English Pronunciation - Th & S: English Pronunciation - Th S, English Pronunciation - Th & S, 'th' /θ/ & /ð/ vs. /s/ & /z/ - American English

English Pronunciation - Th & S

Do you say /s/ or /z/ instead of 'th'? This is a common English pronunciation mistake. This is a very common mistake for Russian, French, German, Chinese, Hungarian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Romanian, and Vietnamese speakers. The English 'th' sounds do not occur in most other languages.

To make the 'th' sounds, make sure your tongue comes out through your teeth. There are two 'th' sounds in English: /θ/ is the unvoiced sound, meaning just air comes out of your mou

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Th & S — probably the two most mispronounced sounds that cause misunderstood communication in English. Now learn how to sound them correctly and never be misunderstood again!