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The new video from Entwine, uber catchy as usual and a much better video than Bittersweet!!
Also the singer looks better here than most of the time which is awesome! Enjoy!!!
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Не требуется.
Очередной хит от готических металлистов !!!
Туса "Чистые пруды" 2004-2005
˙˙·٠•●♥✿ Цветочки после Ягодок ✿♥●•٠·˙˙
Entwine (англ. Сплетение) — финская рок-группа из Лахти, играющая готик-метал. Entwine был основан в 1995 году гитаристом Томом Микколой, прежде исполнявшим дэт-метал. В первый состав группы вошли ударник Аки Хантту и басист Тепо Тайпале.
Туса "Чистые пруды" 2004-2005
Anime: Witch Hunter Robin
Musica: Lacuna Coil - Entwined

(Philadelphia, PA) 5-8-12
Inspired by nature and the colors of the sea, Prisha Brown entwines precious metals with pearls, wood, and faceted gemstones to create unique, wearable artwork. Prisha designs jewelry from her studio in Corvallis, OR. Directed and edited by: Deborah Libby Music licensed by: The Music Bed Song: Holly Maher, Always Be (Instrumental) Sound Effects by: http://www.freesfx.co.uk
Carl Barât performing "9 Lives" at Entwine, a tiny bar in NYC's West Village on 8/8/12

Gothic Rock / Gothic Metal (TalaFromHungary)
Entwinned Hearts, en MagiaCeltica 2011, Pergine Italia.

Туса "Чистые пруды" 2004-2005
Туса "Чистые пруды" 2004-2005
Концерт в клубе "Вермель". 10 мая 2014г
and you take me over
over again

I wonder how can I go on and on
when you want to bury my passion
you are the shell around
that I cannot escape
and I swallow my pride

entwined together now
it's time to pass it over
(and you take me over, over again)
entwined together now

and you take me over
over again

I wonder
how can I live on and on
when you want to live in a hurry
you are the wall
(that I)
that I have to remove
and I swallow
I swallow my pride

entwined together now
it's time to pass it over
Golgatha And Dawn And Dusk Entwined - Sang Graal

Carl Barât performing "Deadwood" at Entwine, a tiny bar in NYC's West Village on 8/8/12

Final Fantasy VIII ending with Lacuna Coil for all fans of Final Fantasy, enjoy...

Mi primer GMV que he hecho sobre la saga k mas me gusta de Final Fantasy

Ололошеньки, старый видос на спор :)
Someone requested few days ago...

Played with ESP EC-200QM and recorded with PODxt. I don't have tab.

Thanks for watching!
"Entwined" + "To The Edge"
Live In Moscow 14.10.2012, MILK MOSCOW

Recorded by Nokia 808 PureView
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Check out this up close guitar playthrough of Entwine The Threads by Risto and Ville from Circle of Contempt

4:07 - просто нереальное соло!
Вы видели этот дурдом?? *lol*

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Watch in 720p please!

I just miss Meredith and Derek and their babies so much. I wish the hiatus was over already.
Clips: Grey's Anatomy Seasons 1-9 ;
Song: at the end of the video.
I do not own nothing. All rights to Grey's Anatomy belong to ABC and Shonda Rhimes.

фильм: The Brave
Track taken from Muleta Smiles-We Are Entwined ep 2012, Grab it here:
Made by Jordan Saunders @ Dead Parrot Productions http://www.facebook.com/jordanthefilmmaker
Band contacts
twitter - @muletasmiles
Copyright 2012

Music Copyright Muleta Smiles
Copyright 2012

from their album Gone

Entwined PS4 Trailer
Эти две мои любимые рок-группы из Финляндии -проиграли Beat it. Музыка Майкла трогает всех!!!!И это радует!!!!!))
from their album DiEversity

видео о том, как происходит постобработка визуализированного изображения в среде Adobe Photoshop

music by BIOCRATIC
Cast is only my imagination.

