EggMan: Something Worse Than Eggman... [UKR], Score one for Eggman!, Something Worse Than Eggman... [RUS], Eggman dance/ Egg rolled, Sonic Boom - S01E29 -


Sonic - FutureSonic
Knucless - Butrameev
Cream - Anya the Fox
Omega - FutureSonic
Big - FutureSonic
Original -
by Артём Релинский
Sonic - FutureSonic
Knucless - Butrameev
Cream - Anya the Fox
Omega - FutureSonic
Big - FutureSonic
Original -
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We don't own Sonic Boom. All rights belong to their respective owners.
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We don't own Sonic Boom. All rights belong to their respective owners.
Не забудьте подписаться на нашу страницу ВКонтакте:
We don't own Sonic Boom. All rights belong to their respective owners.
Не забудьте подписаться на нашу страницу ВКонтакте:
Рэп Доктора Эггмэна из игры "Ежик Соник" на музыку Эминема!
(звуковых эффектов нет, увы)

Тут мп3 спрашивали, так его можно скачать вот где:
Characters Voice Comparison - "Rocket Raccoon"
Characters Voice Comparison - "Rogue"
A music video found on newgrounds:

This was NOT made by me, it was made by Bug & Instant Sonic

You can download this song at:

Lyrics written up by ~CCE:


May i have your attention slaves!
I will have your attention slaves!
Will the Real Eggman please stand up?
I repeat!
Will the REAL Eggman please stand up?
Эггмэн жжётХ)
Part I thought was funny from<br/><br/>
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На случай важных переговоров.
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I am the Walrus by The Beatles

Apoc Hedgie

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Characters are respective to owners.
Animations and video by Me.
because i can. a boredom work...

"Yippee ki yaa he yay kyaaah kayo!"

see more details how i make this.

Music Used:
Robotnik Rave Party by MixerProductions

make in Source Filmmaker (SFM)

Characters ©SEGA
Some Animation by Valve, except those Egg Pawns by me.
I am super stoked to contribute to Futurama with my song 'Eggman'. It's such a great cartoon series. Along with music, I really enjoy animation and illustration. The season 6 episode screened on August 11 in the US. GET THE EGGMAN SONG! The complete song is available in USA and WORLDWIDE at:

On Amazon:

Nu trak out wit ma bway SteSoul, hope you guys like it!!!!!!!

Free Download also:



Sonic 3 and Knuckles - Project Chaos
All songs uploaded on my channel.<br/><br/>
2 Fighters! No Research! 60 Seconds! MELEE!!!! Who would win in a fight between Mario's nemesis Bowser and Sonic the Hedgehog's bad guy Dr. Eggman? Find out in 60 quick seconds!


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Silver`s story
Sonic X (с 2003 по 2006 г.) [RUS] [Prof]
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The Voices of Dr.Robotnik/Eggman
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Он сносит не только машины но и моск)))
Eggman stops for a little rest & relaxation, but things take a turn for the worse...

secuencia de video en la que aparese eggman
The incredible HULK teaches EGGMAN and SHADOW a lesson , ... some fun game that would be. Of course there is no such game , but at least you can watch this 3D animation of another game mashup. Just a short quicky this time, but the next clip will be longer again, I promise ;-))
If you liked my angry birds gangnam , angry birds vs PVZ , sonic and angry birds spongebob you might like this video too ;-))

This Video features the songs:
Who Likes to Party
LOL again from sonic shorts volume 2
Эггман очень пытается победить Соника.
Но это не так просто, как кажется.
Sonic get Rick roll'd Eggman style

I seriously wasn't expecting this music to play in this cutscene. It really caught me off-guard.
upd: here's more videos like this one. Shadow Blaze (NEW ver) Blaze (old ver) Silver (old ver) Cream (NEW ver) Cream Rouge (old) Rouge (NEW!)

By changing a certain piece of code, you can replace any character with Eggman.
He can walk around, jump, cannot be hurt by or attack enemies, and can enter free movement mode by pressing the Action button (A on the keyboard).
You can download it here!.exe

by Давид Присяжнюк

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Song you need to know, that you didnt know from Keith Ape and South Florida's new wave.

You are welcome.

Ski Mask TheSlumpGod

Keith Ape

Ronny J

Song you need to know, that you didnt know from Keith Ape and South Florida's new wave.

You are welcome.

Ski Mask TheSlumpGod

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I Don't own Sonic Boom. All Credit to Sega Inc.
Test Eggman model from Sonic Heroes, i did it for fun.

