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Eyes play a part in many English Expressions. This lesson looks at 47 of the most common. Do you know what connection eyes and the belly have? Do you know how a man with brown eyes can be called a blue-eyed boy? Have you got eyes in the back of your head? Has anyone ever given you their eye? These questions and more are answered here in this Video English Lesson. The English in the lesson is mainly British English. Группа Learning English.

• To keep an eye on something - Следить за чем-либо, не спускать глаз

• To have eyes in the back of your head - Иметь глаза на затылке

• His eyes are bigger than his stomach - Он глазами бы все съел
Learn 10 English Idioms and Phrases about the Eye

In this video, Stephen explains 10 interesting English idioms and phrases about the eye.

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to catch (his) eye (to get him to notice her)
he sets eyes on her (to see her)
to get (him) interested in her
act playfull
to make eyes at him (give him the eye)
get hit between the eyes (the woman has a strong affect on him)
stars in her eyes
the apple of her eye
I only have eyes for you
eyes are bigger than his stomach (order food than he can eat)
eyes pop out
not to believe his eyes
all eyes are watching
it causes raised eyebrows
look at the man with disapproval
see eye to eye (agree on many issues, share the same beliefs and opinions)
an eye for an eye
to pull the wool over a person's eyes (to try to trick a person)
not to believe in the evel eye
to keep an eye on (watch the students)
have eyes at the back of (his) head
The teacher introduces us to three idioms connected with eyes.