Easy Twisted Bun: topsi twist bun - easy invisibobble hair tutorial by Jenny Strebe alias Confessions of a Hairstylist, Fast and EASY Double Bun Twist, Easy

Easy Twisted Bun

Messy bun 2.0! The Topsi Twist tutorial takes your messy bun to the next level!

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On this video I will show an easy way to do a rope twisted bun for a long hair. This style is good for dance for example. Equipments: bun maker, elastics, bobby pins. Video with English subtitles. IN Finnish: Videolla ohje helppoon tapaan tehdä köysilettinuttura pitkiin hiuksiin. Tarvikkeet: nutturavalkki ja hiuslenksuja, pikkupinnejä.
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хочешь привлекать взгляды людей каждый день,
очаровывая их своей красотой? тогда представляю
тебе различные прически, макияжи, дизайны маникюров
и полезные советы по уходу за собой. так же радуй свои глаза
хорошим подборкам фотографий!
easyHello youtubers! I'm back again but with my VERY first hair tutorial! Right now I'm wearing Senegalese Twists/Ropes Twists, and I love styling up so here's a hairstyle that I love to do and I want to share with you. This also works for Box Braids, Locs, Kinky Twists, etc. Hope you guys enjoy and have fun recreating this look and stay tuned for more! XO!



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