E. Novak: Kim Novak e Massimo Ranieri, Maradona faz brincadeiras com bola de tenis e impressiona Novak Djokovic, E-Savage with Hot HV 6.5 Novak motor, L'uomo

E. Novak

Diego Maradona wows Novak Djokovic with tennis ball showboat

John Schultz wipping around the E-Savage at Diggers Dungeon, home of Dennis Anderson's Grave Digger.
After being kicked off their connecting flight and arrested, Bam and sidekick Brandon Novak along with manager, David Lipka finally arrive at Hooligans Music Hall. In this video I attempt to interview, but the questions are limited ...for reasons beyond my control.

Thanks to David Lipka for making this happen and a special thanks to Wes Styles (WXQR 105.5), Aaron Flahardy and the entire staff at Hooligans Music Hall.
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