I had to use noclip to get past some parts.
What the shit I made the bitrate 2500kbps why is it still horrible quality
Eggman is back as jolly as ever, well until he stumble across an evil genius meet up that he wasnt invited to. OUTRAGEOUS!. how will eggman cope with this?

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I disabled the ratings, for the reason of most of the fan-base is butt-hurt when they hear the words "Sonic Adventure 3".

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This is just a little thing I decided to make in my spare time. Leave a comment if you want to see a fan-made SA3 intro of your favorite Sonic character!

Music By ArcanaAaron:
Click here to watch Sonic For Hire - The Avengers

Sonic For Hire Shorts - Cooking With Eggman

Super Sonic & Super Blaze VS Eggman & Eggman Nega In Sonic Rush Nintendo DS
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Please enjoy this one-shot skit I wrote and put together just for you!!
I think this is the most lip-syncing I've done in quite a while XD
Stick around for the credits to see who I (actually) got to voice as Sonic for this ;D lol

Also, Chapter 4 is in production! woo! Had to get this done first though ^^;

Enjoy it!

Songs Used:
-Sand Mischief by Cancatis on
-The club music is called "En Sang om Ingen
The battle between Sonic and Doctor Eggman takes place in Grand Theft Auto 4

Music: The Okinawa Dance Remastered - TeknoAXE

Script by JulioNIB:

All mods are available at

Thanks for watching

Leave a comment on what battle you would like to see and dont forget to share this video to your friends :)



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After speaking with us for an hour or so, SonicMovies and FTA give a gift to the best damn Eggman voice the Sonic game series has ever had!

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Dr. Eggman hahahaha
Tools:6b, Painter 10, PSCS2, Snagit 9 , Camtasia 4, Virtual Dub and Format factory and Wacom graphire.

Full size image:

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Sonic.exe Part 3 - Dr. Eggman Checks Out (FINALE) - Финальная часть трилогии Sonic.exe Animation от американского аниматора TeenageBratwurst, сама трилогия основана на хоррор фан-игре Sonic.exe сделанная пользователем под ником My5TCrimson в 2012-ом году и поветствует о приключениях таких героев как Tails, Knuckles и Eggman, которые оказались в страшной ситуации, за ними охотится еж-убийца Sonic.exe, смогут ли наши герои выжить?

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Remember the last stage of Sonic 2 where Dr. Eggman could run as fast as Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Super Sonic, and even the debug ring?

Action Replay codes used are: ``Always play as (mechless) Eggman´´ and ``Moon Jump´´.
Gamecube version. Never tried it on Dreamcast.

You letting him playing Team Fortress 2, that was good idea?

Eggman and Sonic Voice done by Balenaproductions (Yup, I'd ask him for voice, and first time.)

Music Used:
Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games: Egg Factory Remix

make in Source Filmmaker (SFM)

Characters are respective to owners.
Original Animation and video by Me
The Doctor's theme from Sonic 1, to Sonic Generations. While skipping some of them handheld games.

Some of these could be inaccurate but I'm not changing this. And yes I know I either missed some games and new games came out.

0:02 - Sonic 1
0:21 - Sonic 2
0:35 - Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog
0:54 - Sonic SatAM
1:19 - Sonic CD (Japanese)
1:34 - Sonic CD (American)
1:51 - Sonic Spinball
2:11 - Doctor Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine
2:18 - Sonic 3
2:33 - Sonic & Knuckles
2:47 - Sonic Triple Trouble
3:04 - Kn
Sonic X - 12 - Todos Contra Eggman, Primera Parte - HD (16:9)

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Today Tails and Dr.Eggman are gonna challenge each other!
there gonna battle who do you guys think will win?
find out and enjoy this video! ^ - ^
The end of a very cool game :D
Team Sonic Scene..this is the Four scene that they have on the game "Sonic Heroes". This scence called "Fake Eggman".
Enjoy and don't forget to subscribe my Channel !
Uploaded for archival purposes, in order of first to last. Which answer was your favorite answer? Ours was pretty obvious - can you guess which?

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In Sonic Adventure 2 Battle HD for the PlayStation 3, after completing the level Cosmic Wall as Dr. Eggman on the Dark Side story, I found a Chao Key to go to the Chao Gardens in the level.

