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Empty City

Chvrches en su segunda visita a México 28/09/16
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You ♥ Корею? ♥ Тогда тебе сюда ♥
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Серия "Классика науки Муди"/Moody Science Classics Series
Научный институт Муди/Moody Institute of Science
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Scrap Yard 0:00
Platform #3 3:42
Running Late 6:55
Night Work 10:07
Early Hours 12:38
Grey Water 16:31
Buildings And Rain 20:37
Wires 23:36
Empty City 26:40
Open Window 29:39
2:00 AM 33:32
Clearing Sky 36:59

*All video and audio content is solely produced by Tor Lundvall and not myself*
~ANGEL of PUNISHMENT~ - new project of SERGE WLADI.
About Mystery, Secret Society, Masons, Symbols, Erotic & Sex, Wrong and true World History, Mystic, Religions, Science, and Venice,Europe and espesially - Italy, Europe, etc.
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Why are so many uninhabited cities still being built in China? Dateline returns to update one of its most watched stories, China's Ghost Cities, to find out.

For more on Adrian Brown's story, go to the SBS Dateline website... http://bit.ly/13xKcY6<br/><br/>
Artist: Williams Town
Album Title: Williams Town
Release Date: 2014.10.20
Genre: Rock

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With some extra conversational gems added at the end
The city is yours,
the city is yours....
20000 empty seats,
are you fucking sure!?
"Città Vuota". Mina. Ciudad Vacía- Empty City. Spanish/English Subtitles.
Subtitulada en Español-Ingles.

"Città Vuota".
Le strade piene, la folla intorno a me
mi parla e ride e nulla sa di te
io vedo intorno a me chi passa e va
ma so che la città
vuota mi sembrerà se non torni tu

C'è chi ogni sera mi vuole accanto a sé
ma non m'importa se i suoi baci mi darà
io penso sempre a te, soltanto a te
e so che la città vuota mi sembrerà
se non torni tu.
Empty City (空城)
by Faye Wong (王菲)
with English Subtitles
from her album "jiang ai" (將愛) released in 2003
Homless people living in camps near the I-95 and Dale Boulevard interchage in Woodbridge were told on March 31 that they had to leave their homes, which is on Virginia Department of Transportation-owned property. Article: http://www2.insidenova.com/news/2011/mar/31/state-troopers-empty-longtime-dale-city-homeless-c-ar-941938/
one-man band из подольска (москва) nikolaenkomusic@gmail.com
It's been a long time since I uploaded the traditional style song last time. Though I enjoy this kind of song very much, it's always hard for me to translate it TwT, I really hope that my translation would creat a right picture in your mind. Enjoy _(:3」∠)_

0:08: I should have used "creaking" instead of "crunching"
2:37: "arisen" not "arised"
Every time I noticed these mistakes straight after the file encoding, I just couldn't be bothered to fix it and encode again :(

Music&Lyrics: CO P
Illustration: 红茶菌,
Three Friends play Empty City in Tokyo 20th September 2009
Stone Temple Pilots perform "Big Empty" at Iron City in Birmingham, Alabama on October 6, 2014. Nice performance. Chester Bennington, formerly of Linkin Park replaced Scott Weiland on vocals and does a great job..

It was an excellent show, full of classic STP songs, and I tried to capture some of it on video. There is a lot of movement and crowd noise, and fair amount of camera operator error, but I wasn't filming a documentary, merely recording my experience of the show.
Listen to DOWNLOAD Sleep City, Sleep's debut single "Empty Handed" featuring David Jones of Incredible' Me!

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"Here Now (Madness)" By an Empty Tomb Just Beyond the City Walls (Of Dirt and Grace Album)








A lot has changed for CHVRCHES in the past few years.

