Efterklang & Sydney Symphony Perform 'The Ghost': Efterklang & Sydney Symphony Perform 'The Ghost', The Ghost performed by Efterklang & Sydney Symphony

Efterklang & Sydney Symphony Perform 'The Ghost'

In an Australian debut, Efterklang performed in the Opera Theatre for Vivid LIVE with the Sydney Symphony. Check out 'The Ghost' from their upcoming album 'Piramida'.

[Video Prod. by Thea Dikeos]

May 26th 2012 the Danish band Efterklang performed songs from the yet unreleased album Piramida together with the Sydney Symphony in a unique World Premiere commissioned by Vivid Live in Sydney Opera House.

The Ghost can be found on Efterklang´s fourth album Piramida, which will be released September 2012 on 4AD.

The Ghost is written by Efterklang and arranged for orchestra by Missy Mazzoli.
Video Prod. by Thea Dikeos



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