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Armada Trance 12 Exclusive tune!

With the summer of 2011 ahead, another exciting and promising season for music lies on the doorstep. With trance music constantly evolving and finding new paths of styles to follow, the sound of 2011 is more diverse than ever. From uplifting to tech, deep and proggy to melodic and even housy. There's no limit to the infinite options trance music offers today.

Going strong for more than 4 years, the Armada Trance series presents the finest selection of trance and trance-inspired Armada tracks of that time. Armada Trance Vol. 12 is filled with blazing hot nocturnal anthems, ready to kick off summer. Tracks by young talents such as Bjorn Akesson, Eco, WW, Aerofoil, Michael de Kooker and Sneijder mingle with the big guys, like Armin van Buuren, Dash Berlin, Josh Gabriel, John O'Callaghan, Max Graham, Markus Schulz and many more. If you're in need of high quality essentials, let Arma

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Dutch producer duo Rogier v/d Meer and Gert van 't Wout are swiftly moving up. Under their Dulac Dubois alias, they stir mesmerizing trance elements with rousing house sounds into delicious cocktails of dancefloor mayhem. After last year's release 'Turning', the guys return with a new weapon: 'Move On'.
Start looking forward to a blend of bleeping tech-house, cracking progressive and lots of trancy flavors straight from the DD studio. On top of this floor-destroying mixture, it's Szen's addictive voice that gets 'Move On' stuck in your head for days.
'Move On' also surprises you with diversity in its remix package. Neill Esta's rework of the track rides a true trance sound, delivering big moments for all the hands in the air freaks. Peak time is also the main ingredient for Swedish sound creator Kim Svärd's uplifting trance remix of the tra
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Dulac & Dubois

Till The Break Of Dawn [Lounge Edit]

Lounge Dreams :D :3 ^0^
Очень красивая песня.