Drive Recklessly: Drive Recklessly (Director's Cut), Drive Recklessly - Не превышай скорость!, Drive Recklessly (Наехала на Гитлера). Юмористическая

Drive Recklessly

How important is it that you watch this PSA? Let us put it this way: millions of lives may depend on it. The latest video from The Midnight Show, a monthly sketch comedy show at the Upright Citizen's Brigade theater in Los Angeles. Directed by Peter Atencio, written by Heather Anne Campbell, starring Heather Anne Campbell and James Pumphrey, produced by Michael Busch, shot by Mike Karnell.
Женщина сбивает на автомобиле мужчину в бежевом плаще, но потом волшебным образом отматывает время назад на несколько секунд и во второй раз успевает вовремя остановиться. Но к своему ужасу обнаруживает, что в первый раз она сбила самого Гитлера, который на машине времени перенесся в современность и достал историческую книгу о стратегии антигитлеровской коалиции во Второй Мировой войне. Заголовок видеоролика призывает водителей к опасной езде.
How important is it that you watch this Midnight Show PSA? Let us put it this way: millions of lives depend on it.
omg it's hitler!
Жизнь, 30 секунд или Гитлер?
тренируем свой английский! Водителям пригодится!!!
Это когда-нибудь спасёт мир
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Drive Safe and No texting While Driving!
Going in and out of traffic with a stock 2006 BMW M5 in Northern California Highway. Pass a cop at 130mph on emergency lane!!
Driving Reckless for iOS and Android:
Hardcore racing game meets endless runner!

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Now go home AND do NOT be a Reckless Driver
1st videoclip of the eletronic project Retrigger.
Produced by Coração na Mão
directed by Cesar M.

I counted 12 violations for 1 minute. He lost his bravado when realized he was recorded.
Я насчитал 12 нарушений за минуту. Запал водителя пропал как только он понял что записан на камеру.
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Dorrough Music X Riff Raff - "Drive Reckless"
This is my HPI Mini Recon with 3100kV KB20-30-30S 1/18 Scale Brushless Motor and 1800 mAh Turnigy nano-tech 25-50C 2S1P LiPo Battery.

In difference to my previous video - HPI Mini Recon with brushless motor on SNOW! this time I wasn't running mainly on ice + I have switched to Highest Motor Timing \last time was "Lowest"\, so there was some... bashing. The good news is that in the end of the day, I only managed to crack one of the rims, but noting to serious.

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On the morning of Nov. 18, a police pursuit of a stolen vehicle caused various damages on campus, U...
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To Download "The 9th Dilla Effect" go to
Follow @realhollywoodys This mixtape is a tribute to 9th Wonder and J Dilla. Its a blend between 9th Wonder and J Dilla beats selected by HollyWood. Recorded in 2010.
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Album: The Voyage Vol. 6
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More goodies from my Harasser archives :) Fancy roadkills this time!

Pirato Ketchup - Escape From Tridion

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#bgsaobracaj Ford Fokus je ponovo zabeležen u drastičnoj nasilničkoj vožnji. Vozač apsolutno ne vodi računa o svojoj i tuđoj bezbednosti, za njega propisi i zakon o bezbednosti u saobraćaju jednostavno ne postoje. Danas je samo prisebnošću vozača ovog kamiona izbegnut direktan sudar.

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Cadillac has been doing pretty well lately so they want to make a bunch more models (Bob Shubin Jr. is excited about that), Nissan wants to make a smaller sportscar that will go below the 370z, and Volvo is making moves! Plus, a skillful drifter, but also a moron drifts his way through city streets while other people and cars are around. That's all today on Fast Lane Daily, hosted by Derek D!


Idiots Drifting around city streets and people (not a good idea):
“Something Like This & What Am I Doing Here”
by “Steff Koeppen"
Music used with permission from Position Music and Freedom!

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Well guys I decided to upload this today kekeke~ while I cook dinner 0_0

For those who read my previous words I didn't burn anything :'D

So... how Hae was able to have his driving license !!! XD!?? I bet that the examiner was a girl~ you can't say "You failed" to that adorable face you just can't kasjdkasjd!! And I think.. it's just to cute that each time Hyukkie starts talking about Hae he just cannot stop talking, it's so cute, he just keep talking and talking and talking and talking~ kekek
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by barry bardan
Тяжко рулить было одной рукой, а второй записывать телефоном видос))ахахахах))
Любой может пошахматить по сухому асфальту. А в гололёд слабо?;)
Sealine - Reckless driving in Qatar
Directed by: Jaser Alagha
Awarded for Best Picture at the QMUN Documentary Film Festival 2011

سـيلـين - فلم وثائقي عن السواقة المتهورة في قطر
إخراج- جاسر الآغا
حصل على جائزة أفضل صورة في مهرجان
للأفلام الوثائقية

Happened in Saudi Arabia. According to a few sources the man was killed.

More information soon.

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Step 1) Pray
Step 2) Coke
Step 3) Drive

I'm fairly certain this guy kills people in his spare time. Regardless, I had an adrenaline rush from behind my computer screen after this one. Love it or hate it. Cocaine infused balls of steel! Giorgi can even talk on the phone mid run!
Taken from Dillmatic Mixtape (NAS x J DIlla)