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Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues

Though Eddie Cochran was only twenty-one when he died, he left a lasting mark as a rock and roll pioneer. Cochran zeroed in on teenage angst and desire with such classics as "C'mon Everybody," "Something Else," "Twenty Flight Rock" and "Summertime Blues." A flashy stage dresser with a tough-sounding voice, Cochran epitomized the sound and the stance of the Fifties rebel rocker. But he was also a virtuoso guitarist, overdubbing parts like Les Paul even on his earliest singles and playing with an authority th

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Eddie Cochran (guitar, vocals; born October 3, 1938; died April 17, 1960)

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Summertime Blues In Style Of Eddie Cochran Karaoke
Edward Ray Cochrane (Albert Lea, (Minnesota), 3 de octubre de 1938 - Chippenham, Wiltshire (Inglaterra), 17 de abril de 1960) fue un músico de roc...
Original Mafia 2 Soundtrack.
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These are:

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The Coast...
Guitar Lesson Tutorial: Summertime Blues-Eddie Cochran
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In this ea...
Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues
Released 2010-11-19 on Not Now Music

1. 00:00:00 Eddie Cochran Summertime Blues
2. 00:01:58 Eddie Cochran C'mon Everybody
3. 00:03:54 Eddie Cochran Don't Ever Let Me Go
4. 00:06:06 Eddie Cochran Jeannie, Jeannie, Jeannie
5. 00:08:28 Eddie Cochran Love Again
6. 00:10:41 Eddie Cochran Pocketful Of Hearts
7. 00:12:36 Eddie Cochran Teresa
8. 00:14:43 Eddie Cochran Pretty Girl
9. 00:16:34 Eddie Cochran Twenty Flight Rock
10. 00:18:18 Eddie Cochran Cradle Baby
11. 00:20:06 Eddie
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In this Summertime Blues guitar lesson, I will show you how to play all of the chords to this classic by Eddie Cochran.

In his tragically short music career, Eddie Cochran managed to create some of the most infectious guitar riffs of early rock and rock. This kind of guitar style would go on to influence many of the rock music
This is one of Eddie's Classic, I wanted to do it in his style. I had a lot of fun doing it.
Eddie Cocren canta "Summertime Blues" durante sua participação no festival "Town Hall Party de 1958"
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Eddie Cochran - Summertime Blues (1958) - The Overjazz Channel aims to offer only the best recordings from the begining era of modern music. Re-dis...
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Hi Guys. Here's acool way of playing Summertime blues with a rock'n' roll / country flavour using percussive srumming techniques John from oswin music here showing YOU! How to inntergrate bass lines .Rhythm and chords to create a full interesting sound to your playing. Check out my other vids that may help you!

I am such a big Eddie Cochran fan! He was a legend and will always be remembered! And will always be forever young :( Here's lyrics to one of his most famous songs Summertime Blues. Enjoy :)
The name of this song is "SUMMERTIME BLUES" (1958) by Eddie Cochran from the soundtrack of the game "Mafia 2".

I hope you enjoy my stuff.

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Good luck and you're welcome!