Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice: клип Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice Music video 2006 г. Жанр: Рок, Evanescence "Sweet Sacrifice", EVANESCENCE - Sweet Sacrifice

Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice

Music video by Evanescence performing Sweet Sacrifice. (C) 2006 Wind-up Records, LLC
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Cover of Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence. I've been asked by several people to redo this video and with all the Evanescence related drama that's goin on these days, I thought I'd do it today. :-)
Tuning: Drop Db
Guitar: Ibanez RG1570
Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice
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Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice
Музыка: Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice
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Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice [Live Intimate In Australia 2007] HD
Visit the website made by fans of Evanescence http://www.evshadow.rg3.net/
Evanescence Sweet Sacrifice
(Dark Gothic Version)

Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice Official Music Vídeo HD, Visit our Site http://evanescence.rg3.net
Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice Sub. Español

A montage of video clips of Edward Furlong set to Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence. PLEASE WATCH IN 480p.
I first started to love Eddie when I accidentally came across Terminator 2, and have enjoyed many of the films he has starred in since, like Pet Sematary 2, American Heart, Brainscan, American History X and Animal Factory. You could say this is my tribute to a very talented and unfortunately underrated actor :)
My brother made a video about Itachi Vs Naruto with the song Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice so be nice and leave comment and rate it. i hope all enjoy it
Made before I started recording straight into my PC. Sweet Sacrifice by Evanescence.
Tuning: Db (C#)
YAY! Someone requested this, so of course, I had to record it! It is my cover of "Sweet Sacrifice" by my favorite band ever, Evanescence. Enjoy! :D
грустная история сестёр
Evanescence playing Sweet Sacrifice at the Pinkpop festival in Landgraaf, The Netherlands, 28 May 2007

Еще один клип моего производства. Фильм "Пункт назначения"
Lyrics to the rock song Sweet Sacrifice by the american rock band, Evanescence.
From the album, The Open Door.

Часть перваяhttp://vkontakte.ru/evanescence_is_amy_ben_david
Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice
Evanescence - Intro (loose control) + Wieght of the world + Sweet Sacrifice LIVE @ Download 07

The making of the music video "Sweet Sacrifice"

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Evanescence - Sweet Sacrifice [Live @ Rock Am Ring 01/06/2007] HD
Visit the website made by fans of Evanescence http://www.evshadow.rg3.net/

Intro, Weight of the World and Sweet Sacrifice live at the Download Festival.

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Dos de las mejores canciones de Evanescence un grupo catalogado como Rock Alternativo, Rock Gótico y Metal Gótico, Este concierto dio lugar en Rock am Ring no recuerdo bien pero creo que fue él 2007, con respecto a la calidad de imagen y sonido solo puedo decir que es legitima HD, sin más alargamientos, yo párodix001 me despido.

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Evanescence Sweet Sacrifice (Download Festival 2007) HD
Visit the website made by fans of Evanescence http://www.evshadow.rg3.net/

This is the beginning of Evanescence's set at the Celebrity Theatre in Phoenix, AZ on Oct 27, 2006. The song is "Sweet Sacrifice"

The footage is great as far as being close up but as you should be able to notice, people wouldn't get out of the way at times and the mid-adged man next to me wouldn't stop wailing the song so it's hard to hear her above him sometimes. GAH
Produced by TWENTYFOURCORE Productions
Camera Rafa Alcantara, Dan Fusselman, Zak Sofaly