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FIAT USA Commercial

The next generation of the FIAT 500 family has arrived stateside, and they've come to party. From Italy to the United States, the FIAT 500 is sure to attract attention.

Another wave of Italians is coming in 2013. Welcoming the new FIAT lineup is Mr. Worldwide, Pitbull, featured on Arianna's track "Sexy People All Around the...
The FIAT 500 isn't alone anymore. It's part of a big, Italian family.
Welcome the All-New 2016 FIAT 500X crossover.

FIAT has been offering customers affordable yet innovative solutions to meet their mobility needs for more than a century. The brand’s mission is to combine the Italian passion for design and originality with efficiency and versatility to simplify everyday life with the joyful usefulness of its products. If you have questions about our products or would like to contact FIAT directl
Watch our latest TV ad, Mirage, featuring a sexy crew, the spacious FIAT 500L, a party hotter than the desert sands, and the signature style of the one and only, Sean "Diddy" Combs.
Enjoy it and go to

In our latest FIAT 500 commercial, Yacht, we remind you that when it comes to happiness it's not about how much your watch costs, or the size of your gas tank. It's about the simple everyday things that make life worth while. And if you stick to what makes you truly happy, bigger and better things are bound to come your way.
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We're taking the unmistakable fun of the FIAT 500 and putting it on an endless loop. We call it Endless Fun, and we think you'll agree!
Video they used to show at USA dealers and tv commercial for the mighty icsunonove.
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We're taking the unmistakable fun of the entire FIAT 500 line up and putting it on an endless loop. We call it Endless Fun, and we think you'll agree!
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