Earl Hines: Jaki Byard(p), Earl Hines(p) - Jazz Piano Workshop 1965, Jazz Piano Workshop 1965 - Jaki Byard & Earl Hines, Earl Hines & Teddy Willson

Earl Hines

Earl "Fatha" Hines was one of a small number of pianists whose playing shaped the history of jazz.

"Teddy" Wilson is considered one of the most influential jazz pianists of all time.
Earl Hines performing "Louise" with Ahmed Abdul Malik on the bass and Oliver Jackson on the drums.
Recorded in NY, November 1964

Helen Humes and the Great Earl Fatha Hines in concert .

Earl Hines Piano , Ed Thigpen Drums , Jimmy Woode Bass , Buddy Tate TS .
Songs : I'm Satisfied ,Blue Because Of You ,On The Sunny Side Of The Street ,I Got It Bad And That Ain't Good
Vinyl rip
1. exactly like you [0:00]
2. Am I blue ? [3:38]
3. save it pretty mama [8:55]
4.St. Louis blues [12:55]
Album: EARL HINES 1928-1965 (Jazzit Records, 2010)
Recorded: Chicago, 13 febbraio 1940 / Composer: W.C. Handy / Lineup: Earl Hines and His Orchestra: Walter Fuller, George Dixon, Edward Sims (tr); Edward Burke, John Ewing, Joe McLewis (trn); Omer Simeon, Leroy Harris, Robert Crowder, Jimmy Mundy (sax, cl); Earl Hines (pf); Claude Roberts (ch); Quinn Wilson (cb); Alvin Burroughs (batt); Jimmy Mundy (arr)
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“The King of New Orleans Clarinet”
Featuring: Louis Armstrong, Kid Ory, Earl Hines, Lovie Austin and others

NEW ORLEANS WANDERERS: George Mitchell (cn); Kid Ory (tb); Johnny Dodds (cl); Lil Hardin (p); Johnny St. Cyr (bj) - July 13, 1926
1. Perdido Street Blues (Armstrong)
Joe Clark (as) added
2. Gate Mouth (Armst
Earl Hines - piano (solo in #1 - #3a)
Henry Haywood - cl, ss, barsax
Marva Josie - vocals (4 - 7)
Larry Richardson - bass
Khalil Mhadi - drums

01. Rosetta
02. Black Coffee
03. Played in memory of Johnny Hodges (who had died just a few months before this performance):
a) All Of Me
b) I've Got It Bad And That Ain' Good
c) On The Sunny Side Of The Street
d) Passion Flower
e) Things Ain't What They Used To Be
04. Easy To Love
05. Prelude To A Kiss
06. I Feel So Smoochie
07. Everyday I Have The Blues
Tour De Force
Earl Hines - piano

Earl Hines Trio - Dream of You (1966)

Personnel: Earl Hines (piano), Richard Davis (bass), Elvin Jones (drums)

from the album 'HERE COMES EARL "FATHA" HINES' (Flying Dutchman Records)

The biography of jazz legend Earl " Father" Hines, One of the few pianist that shaped the sound of the original American sound

Earl Hines '' Rosetta ''

EARL HINES, piano - "Basin Street Blues" (part 2 of 2)
live in Epinal, France - April 17, 1966
0:07 / 9 - Epinal Blues [2'02'']
2:09 / 10 - Birth of a Blues [2'02'']
4:12 / 11 - Memphis Blues [1'00'']
5:12 / 12 - Basin Street Blues [0'57'']
6:09 / 13 - Tin Roof Blues [0'59'']
7:09 / 14 - Rhapsody in Blue [1'43'']
8:53 / 15 - Shiny Stockings [4'35'']
13:28 / 16 - Sweet Lorraine [10'16'']
23:44 / 17 - Saint Louis Blues Boogie [9'24'']
33:08 / 18 - I Wish You Love [2'23'']
35:32 / 19 - It's a Pity to Say Goodnight [1'49'']
"Basin Street Blues" (part 1 of 2): http://youtu.be/a4Xf0zfUVBs
Hines really came back into his own in the '60s. He was able to unleash all the rococo elements in his methods at whatever lenght he chose, and the so-called "tr

Earl Hines Trio - Bernie's Tune (1966)

Personnel: Earl Hines (piano), Richard Davis (bass), Elvin Jones (drums)

from the album 'HERE COMES EARL "FATHA" HINES'
This was one of several numbers that I recorded in a fantastic set on a Friday morning at the Hilton Hotel-Costa Mesa during the 8th annual Orange County Classic Jazz Festival.
This was the first time that Neville Dickie and Danny Coots had ever played together, and the results were pure musical magic!
I collected some real musical/video gems at this one venue.
Please visit Neville's website shown above for information and his spectacular collection of 14 CD's

This is from Earl Hines - At Home, recorded in 1969 on his own piano.