Scarlett Johansson as Eva Tramell
David Gandy as Gideon Cross
Promo clip from the band's debut album "Deification Of The Grotesque" on Grindethic Records. |

Shot and edited by Death-Corporation. |

www.grindethic.co.uk |
Делал видео не я, но ПЕСНЯ ШИКАРНАЯ! В общем, лет десять назад должен был быть бродвейский мюзикл по Бэтмену с песнями от Джима Стейнмана, но из-за кассового провала некоторых мюзиклов про вампиров его отменили (демо-версии песен, впрочем, можно найти на ютубе по запросам Batman The Musical). Но некий Scaramouche запилил две фанатских песни как трибьют работам Стейнмана. Собственно, вот одна из них, Dark Entwined With Darkness, монолог Бэтмена о том, тщетны ли его попытки привнести свет в Готэм.
It was made just for fun and to support our first demo single!
Enjoy :3
Lacuna Coil -- Entwined -- Live - Milk - Moscow

"our locks entwined
and spliced with soil
i'll chase away your nightmares
let the muse set in"

a noend of mine is a new project by Alex Vynogradoff (Vin de Mia Trix, Kauan) and Anton Belov (Kauan, Helengard).

The debut album The Serenity's Eve out in March 2016 at Pest Productions http://www.pest666.com/

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From "Modern Blues", the new album from The Waterboys coming January 2015.
Pre-order now: http://smarturl.it/waterboysd2c

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The Waterboys' long-awaited new album Modern Blues will be released on January 19th. The album was recorded in Nashville, produced by Mike Scott and mixed by the great Bob Clearmountain. Modern Blues is an electric, soulful, bold, freewheeling rock'n'roll record.
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★ Video Recorded by MidNight :
Original : https://youtu.be/ZMFZFkAatcU
Another hard megacollab level, hope u enjoy this :)
ID : 15875767 (On MidNight's account)
Skype : hjkim9911 (Name changes daily ;3;)
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Very Hard~Insane Demon? ;3;))//
Rock House, Moscow
CHARM fest 2014

Спасибо за видео: Svetlana - COYOTE, Максу и Ане!
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Starring Matt Bomer

"Gideon Cross came into my life like lightning in the darkness...

He was beautiful and brilliant, jagged and white-hot. I was drawn to him as I'd never been to anything or anyone in my life. I craved his touch like a drug, even knowing it would weaken me. I was flawed and damaged, and he opened those cracks in me so easily...

Gideon knew. He had demons of his own. And we would become the mirrors that reflected each other's most private wounds...and desires.The bonds of his love trans
ENTWINED FISHTAIL is an original design by @5kidscausechaos on Instagram. Tutorial is by @jaysalvarez.

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Entwine- Say Goodbye

Clip of the song "Grace" with images from the movie "Tristan Isolde"

este grupo entwine quienes tocan gothic rock muy bueno romatico en sus letras y un tanto
agridulces desamor

All the music videos filmed by me were produced between 1987 and 1993. They were filmed on 35 mm film and no computer treatment had been used in any of them.

A song from the musical movie "Rock'n'roll in Baltics", 1991., Latvia
Music by Imants Kalniņš
Lyrics by Laima Livena
Voice- Olga Rajecka
Directed by Igors Linga and Aigars Grauba
Cinematographer- Andris Damburs
Designer- Mārtiņš Milbrets
Cast- Aivars Neibarts and Olga Rajecka
Filmed on 35 mm SVEMA film stock, cameras "Konvass" and "Arriflex"

Несём фэмслеш в массы! хD

Кэндис Аккола • Candice Accola | RUS COMMUNITY VKONTAKTE
My own vision for a beautiful song by Entwine , and a
shattering film by Johnny Depp,THE BRAVE.


Closer my love
Veil me with your warmth
Oh how afraid we are

I hold my breath
I try to hide my pain
Here in your embrace
So this pain would be gone

This time I want you to
Dry all your tears as we make...

For the last time
Replace your heart with
Deep inside
Please stay with me through the night

I rinse my face
With your tears
Too many tears for the end
Darling, please, don't you cry

You hold your breath
You try to hide your pain
Here in my embrace
So this pain would be gone

This time I want you to
Dry all your tears as we make...

