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Extreme Stunt

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У чувака охринительное чувство равновесия и байка...
My latest tricks on my mountain bike including no-hand wheelies, 360 endoes, switchback wheelies, etc.
Играет Trapt - Headstrong
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My latest tricks on my mountain bike including no-hand wheelies, 360 endoes, switchback wheelies, etc.

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Я заснял, я заснял!
“Anatomy of a Dynamic Shot” is a brief demonstration of the capabilities of the Academy Award winning Russian Arm System. This state of the art camera support system is a unique combination of a gyro-stabilized robotic camera crane and 4-axis gyro-stabilized Flight Head, mounted on a high-speed camera car. Directors and DPs are now able to produce dynamic shots at speeds of up to 130 MPH with the help of the experienced, highly-trained Russian Arm Team. Industry veterans, Extreme Stunt and Driving T
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https://www.youtube.com/OneMyGame - Канал где вам рады
The german trial artist rides on a "normal" MTB - Freestyle. Check out www.x-a-m.eu and www.shock-therapy.com!

Огромный архив видео про мотоциклистов, дружная компания, самые интересные новости и ежедневные обновления!
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Seriously, would you dare to do it? Greg Roe would! Jumping into a BAGJUMP Freestyle airbag is the latest trend and is a great new event idea and advertising idea. No strings attached just free falling into an enormous aircushion.
Greg Roe and Daniel Moesl are amongst few people who can actually perform these kind of freestyle tricks from heights up to 55m or 180ft into a freestyle airbag that works a bit like a foam pit but absorbs a lot more force. Foam pit cubes are a thing of the past when training jum
Jawa & Minsk Extreme Belarus Minsk
Bike. Extreme. Stunts. Велотрюки.

Этот ролик обработан в Видеоредакторе YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
Using only his bare hands, french Spiderman Alain Robert scales an 150 meter building in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. People watch as Robert easily reaches the top of the National Telecommunications building in 20 minutes.


Beautiful Compilation of Badass Stunts and Extreme Activities
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О да, это Range Rover! Фантастический тест-драйв :)

#newautokz #RangeRover #Evoque #тестдрайв #экстремальноевождение
Хотел бы я оказаться в Range Rover на месте девушки!
Jawa & Minsk Extreme Belarus Minsk
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A short video I shot for Harman Extreme Fest - BMX and MTB dirt jumps tricks contest. Dubstep music by Skrillex.

MTB first place - Christoph Baier (Sasu) from Harman
BMX first place - Demian Barnabas (Barni) from Miercurea Ciuc

Shot with GoPro HD and Sony HX9V - some shots on my DIY steadicam: http://www.highballblog.com/2011/10/diy-steadicam.html

Edited with Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus - tutorial here: http://www.highballblog.com/2011/07/how-to-edit-gopro.html

Speaking of Skrillex - I love both his dubstep and his very original music videos. It wasn't easy (and it could have been done better) editing on such fast changing beats but at least I was "on" the whole time. :-)


Видео было опубликовано группой GTA 5 - vk.com/gta5_five5 Читайте в группе все достоверные подробности о GTA V, последние события из мирового GTA сообщества и факты взаимодействия Rockstar и игровой индустрии в целом.
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Подборка приколов и не удач 2016 года
Каждую неделю выходит новый выпуск свежих приколов на нашем канале http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_6SkdC_sPxKIy7ieF-oFPg/featured?sub_confirmation=1

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песня из видео Modestep - Sunlight Hurts My Eyes (2011)

See our 50+ free enduro training vids at http://www.crosstrainingenduro.com/ What happens when you put A grade trials riders on enduro bikes. We find this extremely inspiring but demoralising at the same time. :-( Top extreme enduro riders like Graham Jarvis apply their trials skills to enduro techniques and stunts. Thanks to Mede Delannoy, Adrian Guggemos, Tim Coleman, Ruben Chadwick and videographers for the video footage.

Cross Training Enduro Skills website: http://www.crosstrainingenduro.com/
Cross Tr
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Everything went better than expected.
See full Video: https://youtu.be/coLRqTSyMyo

"Our Signature" is a cheerleading cheerleader partner stunt skilltape featuring Alina and Consti. See their amazing, extreme and stunning performance 2016.

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My first ever attempt at a GTA stunt video and I think it turned out pretty well. These are the most extreme jumps and stunts I could find and I am still in the process of landing more for another video! Looking for people who would like to be in a video with me for the next one, have a capture card if you want to, and message me if you're interested.

