Duran Duran - Girl Panic!: Duran Duran - " Girl Panic " (Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford & others ), Duran Duran - Girl Panic! (HD),

Duran Duran - Girl Panic!

Наконец-то в сети появился долгожданный клип от Duran Duran на песню ‘Girl Panic!’ с Наоми Кемпбелл, Евой Герциговой, Ясмин Ле Бон, Хеленой Кристенсен и Синди Кроуфорд в главных ролях. На YouTube уже окрестили этот клип «самым стильным клипом XXI века».
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Official Announce & Backstage of music video on new single Girl Panic! by Duran Duran.

Stay tuned: www.RadioGrand.net
Музыка, шик, секс. Йонас Акерлунд. Супермодели Синди Кроуфорд, Наоми Кэмпбелл, Хелена Кристенсен, Ева Херцигова, Ясмин ЛеБон.
чувствуется стиль...
10 июл.12 Категория видео: Музыка, Автор: extrait >> Вот она, долгожданная премьера нового клипа Duran Duran на композицию "Girl Panic!". К съёмкам этого видео удалось подключить знаменитого режиссера Йонаса Акерлунда. А ещё...Синди Кроуфорд, Наоми Кэмпбелл, Хелену Кристенсен, Еву Херцигову и Я
Directed by Jonas Åkerlund, 2011 (c).
Cast: Naomi Campbell, Eva Herzigova, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christensen, Yasmin Le Bon.
Клип был запрещен к показу на телеканалах MTV и VH1, как "слишком откровенный".
Music video by Duran Duran performing Girl Panic!. © 2011 Skin Divers
Красивые непобедимы
Найдено когда-то на ютьюбе.
Все супермодели мира в новом видео группы Duran Duran "Girl Panic!". Режиссер - Йонас Акерлунд.

Music video by Duran Duran performing Girl Panic!. © 2011 Skin Divers
Music video by Duran Duran performing Girl Panic. © 2011 Skin Divers
Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Eva Herzigova, Yasmin LeBon, Helena Christensen

Duran Duran
Вечномолодые Duran Duran)))
Duran Duran - Girl Panic! video en el cual participan las bellezas más famosas de la década pasada: Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, Helena Christ...
Все супермодели мира в новом видео группы Duran Duran "Girl Panic!". Режиссер - Йонас Акерлунд.
симпатичный самодельный клип :)
Official video (HD)
DoP: Erik Sohlström
Лучшие музыкальные премьеры: vk.com/FRIMusic
Girl Panic is the second single to be taken from the new Mark Ronson
produced album "All You Need Is Now" that is being released physically
on 21.03.2011, the album was No 1 in the I-Tunes pop chart in 15
countries including the UK when available digitaly only at Christmas.
Girl Panic is classic Duran with a nod to such classics as Rio and Girls On
Film but with fresh sound relevant to 2011.

Duran Duran's stunning new album: 'All You Need Is Now', has already been proclaimed a triumph by fans and critics alike, as buzz continues to build towards the release of the full length record. Produced by Grammy Award-winner Mark Ronson (Amy Winehouse, Adele, Kaiser Chiefs, Lily Allen) and mixed by Mark 'Spike' Stent (The KLF, Madonna, Björk, No Doubt), it features guest vocals/rap from longtime Duran Duran pal/collaborator Ana Matronic of the Scissor Sisters and RB/neo-soul superstar Kelis; while Owen Pallett of Arcade Fire contributes the album's string arr

Filmed at the MEN Arena in Manchester on 16 Dec. 2011, this stunning Duran Duran Live show is the combination of great music & amazing visuals which has been the band's trademark throughout their career. http://store.eagle-rock.com/duranduran/

Following the release of their acclaimed "All You Need Is Now" album, this concert combines new songs from that release with their classic hits. Whether in the studio or the live arena, Duran Duran are masters of their craft and this latest concert bursts with energ

"Girl Panic!," a clip from Duran Duran's newest DVD, A DIAMOND IN THE MIND, out in stores and online (on Amazon), now!

