Edwin I.D.W.P: Edwin I.D.W.P., I.D.W.P - Spring - Summer 2012 - Edwin Europe, I.D.W.P from Edwin Europe, Edwin I.D.W.P. ( Вот какая реклама джинсов ), I.D.W.P

Edwin I.D.W.P

Самая правильная реклама джинсов.
A collection inspired by individuals living their lives in Edwin. Personal life experiences etched into the grain of the fabric in wearing the denim as functional garments, reliable and strong, constructed using premium fabrics and finishes.

The Edwin man is integrated into a tribe of independent free thinkers, his desire to roll amongst the likeminded underpinned by a feeling of kinship and belonging through a common passion for road trips, adventuring into the unknown.

To ascertain the sea
Hangulatos rövid film a motorozásról.
The motorcycle Song - Arlo Guthrie
Edwin наконец представляет очень ожидаемый короткометражный фильм I.D.W.P. в котором показана новая коллекция Весна/Лето 2011.
Японский лейбл позвал французов из Blitz Motorcycles
разработать мотоцикл в образе бренда.
EDWIN I.D.W.P - Fashion film for Edwin Jeans Featuring Blitz Motorcycles Co-Directional project with the Edwin creative team Dir. Jonny Kight & Benjamin Robinson Editor. Jonny Kight Colourist. James Littlemore