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Pierwsze dni stuntów na Yamaha Neos.
Here is a sample of some of the work done by Extreme Stunt and Driving Team using the Russian Arm. The Academy Award winning Russian Arm System is a unique combination of a gyro-stabilized robotic camera crane and 4-axis gyro-stabilized Flight Head, mounted on a high-speed camera car. This demo reel is courtesy of www.LeftDigitalMedia. For more information on the Russian Arm and Extreme Stunt and Driving Team, visit www.ExtremeStunt.com

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Extreme Snowmobile Stunts Videos in HD! The best Extreme Snowmobiling!
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Extreme Snowmobile Stunts Videos in HD!

This video is a compilation of Extreme Snowmobile Stunts videos. Awesome snowmobile videos - best snowmobile stunts 2016!

The best compilation of Extreme Snowmobile Stunts Videos - guaranteed!

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Extreme Sno
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2ème édition de la caravane de l'extrême 2007

Bagjump Freedrop Extreme jumping from high heights onto a large bag also known as bag jumping. This involves a professional jumper (Daniel MosI) from BAGJUMP.com demonstrating his ability of jumping back flip stunts and diving tricks triple gainers double backflips from extreme 30m heights onto a large air bag called bagjump. Filmed by Chris Russo with static camera and Gopro hero's camera's at Melbourne grand prix. Formula 1 Melbourne 2012 extreme thrill.
Chris Russo, Russo Projects, Flipside Productions,
Drifting motor bike. Extreme moto. stunts. Дрифтинг мото. Экстремальные мото. трюки.

Этот ролик обработан в Видеоредакторе YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/editor)
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Jawa Minsk Extreme Belarus Minsk
Сезон 2010
Jawa Minsk Extreme Belarus Minsk

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Really extreme MTB stunts by Max Schrom in crazy conditions. What the fog?! is another amazing & atmospheric mountainbike trial stunt clip and the first video of Max in the rain. You are very welcome to tell us your opinion about the video in the comments!
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Sorry for the bad quality at the end of the video - filming was very difficult in this extreme conditions!

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Max Fanpage: http://www.faceboo
Экстрим трюки на водных мотоциклах (гидроциклах). Extreme stunts on water motorcycles (jet skis).

Insane extreme freestyle motorcycle stunts on the highway. Police taunts , chases and escapes. Video features footage from annual Middle Of The Map Stunt Bike Street Ride held in Kansas City, MO. Watch as hundreds of motorcyclist unite to perform tricks and stunts on the street's. Some of the riders just enjoy taking part in the ride to watch other fellow riders showcase there unique stunt riding skills and talent. The video mostly consist of trilling freestyle street bike stunt riding on the highway. Ride

Mobile Viewers: http://vimeo.com/76849981
The first crew video from Nomad Union.
Music by: "My Darkest Days - The World Belongs To Me"

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Мы Вконтакте:https://vk.com/rockstargames
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The Power-Horse trial-artist Max Schrom made a little remake of a video he did one year ago. Snow? No problem! He ride the bike "DS-Black" from Shock-Therapy. All rights by the uploader. Check www.x-a-m.eu
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Цены вас ооочень порадуют. Весь товар оригинальный, возим из США.
Au détour d'un spot nous avons croisés les gars du SoutRiders Crew, et le moins qu'on puisse dire c'est qu'il nous en ont envoyé pour la journée.

On matte et on partage .
Summer Stuntfest 2014 - powered by ICHEER !!!
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MSB-Films present a Cheerleading Summerstuntfestival.

Video Editor: Marco Henn (Final Cut Pro X)
Instagram: http://instagram.com/msbmarco
1. Camera: Dominik Prestel (Canon 6D)
Instagram: http://instagram.com/domipr
2. Camera: Marco Henn (Canon 70D)
3. Camera / Copter: Jens Jordan (Nikon)
YT: https://www.youtube.com/user/jensjordan89
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Самая большая видео колекция стантрайдинга здесь: http://vkontakte.ru/stuntriding_team
http://u-turnusa.com/ After a few days of lessons, PPG students always request to see "SUPERDELL" push the limits on the Flat-Top Paramotor! Here's to some AWESOME memories guys! After training hard, we gotta play hard too! "Come play with us - the Earth is your playground!" Call 800-707-2525 or visit http://u-turnusa.com/ for more info!
Lock On F-15 Extreme Acrobatic
and loanding on CV WithOUT HUD :D

