Enemies Among Us: Враги среди нас / Enemies Among Us (2010) DVDRip, Враги среди нас / Enemies Among Us (2010), Enemies Among Us 2010 www.filmebunesub.com,

Enemies Among Us

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Skyscrapers Walk Among Us - "My Best Friend Is Now My Worst Enemy" Music Video

Directed and written by Albert Gonzalez
Director of Photography Adam Breur
Camera Operator John Bleed Through
Make up/Hair by Hailey Wetpaint
Edited by Albert Gonzalez


Well can I expect anything more from you than what I have already gotten from you this time
it's more then over in my mind
tell me your secrets now
tell all me your secrets now
dont hold back
Hey guys! I do these for fun. Thank you for watching! ;)