The piano was a gift from Scott Newhall, and there's a silver plate above the keyboard which has had these words inscribed: 'Presented by jazz lovers from all over the world. This piano is the only one of its kind in the world and expresses the great genius of a man who never played a melancholy note in his lifetime on a planet that has often succumbed to despair'.

The Steinway has a fantastic, rich sound. Earl Hines' so
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Earl Fatha Hines Trio (February 15, 1963):
Earl Hines (piano); John Green (Bass); Earl Watkins (drums).
1. The One I Love Belongs to Someone Else
2. Squeeze Me
3. Love Is Just Around the Corner

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Documentary about a pianist "whose playing shaped the history of jazz." From director Charlie Nairn whose previous works include "The Shrinking World of L. Ron Hubbard."

Earl Hines Teddy Wilson - All Of Me - Jazz Piano Workshop Berlin 1965

In a piano workshop in Berlin in 1965 we see and hear pianist Earl "Fatha" Hines perform "Memories of You".
Earl "Fatha" Hines (1903-1983) played piano in Chicago clubs in the 1920s, first as a soloist and later as a bandleader. He made several recordings with Louis Armstrong in the '20s and '30s, then joined Armstrong again in the late 1940s to tour with the All Stars. He made scores of recordings, including "Stormy Monday Blues" and "Second Balcony Jump," toured the world and made records into the 1970s.

Decca – DL 75048

Recorded 8th and 11th of March, 1968, New York City.

Bass – Bill Pemberton
Drums – Oliver Jackson
Piano – Earl "Fatha" Hines*
Tenor Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone – Budd Johnson
Trumpet – Buck Clayton

A1 The One I Love 0:00
A2 I Love My Baby 3:31
A3 Nobody Knows (And Nobody Seems To Care) 6:51
A4 Saturday 10:52
A5 You're Mine, You! 13:22
A6 Thinking Of You 17:02
B1 For Me And My Gal 20:29
B2 Shine On Harvest Moon 24:27
B3 Back In Your Own Back Yard 33:25
1. I'm A Little Brown Bird (Waiting for a Blue Bird)
2. Fine and Dandy

George Tucker, bass
Oliver Jackson, drums

Recorded 1965
Recorded February 25, 1929.
Composed by Yellen-Dougherty-Ager
Hines Earl 'Fatha' - Starbucks Collection of Unforgettable Piano Jazz - Blues In Thirds
EARL HINES, piano - "Basin Street Blues" (part 1 of 2)
live in Epinal, France - April 17, 1966
0:07 / 1 - Lady be Good [4'51'']
4:58 / 2 - It had to be You [7'41'']
13:38 / 3 - Black and Blue [2'30'']
16:11 / 4 - Two Sleepy People [1'30'']
17:41 / 5 - Ain't misbehavin' [2'23'']
20:05 / 6 - Jitterbug Waltz [2'00'']
22:06 / 7 - Squeeze me [1'56'']
24:02 / 8 - Honeysuckle Rose [5'11'']
"Basin Street Blues" (part 2 of 2): http://youtu.be/K4z1m5Db9U4
Hines really came back into his own in the '60s. He was able to unleash all the rococo elements in his methods at whatever lenght he chose, and the so-called "trumpet style" - using tremolo to suggest a horn player's vibrato and taking a linear path even when playing an ensemble role - began to

Earl Hines in Antibes, France, July 20 1979. (Part 3 of three parts)

Thanks to the late Otto Flückiger!

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Jazz Piano Workshop Berlin - LIVE 1965 - Earl Hines, Teddy Wilson, Bill Evans, John Lewis, Lennie Tristano, Jackie Byard.<br/><br/>
Program Jazz Casual
18:46 excerpt, 1950/12/26, L.A. "THE STRIP"- Louis Armstrong (t,v) Jack Teagarden (tb,v) Barney Bigard (cl), Earl Hines (p) Arvell Shaw (b) Cozy Cole (d) Buddy Cole, Red Norvo, Eddie Beal(2nd p) (Eddie Beal & Earl Hines ghosted (p) for actor William Demarest; Cozy Cole ghosted for actor Mickey Rooney and for on-screen drummer Hal Stover; Arvell Shaw bass for Lloyd Pratt.:
intro - A Kiss To Build A Dream / Shadrack /
d,harm.,uk: The Saints / band intro / Shadrack /
Oh Babe w.dancers Sally Forrest (tap
Earl Hines '' Black Coffee ''