GTA 5 Funny Moments playing a crazy GTA 5 stunt Race!
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Видео экстремальных трюков и ситуаций. Смотри чужие, загружай свои.
Экстрим шоу каскадеров. Ижевск. 27-30 августа 2015
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Motorcycle stunt riding, often referred to as stunting, is a motorcycle sport characterized by stunts involving acrobatic maneuvering of the motorcycle and sometimes the rider. Common maneuvers in stunt riding include wheelies, stoppies, and burnouts. Sport bikes have become a common vehicle for stunts.
Motorcycle sport is a broad field that encompasses all sporting aspects of motorcycling. The disciplines are not all "races" or timed-speed events, as several disciplines test a competitor's variou
Extreme Balancing Artist Performs Daring One-Armed Handstand Stunt

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DAREDEVIL Eskil Ronningsbakken lives life on the edge - by performing a one-arm handstand 2,000ft above a fjord. The extreme artist performed the jaw-dropping gymnastic pose on Preikestolen, a rock above the Lysefjord in Norway. Battling bitter winds and a lethal drop, Eskil managed to hold the one handed pose despite exerting his lower and upper arm to extreme pressure. The Norwegian claims his latest feat

Команда каскадёров Campus Univers Cascades (CUC), базирующаяся в в Сержи Понтуаз, стабильно выкладывает в сеть свои ролики с профессиональными каскадёрскими трюками. Предлагаю ознакомиться с октябрьской подборкой их работ.
Не любит народ тачки беречь!
Yamaha YFZ 450 extreme stunts quad bike
very dangerous stunts
Самые добрые шутки от Just For Laughs Gags
в группе http://vk.com/jfltv
#joke #smile #hiddencamera #комиксы #comics #юмор #шутки #funny #likeit #позитив #like #лайк #fun #прикол #приколы #лол #lol #смешно #збс #laughs
water slides stunts and action performances
of lifeguards team 2010 at acqua plus....
more videos coming up....
stay tuned....
thanx for watchin'................
riprese di Marco Petruzzelli
Lo stuntman brasiliano Ronaldo Freitas del Team Folco durante una esibizione nel Parco Miragica
Santa Cruz V10 Pedal Hops

Doing some trials moves on a santa cruz v10 downhill bike, quite tricky considering the weight of the bike!

Unbelievable footage of a plane losing a wing mid-flight, before being safely landed by its pilot. .
Сайт МОТО МАСТЕР - сообщество людей и мотоциклов
AleX J (Алекс Джей)(Александр Мишура)
Фан Арт от AleX J [Алекса Джея] он же (Александр Мишура) то есть я основатель O.G.S.Studio :))) попытался повторить некоторые трюки из JAWA & Minsk Extreme только не на настоящем мото а управляя Си Джеем в игре GTA San Andreas. Мотоцикл JAWA 350 TS
People are awesome 2014 - 2015 extreme edition ultimate edition
People are awesome best of 2014 hd stunts crazy editon new
Check out our newest people are Awesome compilation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f686f-UfCag
1e место на 8-м фестивале Весна, краса, грация г.Днепропетровск 23апреля 2011 года
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Прыжки на мотоциклах, сальто на снегоходе, полеты человека-птицы в специальном крылокостюме, затяжные прыжки с парашютом, спуск на велосипеде по горам и многое другое собрано в этой компиляции видеоклипов. Настоящий риск, экстрим, адреналин !!!
Bear Grylls Adventure: Paraglider Performs Extreme Stunts Over Alaskan Mountains

An acrobatic paraglider twists and turns like an aircraft out of control against the stunning backdrop of Alaska's untamed wilderness. However German Marvin Ogger is in fact one of the sport's most skilled technicians using a combination of acro paragliding and freestyle flying. Filmed in 2012, this amazing footage shows the 26-year-old dropping out of a helicopter to explore  Alaska's mesmeris
One of the world's top extreme Motorcycle Stunts Rider , Jorian Ponomareff presents a mashup of some of his best videos. Subscribe for more amazing extreme sports, motorcycle and stunts videos !

