Tech Quando
Цепь: цепь цветная KMC
Покрышки: 700*23 c 23-622
Комплектация: алюминиевый шатун, алюминиевый шток сиденья тормозные ручки Promax, фиксированная глухая передача.
Еще больше видео о велосипедах в скором времени на канале -----------------------------
28 сентября в Московском магазине CODERED Store по адресу 1-ая Тверская-Ямская 13(вход со стороны улицы Васильевская) состоялась презентация и старт продаж совместного релиза
CODERED с сообществом Fixed Gear Moscow.
Більше моїх робіт з фіксами по посиланню на групу вконтакті ось -
Якщо відеоролик буде цікавим я із задоволенням складатиму і надалі нові відео.
Nicolas adjusting Romain's bike, quick video shot to test some Sony a7s features. Music by Baptiste Chabot aka Fitchpad.
Mash - это группа друзей: гонщиков, художников, студентов, музыкантов, дизайнеров, фотографов и пр., которых объединяет велосипед fixed-gear. Видео в сопровождении энергичной музыки, демонстрирует катание на велосипедах в Сан-Франциско.
Fixed-gear - велосипед с фиксированной передачей, у которого отсутствует свободный ход и постоянно крутятся педали, если крутится заднее колесо.
Питер. Волжский.
Север. Юг.
Фиксед. Гир.

июль-август 15го.
Riding full speed a LOOK KG 396 Track bike in the streets of Bordeaux FRANCE chasing the final rays of a winter sunset.
This is hard fixedgear riding at it's climax, no nonsense, with a carbon beast for a bike, hard to tame, taking guts to sprint through the streets especially without brakes and a 3.25 gear ratio (52/16).
Hate it or love it...


Director/Editor/Producer/ScooterDriver: Belcher Jus
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Fixed Gear Perm end of season 2015
Sony A7s - Samyang 24 1.4
Slog2 graded in DaVinci 12 lite
чуть не ебнулся
Fixed Gear Vietnam (DAN x FSVN x Mental) - Night Ride

1/ Big Hands (Youtube Audio Library)
1/ Thud (Youtube Audio Library)

Website: www.da...
We're proud to extend a warm welcome to Matt "Slumworm" Reyes. He rips on anything with wheels, is a wizard with a camera in his hands and gives th...
Canon 5D Mark II

In this video we try to help you learn how to 360 a fixed gear bike. Hopefully something about this video helps you nail em.

Full shot on the Nikon D5500

A Fixie movie of two friends riding in Paris at a very late time.
The basic idea was to create an energic and powerfu...
The city of Portland is a wonderful place to ride a bike. Whatever your skill level, you can feel safe and free on two wheels. This film was made i...