Under normal circumstances, I would see a Chao's Face Icon in the upper left corner of the screen, indicating that I would go to the garden after the level finished. Instead all I saw was a spinning Chao Key icon in its place. It was then that I was warped straight to this Debugging Area. A weird and unintentional glitc
2015年6月13日。Shibuya eggmanにて行なわれた東京発エクストリーム・ブラック・メタル、COHOLのLIVEより。 website: twitter:COHOL_official Video Shot & Edited by Jun Tsuneda(hôzvki)
Eggman in City Escape xD
the codes are from gscentral and this speedcode (for pal version) was hacked by me^^

This is Dr. Eggman's song from Japanese Sonic X. It usually plays when he's around. Oh, and also Eggman is the great Clement's favorite Sonic character. Just saying, I am a fan of his work.
Sonic and all his little animal friends get together to do the Harlem Shake. What could possibly go wrong? Want more funny retro gaming crap? Visit
Классный мод забабахалли) xxxxxDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD<br/><br/>
Ultimo intento de vídeo HD que hago xD todo un día luchando contra los errores de renderización.

No salió como quise al 100%, pero está.

Mi blog
мой кульный мульт
Romance sure is romantic when their feet can actually stick to the ground.

Download the glitchy IK rig here:

It currently works on almost all modern character models, but none of the classic ones other than Knuckles..

Also, Eggman's arms don't orient right, if someone decides to try to fix that, drop me a line so I can learn how to fix it for myself.

Audio is from MrSimon's Sonic Adventure 4, and the gene
This is a bit of a tribute battle to the 1st sonic game i ever played and made me love sonic Sonic Heroes! :D sorry for the lack of videos lately it was because of school and stuff,ill make it up by doing a tutorial soon ;) any way here are the DL's to the stuff:
Eggman Generations V2: by GBC with credit to Segtendo
Miles Prower over MK v2 by Jaklub, Raijinmaru, ssbbtailsfan with credit to diedhammer98, EternalYoshi, Mr.Weegee, Pik, Pixels, s
Eggman Nega doesn't really have a solid theme, so I decided to borrow 'Scrambled Eggman' by the Chaos Project and gave it a slightly higher pitch. Scrambled Eggman is a remix of the Lava Reef Boss from Sonic 3 Knuckles, so it's technically a Dr. Robotnik theme, but since Eggman Nega's outfit slightly resembles Dr. Robotnik's, i don't think it'll matter. Long live my favorite Sonic villain!!! ^^

Eggman Nega, Eggman and Sonic are (c) of SEGA and the Sonic Team.

Original Scrambled Eggman
Hey Soooooonic~~.
- Get a load of this!
[Audio is slightly out of sync but still watch it... if you want - listen to the song with this on mute]

um, was messing around in MMD for afew days and came up with this idea. originally it was just metal sonic but because of the camera motion - i kinda needed someone taller aswell - so eggy.
is the quality good? i dunno - its movie maker and mmd ^^''

that awesome remix of gangnam style you are hearing was made by: Troypassmore, here on youtube
Episode 1: "Meet the Eggman"
"Dr Eggman's Live Action and Real Life Show" is a dedicated show to Dr Eggman in real life. Is a normal day in his life, like he is retired from evil.

Follow me in DeviantArt for updates :D

"El Show en vivo y vida real del Dr Eggman", es un día normal es su vida, en donde el se muestra retirado del mal.

Síganme en DeviantArt para actualizaciones :D<br/><br/>
Show at Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles (Skills to Pay the Bills Tour 1992)

Download:<br><br>Trailer for this game I made. Feel free to leave comments!<br><br>Characters displayed in this video are official Sega characters. This is a fan-made project, with no connection to Sega.<br><br>The actual game is 640x480 60Hz. My video capture equipment does not handle this and I don't think YouTube allows 60Hz anyway.<br><br>Link to GMC topic:<br>
Beastie Boys perform Eggman + Rhymin' and Stealin' (Live 1994)
Dr. Eggman's laughter in six different languages and all six languages merged together!
0:00 - 日本語
0:17 - English
0:34 - Français
0:51 - Italino
1:09 - Deutsch
1:26 - Español
1:44 - All Six Languages Merged
The video title was formally known as "Sonic Generations (360) - Eggman laughs in six langauges."

Тут много эпика, если смотреть полностью XD
I do not own this image, all credit to rightful owner!
This is the tune that plays whenever Dr Robotnik (Eggman) appears in Sonic Adventure DX.