Неудачные трюки и падения экстремалов 2016 / Unsuccessful stunts and extreme fall in 2016
Заходи на «Приколы,Факты,Интересное,Разное», там этого добра навалом :)))

Extreme MTB Freeride and Trial Tricks on a normal Mountainbike!
Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Max87xam
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Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/max.schrom
Website: http://www.x-a-m.eu
Extreme bike tricks by a professional!
The biketrial champion and two times world record holder Max Schrom, rides on his 2013 "Shock-Therapy DS Black" Mountainbike. Trials is passion for the Power Horse Energy Drink athlete.
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#Стантрайдинг #мото #StuntRiding #BikeLife #Stunt #Стант #StuntPower
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Acro with paramotor. Extreme Sports Week in Voss 2010.
The pilot is Pal Takats from Hungary. You can read more on his homepage. http://paltakats.com
Amber Heard and Wanda Sykes talk about their experience with stunts and extreme sports after James talks to Luke Bracey about stunts in "Point Break."

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Watch The
Экстрим фест, организованный Ахтырским молодёжным центром 26-го июня, на площадке возле ДК "Кнежа".
Выступление команды Зеньков Stunt.
Наш канал на YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCII1FQJXiJehlXNH-Uo-vyQ
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"Our Signature" is a cheerleading cheerleader partner stunt skilltape featuring Alina and Consti. See their amazing, extreme and stunning performance 2016.

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ICheer - Coac
For more information about the Range Rover Evoque visit http://www.landrover.com/vehicles/range-rover-evoque/index.html

Land Rover Experience team, China, put the Range Rover Evoque to the ultimate test in a gravity-defying display in Asia's biggest skate park. Demonstrating the vehicle's agility and unrivalled terrain response in the heart of Shanghai.

Please be aware this vehicle was driven by a professional Land Rover Experience driver from the Huzhou centre, please do not imitate. 

Join the conversa
Трюки на кастомных авто.
Экстрим фест, организованный Ахтырским молодёжным центром 26-го июня, на площадке возле ДК "Кнежа".
Выступление команды OSC (Ахтырский Скутер Клуб)
Наш канал на YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCII1FQJXiJehlXNH-Uo-vyQ
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E-Mail: msb-films@web.de
Video Editor: Marco Henn (Final Cut Pro X)
Camera: Dominik Prestel & Marco Henn (Canon 600D)
Music: Ready for War (Remix)
Tags: Cheer Skills 2013, Cheerleader Europameister,
Partner Stunt Skills, Eu
Girl does combo wheelie down St Louis street during Ride of the Century 2016 on kawasaki ninja 636
Коллекция паблика [club25117353|Discovery]
A video I directed and filmed in Slovenia with extreme athlete Ernesto Gainza. All rights reserved © Ernesto Gainza Director: Phil Arntz https://www.facebook.com/philarntzvis... Color Grading: Jason Bowdach https://www.facebook.com/CineticStudios Music: Ryan Taubert Shot with RED Dragon, RED Epic, GoPro 4 Photographers: Ljubo Maroša http://www.facebook.com/ljubo.marosa.... Eva Šuštar http://www.facebook.com/evasustarphot... Ops Team: Darja Z Gainza, Katarina Moračanin, Marko Ferlan,Tomaz La
Хочешь узнать больше о технике, внутри которой бьется железное сердце? Увидеть еще больше интересных документальных фильмов и обзоров? - тогда тебе к нам!

In this video people do crazy trampoline stunts! See How here!
Garrett Robertson sends the open loop at the Gopro Mountain Games in Vail, Co<br/><br/>
extreme stunts on a bad bike!
★Вступайте : http://vk.com/megabike

#Велосипеды #прокатвелосипедов #ремонтвелосипедов #author #schwinn #marin
Jak jeździć na quadzie? Co można zrobić na ATV? Praktycznie wszystko! Zobaczcie Leo Stunt, czyli freestyle atv w najlepszym wydaniu!
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WARNING: EXTREME STUNTS PERFORMED, NOT for people with weak nervous system!!!

This is my actual jump (there's another video before & after as well :)))

Whistler, BC, Canada (Aug.04/2012) Whistler Bungee Jumping!
Ми шукаєм спонсорів які моглиб нам допомогати з організацією змагань , і різних свят-фестивалів
у нас є площадка для треніровок но нам потрібні кошти щоб залити новий асвальт або хочаб позіліплювати дири , якщо когось таке цікавить пишіть
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Stunt riding — stunt riding on a motorcycle. As an applied discipline has long existed, however, as an official sport is not yet recognized. Unofficial world Championships, gathering the strongest riders of the planet, are held regularly in Europe for several years.Give a like and subscribe to my channel if you liked this video.
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People Are Awesome 2012 Sports edition
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