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* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Grows_%28Where_My_Rosemary_Goes%29
Are you thanked, М.Е. ? ;)
* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Grows_%28Where_My_Rosemary_Goes%29
TOP OF THE POPS (5.2.1970) - part 10 of 10.
Introduced by Tony Blackburn

Promotional film for the 1970 hit single.
Just to head off any potential controversy: Of course this isn't the original group. The original record ...
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* https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Love_Grows_%28Where_My_Rosemary_Goes%29
The single hit the number one spot in the UK singles chart on 31 January 1970 where it remained for a total of five weeks.

"Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes)" was written by Tony Macaulay, Barry Mason and Sylvan Whittingham. Essentially they were a studio group with prolific session singer Tony Burrows providing the vocals. When the song became number one a group needed to be put together rapidly to feature on the popular TV show Top Of The Pops. Sylvan Whittingham found a group called Greenfields and brought them to the auditions a week before Top of the Pops. Once chosen and rehearsed non stop they appeared on the show as 'Edison Lighthouse' to mime to the fastest climbing no 1 hit record in history. Burrows sang the song on the programm, which happened to be his third appearance on the same show with three different groups.[1] It reached number 5 on US pop chart, number 3 in Canada, and number 1 on the UK Singles Chart for five weeks in January and February 1970.

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TOP OF THE POPS (1.29.1970) -- part 11 of 11.
Introduced by Jimmy Savile
Edison Lighthouse was an early 70s British pop-rock group that was primarily devised by songwriters and record producers Barry Mason and Tony McCau...
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Classic late 60's featuring the great Tony Burrows on vocals. This is NOT Tony singing on the video.
Taken from an unknown 1971 television appearance and restored to the correct aspect ratio.
This is the second time Edison Lighthouse presented "Love Grows" on Top Of The Pops.