Eric Coates: Eric Coates - Westminster, Eric Coates 'Covent Garden' - George Weldon conducts, Coates: London Again Suite, conducted by Eric Coates (1936), ERIC

Eric Coates

Westminster (Meditation) the second movement from the "London Suite" composed in 1933 by Eric Coates (1886-1957). Performed by the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Sir Charles Groves.

Image: New Palace of Westminster from the River Thames by David Roberts (1796-1864).
This lively 'Tarantella' depicting Covent Garden, its opera house and fruit and vegetable market, comes from Eric Coates's "London" Suite. It is splendidly played here on a 1963 LP by the Philharmonia Orchestra under George Weldon. He was a first-rate British conductor who, due to ill-health, died tragically early at the age of 55.
Eric Coates: London Again - Suite (1936)
Symphony Orchestra conducted by Eric Coates

Recorded on April 30 and May 1, 1936, at Abbey Road Studios, London, on Columbia matrices CAX 7783 through CAX 7785. Issued in England in 1936 as Columbia DX 736/7, and in the USA in 1938 as Columbia Masterworks Set X-102 (records 69263-D and 69264-D). In 1941, the American set was reissued in automatic sequence as Set MX-102 (records 70560-D and 70561-D). The "London Again" Suite occupies three sides; the fill
Orchestre Symphonique Opus 31
Direction Guilhem Boisson
Titles read: "Now Pathetone has pleasure in presenting - A Camera Interview with Eric Coates - the famous Composer and Conductor."


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Part of the London Suite, composed in 1933. Used as the theme tune for the BBC radio and television programme 'In Town Tonight'. Eric Coates was, perhaps, Britains premier light orchestral composer.