For the last time
Replace your heart with
Deep inside
Please stay with me through the
For the last time
Replace your heart with
Deep in

(Москва, клуб Релакс, 24 апр. 2009)
Жаль, что меня там не было
лучшая песня+лучший сериал=лучший самодельный клип!!!!
отрывок Beautifully confined... Сорри, что не вся, но меня реально заколбасило))
Threads of Entwined Fate сет на Weaver

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Tv Show: The Vampire Diaries, Teen Wolf
Couple: Stefan & Elena, Scott & Allison
Song: Entwined
Artist: Tim Myers

Enjoy :)

A very beautiful song by Finnish gothic band "Entwine"

Actor, musician, and songwriter, Oscar Isaac, sits in on Kraig Jarret Johnson and Rene Lopez's weekly residency at ENTWINE in NYC and plays an original song called "What You Need." This is the very first time Oscar and Rene had ever played together, having met only moments before sitting down to play this song. As you will see they are completely in sync, and the outcome of the collaboration is nothing short of magical.
We will drawn into this love
В этом видео канала 2+3 "Переплетенные сердца" Браслет из резинок на рогатке Bracelet Entwined hearts tutorial DIY Loom bands мы с Вами научимся плести браслет из резинок "Переплетенные сердца" при помощи рогатки, крючка и разноцветных резинок.

In this video, of the channel 2 + 3 " Bracelet Entwined hearts tutorial DIY Loom bands" you and I will learn to weave a rubber bands bracelet with the help of a slingshot , hook and colorful rubber bands .

Это достаточно простой "браслет из резинок" который при же
Entwine Couture's Style Icon Series!

Hey guys! Although, Teyana Taylor may not rock her natural hair, she is always rocking curly hair in all types of textures and lengths. I decided to recreate this hairstyle she had inspired by Janet Jackson on the Cover of Rolling Stones magazine.

Entwine Couture is having their $10 Days Sale!!!
Expires: April 8, 2014
Click Here: http://bit.ly/PuQd3N
Also use Coupon Code: NATURALNEIICEY14 for an additional 5$ Off!!
Bonnet from: http://store.bonb
In March 2012, 20 students from the University of Maryland Hillel traved with JDC Entwine to Ukraine.

My productivity scares me. Like I'm about to hiatus from you-tube or something.

But srsly I couldn't not to vid these two!! Satomi and Shun are one of my fav actors and watching them as couple (PERFECT COUPLE to be exact) was pure happines for me. And btw whole dorama was AMAZING! For this long period it was first time I watched dorama like crazy, episode by episode and was kinda upset when finally finished it..So now I wish I could sign a petition - "WE WANT 2d SEASON!" Who is with me? :D
Spiral calligraphic design
'Entwined 'twixt twig and twine'
for the exhibition - NEST a Brush with the Media. 6th September - 1st October
Yorkshire Dales Countryside Museum
Directors: Chris Sweeney and Sarah Chatfield Colourist: Simona Harrison

Eleventh He Reaches London - 'Code Entwined'
taken from the album 'Bánhús'
released 4 October 2013 on Hobbledehoy Record Co
© 2013 Eleventh He Reaches London


The new digital EP from CIRCLE OF CONTEMPT - Entwine The Threads
Available December 11th 2012
Produced By: Sami Raatikainen of Necrophagist

Pre-Orders Available Here:

(Pre-Orders come with a digital download card of the EP)

Artifacts in Motion LP - Available Here:

Experience a tale about a bird and a fish that are in love but can never be together. Guide them both simultaneously over the course of nine unique lifetimes on a journey to unite their souls.

©2014 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. Entwined is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC.
Как Flower и Journey, Entwined нежно усаживает вас на карусельную лошадь, заботливо пристегивает ремнями безопасности и стремительно проносит через массу эмоций — от печали до эйфории.
Игра сейчас достается бесплатно всем подписчикам PS+

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Learn how to perform the Ude Garami arm entwining judo technique in this free Japanese martial arts training video.

