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Effy + Tate

Effy Stonem and Tate Langdon crossover.

Effy and Tate have always been good friends, and were both always attracted to each other. One day, they give in to their desires. Tate soon reveals to Effy that he has always loved her, and while Effy feels the same, she knows both her and Tate are both far too unstable to have any romantic relationship together. Effy tries to commit suicide to escape the pain of not being with Tate, but Tate saves her before she bleeds to death. Effy tells Tate she can't be
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It looks playful of mistakes. And i am deeply sorry because of that. I had one hour to do the entire thing :p (that shouldn't be used as an excuse though) Basically Tate shoots Effy during the Massacre. But she keeps (unintentionally) haunting him while she's in coma, without remembering anything he did to her. When he finally gets caught by the police, her soul returns to her body and she sees the "I love you forever" note. It sounds more complex that it does in the video. But yes, that's it.
watch in HD the other video was blocked so i reuploaded it but with different coloring and some scenes hope you like it. i'm planning on vidding more this two because i have inspiration with them lately :)<br/><br/>
Kaya Scodelario - Effy Stonem [Skins]
Evan Peters - Tate Langdon [American Horror Story]
there comes a finished vid.

I'm sorry for the crackiness.

I have been working on this for the past couple days, I loved the idea of crossing American Horror Story over with Skins and I figure that Tate and Effy were probably the best character to crossover. I had much fun making this, and I intend to make more, and have more of a story to it as well as a major AU verison... and has anyone noticed that yt is mucking up the quality of vids lately it?

Hopefully the story is easy to follow, it is basically Effy and her mom move in to the house, Tate sees her on

Firstly I am already deeply in love with this show, how could you not be ! Its so different and creative. I have also fallen deeply in love with violet and tate. I can't get enough of them! Although i love violet and tate I wanted to try a cross over with effy and tate. You have to admit if they were to meet there is no denying they would have chemistry. The whole thing about tate and how he responds to the world is very much effy like. H
«through the scars i'll find your light again»


Tate and Effy were happy until she met Freddie. Tate didn't know yet and he really love her. Eff also thing that Tate is too obsessed and that he do things that doesn't make sense to her. she start get cold and distant, until she leave him just with a letter.
Tate always remember her because she's the love of her life, but now she belong to another guys. Tate can't support that.


I finished to watch Skins this week and now I'm obsessed with them thanks to JAVI hahaha

He's always saying "Ef...
So...I can last a week without vidding lol! I started on this this morning after having a...moment where I REALLY needed something else to think about *sighs* Anyway, I'm not sure if this will actually go anywhere or not but I hope ya'll enjoy it!

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Please watch it in HD

I know the video sucks because is very old, but Sony Vegas never let me save it. So I had to put it in a terrible quality. Sorryyy
You can "understand" the first part of the video("You broke my heart. You killed me) at the end
I think these two are very similar, so a perfect couple.
Hope you'll understand the story. I did this video as a triangle, Tate/Effy/Freddie

Song: Raised by the Swans - Violet Lights
WARNING: suicide, murder, blood

please watch in HD:)

before you blame me, i have to say this not planned with this ending, but then i find it more dramatic and fitter for the whole video, so...yeah. you will see.

pilot: Tate and Effy are together but Effy has depression and tries to kill herself. She has to go into a mental hospital where she meets Stiles. They start liking each other and Effy feels Tate was the reason she went mad, so she dosn't want to be with him anymore. but
Halsey – Gasoline


Please watch it in HD

I think these two are very similar, so a perfect couple.
Hope you'll understand the story

Lol. Video stoler here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-v4VFakJrg&feature=related

Blank and white:Memories [except the manip at 2:21]
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