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Dream theater - Lie

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Dream Theater - Lie (album "Awake", 1994)
Cancion del Disco "Awake"
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Очень крутой клип!

Taken from the album "Awake".

класная группа.....
Раннє з "дрімів"
Filmei esse cover do Bodão tocando baixo, com o iPhone 4S, pra testar a qualidade de 1080p.

Edição e efeitos: Adobe Premiere + Magic Bullet Looks

Westerngitarre Takamine und Gesang Dana Marie Ulbrich live
Images And Words DVD release - Live In Tokyo, Nakano Sun Plaza, 26/08/1993 (10/14)
Look around
Where do you belong
Don't be afraid
You're not the only one

Don't let the day go by
Don't let it end
Don't let a day go by in doubt
The answer lies within

Life is short
So learn from your mistakes
And stand behind
The choices that you make
Dream Theater, still as Majesty, in 1987, playing "a fortune in lies". It's so HEAVY progressive.. so 80's, I love it. Love the vocals...
Countdown to "Octavarium" - Scale 2

Dream Nantoka, a tribute band for Dream Theater in Japan, releases a series of cover movies about "Octavarium". This is the 2nd one for our show "A PERFECT Evening With... Dream Nantoka Vol.2". Enjoy this one and don't miss next one!!
Dream Theater - The Mirror/Lie (Breaking The Fourth Wall DVD)
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and the band Dream Theater
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We proudly present our first fullband Dream Theater cover! Marcos Rodriguez has done a great job on this one.

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Vocals by Marcos Rodriguez

Panic Attack:
Guitars - Sjoerd Schetters
Keys - Arnout van Baal
Bass - Sep Schetters
Drums - Pi Verstappen

Produced by S
1er show de Jordan Rudess con Dream Theater, solo tuvo 1 semana para aprenderse las canciones, por eso las partituras!

Dream Theater - Live In Moscow Russia Stadium-Live 28.02.2014
dream theater - funeral for a friend / love lies bleeding

Wembley Arena, October 2009

Live performance of the Elton John classic.

Band/Artist: Dream Theater
Album: When Dream And Day Unite Year: 1989
Genre: Progressive Rock/Progressive Metal Country: USA
Password: Phonograph
Dream THeater Sao Paulo Brazil.

К сожалению, из-за моего фотика не фига не разобрать пассажи на седьмой и шестой струне, поскольку микрофон дьявольски отстоен, тем не менее не может не радовать то, что я наконец одолел это соло, которое не давало мне покоя без малого 2 года.

To buy CD:
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/hu/album/lelek-gyilkos/id492560540
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/L%C3%A9lek-Gyilkos/dp/B006SMFLZI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1325776912&sr=8-1

All instruments recorded and played by Lovrek Krisztián (original performer is Dream Theater)
Learned and practiced with Jammit.

Used Gear:
Awake Tour in Japan 1995

Perfect Germany Dreams - Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany - 09/04/1993 (2/12)
Dream Theater's "The Mirror" and "Lie" featured in the 2014 DVD "Breaking the Fourth Wall"

All rights to the respective owners.
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Dream Theater - Lie

Words by K. Moore/ Music by J. Labrie, J. Myung, J. Petrucci, M. Portnoy
Dream Theater
When Dream and Day Unite
A Fortune in Lies

played by Christoph Böhm on 28th December 2008
The Answer Lies Within - Dream Theater

Performed by: Çağdaş Gençlik Senfoni Orkestrası
Encore of the Octavarium Concert

Conductor, Arranger, Piano & MorphWiz: Eren Başbuğ
Flute: Feyza Nur Sağlıksever
Ahmed Adnan Saygun Arts Center, Izmir
James LaBrie - lead vocals
John Petrucci - guitar, backing vocals
Jordan Rudess - electric piano
John Myung - bass
Mike Portnoy - drums, backing vocals
Majesty In The Basement, New York, USA, 18/08/1987 (3/7)
Ещё молодые и малоизвестные, но уже мастеровитые Dream Theater в далёком 1987 году
В следующий раз буду играть на нормальном звуке!)))
Dream Theater - Lie ( Live From The Boston Opera House ) - with lyrics
Exelente par de canciones!!!
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обязательно смотреть оригинал иначе нет смысла смотреть!!!!!!!! )))) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9SNYHwHpvD4
Собственно Петручи показывает своё мастерство)
Оператор особенно отличился.
Dream Theater original line up live at Sundance, Long Island 1989

A Interesting song intro and two of my favorites Dream Theater kick ass songs. Here some unusual footages...

(All rights to the chinese guys who recorded this)

Horn & Vocal Arrangement, Live at the Berklee Performance Center, CWP Student Concert 2007 (Arranged & conducted by Jose Sigona) DT ROCKS!!!
Dream theater
Live al Forum di Assago

Line up:
John Petrucci - guitars, backing vocals
John Myung - bass
James LaBrie - Vocals
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards, continuum
Mike Mangini - Drums


False Awakening Suite
The Enemy Inside
The Shattered Fortress
On the Backs of Angels
The Looking Glass
Trial of Tears
Enigma Machine
(With drum solo by Mike Mangini)
You've got the future on your side
You're gonna be fine now
I know whatever you decide
You're gonna shine......

Dream Theater - The answer lies within - with lyrics