Expert: John T. Anderson
Bio: Sensei John T. Anderson is, a Shichidan in the sport of Judo. He has been studying Judo since 1946 while stationed in Honolulu, Hawaii with the Navy.
Filmmaker: Antar Hanif
Edit by me[krabzr]
Collab with Violetscented (@violetscentedSQ)
READ THE FANFIC HERE: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11390879/1/

Based on the Enchanted Forest. AU
further info: www.misslane.es/violetscented_fatesentwined.html
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Help you and your PS4™ relax with beautiful imagery and sounds from the game ENTWINED™. This theme was lovingly made by the Pixelopus team with all new animation and artwork. Sit back and enjoy a stylized journey of all 9 lifetimes from the game combined with the playful flight of the Dragon in front of a dramatic solstice moon.

©2014 Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC. Entwined, Pixelopus and the Pixelopus logo are trademarks of Sony Computer Ent
2 месяца без гитары - это жестоко. Дорвалась и оторвалась!) Жаль, что не было микрофона.

Lyric video for Dissonance In Design

Video By: Kevin Desjardin
Take a moment to be swept into this gorgeous, dreamy video of Anna Campbell’s latest wedding dress collection.....

Videography // 35mm Wedding Photography
Model // Saasha Burns @Chadwicks
Gowns // Anna Campbell
Music // James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier
MUA // Melonie Santos
Hair // Nikki @391 Milk & Honey
Flowers // Flowers In A Vase
From the album "Painstained", Spinefarm Records 2009

Концерт группы WANT/ed в городе Хельсинки, Финляндия
Сергей Сурков, Юрий Арясов
на вокале Tomas Gustafsson из EROTIC ELC

видео снимал Кирилл Конобеев (Москва)
Ah, finally! I should have done it a couple of months earlier :P The cover was recorded in a standard 7 string tuning (BEADGBE). This thing really needs some vocals, so if somebody is interested send me a PM.
By the way, this is the first cover where I recorded my Kudritsky Custom 6 String Bass and not just played it (as in The Pentagram Burns)

Social Media:

Gear & software used:
Schecter Damien Elite 7
Kudritsky Custom 6 String Bass
Focusrite Sc
I'm playin' one of my songs. Hope one day I'll record it better. Anyway, enjoy :3

Моя "колыбельная", сыгранная вживую. Когда-нибудь запишу ее получше. Всем добра :3

Easy to make yet fun to make, I love love love looove Olicity! Like you have no idea. ;)
Now I shall hide in my corner and search for fics to read and drown in my own tears. lol..

Voice overs:
O:"Felicity Smoak? Hi I'm Oliver Queen.*
F:"Of course! I know who you are you're Mr Queen."
F:"I'm not an idiot, you drop some fairly ridiculous lies on me and.. yet I st
Entwined is about two souls, a bird and a fish, that are in love but can't be together. Once united, the two souls will transform into a magnificent soaring dragon. Entwined follows in the tradition of other indie titles where the focus is more about the journey rather than the destination. Beautiful art, beautiful music. Enjoy~

Avaliable for purchse at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/entwined/id883463741

Composed by: Sam Marshall

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
MUSIC VIDEO “Entwine” is still a driving slab of goth-y goodness and highly recommended for any electronic/EBM/industrial fan.

“Entwine” is out now through Negative Gain Productions.

Your hands of thorns
Embrace my neck
Crimson adorns
My shortened breaths

A screen of mesh
Over my chest
This waste of flesh
Is second best

Through ruins of my damaged care
You are relapsing, it's not hard to see
I'm glad that you're still standing there
When you're crumbling, collapse into me

As limits bend
Our minds asce
FB: http://fb.com/pages/Entwine/137377466320641
▶ Listen: http://Spinefarm.lnk.to/plastic-world

Director: Ville Juurikkala
Director of Photography: Pekka Keränen
Quadcopter Camera: Juha Almqvist
Gaffer: Arto Vuorinen
Editor: Toni Tikkanen

℗ & © 2015 Universal Music Oy

Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla http://vk.com/picrolla
от души катнули!)
Такт на 5/4
Авангардистские птички, парящие сквозь психоделическую бездну.

01 - Out Of You
02 - Someone To Blame
03 - Losing The Ground
04 - Surrender
05 - Bleeding For The Cure
06 - Still Remains
07 - Frozen By The Sun
08 - Bitter Sweet
09 - Blood Of Your Soul
10 - Everything For You
11 - Stream Of Life
12 - Fatal Design
13 - Chameleon Halo