When the Glaswegian trio wrote and recorded their debut, The Bones Of What You Believe (2013), no one had heard of them. The three members (Iain Cook, Martin Doherty and Lauren Mayberry) came together with the idea of working on a writing project together, unsure of what path that would take other than one which belied their previous musical projects and foregrounded melody and classic songwriting styles before everything else. There were no pre-existin
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Label: Addictive Sounds
Beatport Exclusive: July 28th
Worldwide Release: August 14th
Label: Addictive Sounds
Beatport Release: 06-03-2017
Other Stores: 20-03-2017
by Тадеуш Костюшко

Chvrches Empty Threat live - Radio City NYC 10/15/2016
"Почему бедные живут в трущобах, если есть
пустые офисы в городе? " Реорганизация небоскреба 1990 года в Венесуэле.
Discover SURVIVORS, the new series from the bestselling author of Warriors, Erin Hunter!

Lucky is a golden-haired mutt with a nose for survival. He has always been a Lone Dog, relying on his instincts to get by. Other dogs have Packs, but Lucky stands alone.

Then the Big Growl strikes. Suddenly, the ground is split wide open. The Trap House is destroyed. And all the longpaws have disappeared.

Now Lucky is trapped in a strange and desolate new world with no food, foul water, and enemie
Official music video for 'Empty Home / Hollow Place' by The City At Night.
http://thecityatnight.bandcamp.com - MUSIC
http://thecityatnight.bigcartel.com - MERCH

Filmed & Edited by Warwick Hughes of Sink Or Swim Productions

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Sam Bassal of Dead End Media
Thrash Lab's "Empty America" timelapse travel series takes you to New York City. All the bridge and tunnel people have been sent home and Manhattan has been wiped empty! Penn Station, Wall Street, Central Park, Times Square, The Met and Fifth Avenue have never looked so vacant.

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Stone Temple Pilots performing "Big Empty" with Chester Bennington at the House of Blues in Atlantic City, NJ. 09/07/13<br/><br/>
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Оператор Колодин Евгений
The secret of an empty city.

Created by Arvydas and Alina Brazdeikis'
Starring: Dmitriy Usatyuk, Dzerassa Bassaeva, Romeo Ekonomidis, Arvydas Brazdeikis and Anastasiya Zuenko.
Music by Tracing Arcs- "Pebbles Weed (Submerged Mix)"
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Наша группа ***Anime Online***
Вот мы и добрались с вами до десятой по счёту (но не по значению!) серии беспрецедентного видео-прохождения игры You Are Empty, от нашего штатного проходимца - Александра Лукьянова. Последний по-прежнему полон сил, да и молодецкой удали ему не занимать, а потому лучшее конечно впереди :-)
Спасибо всем огромное за участие!

Музыка: Slikk Tim - Bahia
Producer: Don Faller.
Jersey City, New Jersey
Empty City (alphabetically): Brian Johnson - Vocals and Big Hair, Gary Soderlund - Drums, Tim Taylor - Bass, Pete Zest - Guitar.
Extras: Jim, Dorothy, Yvonne.

The production values were pretty much state of the art for independent videos in the mid 80s. Copyright © Empty City 1985
Beijing opera: "The Empty City Stratagem" 空城计

First company of the National Beijing Opera Theater

Zhuge Liang: Yu Kuizhi (于魁智)
Sima Yi: Shang Changrong (尚长荣)
Old Guy #1: Niu Piao (钮骠)
Old Guy #2: Zheng Yan (郑岩)
Zhao Yun: Wang Lu (王璐)
Huqin solo: Zhao Jianhua (赵建华)
subtitles by M. Croche
Pekiti Global City training at The Fort Bonifacio Global City, Empty hands training on Abecadario de mano applications and combinaisons.
CaveSounds Production 2007 www.heartsofblackscience.com
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Three Friends play Empty City
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PURE LIT AMAZINGNESS!! Haven't heard a song this good in Months!! More people need to know about Jong Shin Yoon's Empty City! Gaeko was a perfect addition!

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Today's MV: [2016 월간 윤종신 7월호] 윤종신 (Jong Shin Yoon) - Empty City (With 개코) MV
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