FIDLAR - "Cheap Beer" (Official Video): FIDLAR - Cheap Beer (Official Video) HD

FIDLAR - "Cheap Beer" (Official Video)

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Awesome thing: FIDLAR means 'Fuck It Dog, Life's A Risk.' Keep that in mind next time you crack some artisinal $12 beer, 'cuz there's a madman on the loose and he likes his beer cheap.

Director/Editor - Ryan Baxley
Director of Photography/Camera - Craig Rice
Production Coordinator/Creative - Alice Baxley
Beer Enforcer - James Claeys
Couple - Alice Baxley, Ryan Baxley
House Party People - David Fritz, Shanon Kelley, Billie JD Porter, Kellen Str
'Cheap Beer' is taken from FIDLAR's amazing self-titled debut album, which was released in the UK February 2013.

'FIDLAR' have recently signed to 'Wichita Recordings' and in terms of the label's roster are more the Bronx than Bright Eyes. They're more punk than metal, and their name is an acronym for 'Fuck It, Dog, Life's A Risk'.

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