With 'All You Need Is Now' - the first single to be taken from Duran Duran's return to the album frontlines - becoming a download chart no.1 in 15 countries earlier this year, the scene is set for what could be the biggest band comeback ever!

A huge fan of the group since their earliest material, when Rich Solarstone discovered the original line-up were reforming he reached out to Le Bon et al with the offer up adding some Solarstone club ammo to a track. The nod came back from the Duran camp and today s
Duran Duran Girl Panic Remix 2011-All copyright material strictly Duran Duran.
Official video for Duran Duran's new single and video 'Girl Panic!' Edited to fit the original running time of the track.

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iConcerts - Duran Duran - A Diamond In The Mind

Filmed at the MEN Arena in Manchester on 16 December 2011, this stunning Duran Duran live show is the perfect combination of great music, amazing visuals and iconic style which has been the band's trademark throughout their career. Following the release of their acclaimed 'All You Need Is Now' album, this concert combines new songs from that release with their classic hits. Whether in the st
Duran Duran performing the song "Girl Panic!" featuring Mark Ronson. From the album All You Need Is Now in Los Angeles, March 23, 2011.

Directed by David Lynch. Part of UNSTAGED - an original music series from American Express in partnership with VEVO and YouTube.

Duran Duran represented England at the Hyde Park, BT London Live Opening Ceremony for 2012 Summer Olympics. Find Duran Duran here: http://duranduran.com/ (Artist reserves all rights, no copyright infringement intended).

1 Planet Earth
2 A View To A Kill
3 All You Need is Now (part 1 2)
4 The Reflex
5 Girl Panic
6 Save A Prayer
7 Notorious
8 Ordinary World
9 Sunrise
10 Wild Boys / Relax medley
11 Rio

Loving this song...check out Simon's dancing at the start...enjoy
Duran Duran Girl Panic! Live Montreal Centre Bell Center 2011 HD 1080P high definition

"Girl Panic!" (Youth Kills Remix), my edition with the scenes of Duran Duran's new video "Girl Panic!" (Álbum Version), available on Duran Duran's channel on YouTube on November 8th, 2011. Check it out on http://www.youtube.com/07duranduran

(P) 2011 Duran Duran Music - No copyrights infringed.
Live from the DVD; A Diamond In The Mind. Recorded 2011-12-16 in MEN's Arena, Manchester.
When i saw the official video for this song, i immediately thought it would be cool to have a shorter version available. I made my version of it. H...
The new video for "Girl Panic" from Duran Duran´s album "All You Need is Now".
A short movie, more than a video-clip... in pure Duran-style.
Duran Duran Girl Panic interview about their new video with top models on UK TV Morning show.http://duranduranforum.ru/viewtopic.php?f=13&t=489&p=41953#p41953
Supermodels reunite for Duran Duran's new music video "Girl Panic" in association with SWAROVSKI ELEMENTS! Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Yasmin Le Bon, Cindy Crawford and Eva Herzigova teamed up for the shoot which sees them transformed into members of Duran Duran. The shoot was conducted in conjunction with Harper's Bazaar magazine and directed by Jonas Ackerlund.

Check out more info on www.swarovski-elements.com
Music video by Duran Duran performing Making of "Girl Panic!". © 2011 Skin Divers
This was with out doubt the best party yet, I had such an amazing time, I Love Duran Duran they are the Best.

Filmed at there Sim in Second Life
Girl Panic

My new unofficial footage with original scenes from Duran Duran's video "Girl Panic!" and another version of this song (Youth Kills Remix). I hope you like it! :D

(P) 2011 Skin Divers / Duran Duran Music - The video was made by a fan - No copyrights infringement intended.
Duran Duran playing "Girl Panic! " live in the coachella music arts festival April 17, 2011.