Lil Style Rippers Showcase at the KOB After Party @ Eggman

Jr Style Rippers Showcase at the KOB After Party @ Eggman

2012/12/18(tue) なんくるNight!!! @ eggman (Tokyo, JPN)
Tight Eyez Jr Tight Eyez (from STREET KINGDOM / L.A)
with Twiggz Fam (Twiggz / Twin Twiggz / Girl Twiggz / Kid Twiggz / Baby Twiggz)
Sorry For Lags, Late Sound, Black Lines and Slow Game It`s Because My Computer is Too Weak. Again... Sorry.
Enjoy and Subscribe!
SEGA Sonic Team:

And in my head again clutter and hilarious nonsense XD

While Dr. Eggman on vacation, our heroes do ... what? :D
i would put it to 15 minutes but meh
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Joke was already kind of made in Sonic dissected, so's probably predicteble for most people here.
Never the less, everytime I see Eggman talking in Sonic cololors/ Generations/ Lost world, this is pretty much what I see. Am I the only one?<br/><br/>

[MLP FiM x Sonic Unleashed]
That night at the Savannah Citadel in Mazuri, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Sonic and Chip heard some mechanical noises. The Egg Beetle had appeared in front of them, and it was piloted by Dr. Eggman. Suddenly the Egg Devil Ray appeared behind them and it was piloted by Orbot and Cubot. Fluttershy will do anything to protect Rainbow Dash so she turns into Flutterbat an

※映像は8月1日にEggmanで行われた「COSMICBOX vol.28」から

食(short ver)

Animau (Animau no Haru) - это всероссийский фестиваль современной молодежной культуры, проходящий в городе Уфа.
Представляем вам тему Animau no Haru 2016: Steampunk!
Не хотите ли вместе с нами совершить путешествие в мир, окутанный клубами пара, мир, где механика и паровые технологии достигли совершенства и стали высшим благом цивилизации? Здесь Вы сможете окунуться в непередаваемую атмосферу, пронизанную духом времени. Быть может, вас ждёт встреча с капитаном Немо, доктором Франкенштейном, Суинни Тоддом и
Character Selector by MainMemory:
After 4 years of training (explaining the lack of Sonic games) Eggman has finally become top tier in defeating his spiky blue opponent! He's become the hero Mobius deserves.

Thanks to TorrentialBlaze and Sonicboom1ish for contributing some ideas of his own! ^.^

Assets Credits:
Played by -
Beatmap -
Thank you all for joining me on this crazy ride through my fan made Sonic.Exe trilogy. Maybe soon there will be more, but for now:

Enjoy the end!

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*Okay, I've had with this video. so ratings and comments are disabled.
go watch the best eggman plans, its way better*

IQ of 300...yeah right.
Eggman uses all his great found knowledge to make some of the worst bosses in history. so we're going to count down his worst robots ever.
In Soviet Russia...

Credit to Cyberphonic4D on DA for raw Sonic Boom models. ME for porting BETA models to Source Engine.

Music used:
Pukka Chicken by Rolf Harris

Make in Source Filmmaker (SFM)

Characters are respective to owners.
Russian dance animations by Valve
(Some) animations and video by Me
The comical yet perspicacious Dr Eggman reigns almost as iconic as the blue blur himself, perpetually executing his heinous schemes and meddling with powers far beyond the limits of mere mortals.

But amidst his continuously outrageous crimes against the world and it's inhabitants, how can the quick-witted doctor accumulate and fork out the money that sustains his evil empire?

I am The Sega Scourge, The Sonic Theorist... let's find out!

I'm delighted to have DiGi join me in assembling this theory, and as
Роль Доктора Эггмана в Sonic The Hedgehog
Да загрузись уже куданибудь, ну.
Оооооооочень хотелось бы эту игру) Но жаль тормознутость инета не позволяет.
Eggman had it enough! After being laughed at by Sonic and Tails he plots his vengeance against them. For working his ass off his body is ready to take them apart. Be prepared for 'Ultimate Eggman'.
A Japanese television commercial for Sonic Adventure on the Sega Dreamcast.

All rights credited towards Sega Corporation.

Video is under Fair Use:
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act in 1976; Allowance is made for "Fair Use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research.

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Episode 19 - Sonic the Hedgehog VS Mega Man! The greatest mad geniuses of mechanized villainy command their vast armies of robotic warriors in an all-out war!

Custom music, Pingas version, How to play as that two-tailed fuck?

I was having lots of laughter making this one :D !!!

This is a new gameplay video from Sonic adventure 2: Battle in Full HD. I played as Eggman without his mech in Mission Street (originally Tails' level). I had to use the Moon Jump cheat code to complete the stage. I tried to make it look like Eggman can naturally jump this high (aside from a couple of places where I just had to fly a lot or it would have been boring to watch)
Sonic X - 41 - Eggman Presidente - HD (16:9)

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Ben 10: Ultimate Alien - Season 02 Episode 28 - The Eggman Cometh [ENG]
Sonic X - 13 - Todos Contra Eggman, Segunda Parte - HD (16:9)

Konichiwua Chicos, soy SuperSoraSonic. VISITEN MI CANAL DE YOUTUBE Y SUSCRIBANCEN:



We should rename SatAm theme song into "The slowest thing alive!"