Dream Theater - Sacrificed Sons: Dream Theater - Sacrificed Sons (live), Dream Theater - Sacrificed Sons (live), Dream Theater - Sacrificed sons - with

Dream Theater - Sacrificed Sons

Самое интересное где-то с 4 минуты!!
Dream Theater - Sacrificed sons - with lyrics

Vocals: Jean-Philippe Major (HAMADRYAD, Kids Eat Crayons)
Bass: Marc O'Brian
Guitar: Sébastien Jutras
Drums: Isaac Dumont (Tantrumn)
Keyboards: David Trottier

Original by: Dream Theater
Live @ The Medley (September 21st 2007)
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Countdown to "Octavarium" - Scale 7

Here is the 7th cover movie from Countdown to "Octavarium"!!
We hope you enjoy this one!

We borrowed the image of the intro from here.

Dream Nantoka, a tribute band for Dream Theater in Japan, releases a series of cover movies about "Octavarium".

On Nov.13(Japanese time), we will perform the entire songs of "Octavarium" album at the show! (of course, with more big songs from other albums!!)

And then...finally the last one on the stage!

Free, downloadable single by Symphonic Theater of Dreams project - Sacrificed Sons.
SToD is a symphonic tribute to Dream Theater.
For more informations about us, please visit our official website
Don`t forget to check us on facebook

Our Crew:
Created and arranged by Michał Mierzejewski
Orchestra - Sinfonietta Consonus
Guitar - Bartosz Kropidłowski
French Horns - Marc Papeghin (special guest)
Marcin Plewiński - sound engineer
Stephen van Baalen - graphic designer
Radosław Mroczek - film director
Kinga Gełdon - photographer

ну более нормальная запись)
знаменитый рифф из этой вещи..
моя, наверное, самая любимая live-песня*_*
всё шикарно, с начала до конца
Dream Theater - Sacrificed Sons [Live, part drum solo] - (Drum Cover Artem Istomin)

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