Dream Theater - Pull Me Under: Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (Cover), "Dream Theater - Pull Me Under" (Cover: The Students of Aaron O'keefe ) (Full HD), Dream

Dream Theater - Pull Me Under

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Kala Scarpinksi – Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (Cover)
Группа детей от 10 до 18 лет
A talented group of teens and tweens perform Dream Theater's "Pull Me Under" as heard from the album "Images and Words" (c) 1992 Atco Records.

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976
Performed by
Vocals / Kala Scarpinksi Age 11 (aka James LaBrie)
Lead Guitar / Nathan Clevenger Age 16 (aka John Petrucci)
Rhythm Guitar / Jon Ludwick Age 18 (aka John Petrucci II)
Piano / Alyssa Cocca Age 14 (aka Kevin Moore I)
Organ / Haley Wisbey Age 15 (aka Kevin Moore II)
Bass / Mac McCann Age 14 (aka John Myung)
Drums / D.K. Dews Age 15 (aka Mike Portnoy)
Подростки играют Dream Theater - Pull Me Under
A talented group of teens and tweens perform Dream Theater's "Pull Me Under"
Performed by
Vocals / Kala Scarpinksi Age 11 (aka James LaBrie)
Lead Guitar / Nathan Clevenger Age 16 (aka John Petrucci)
Rhythm Guitar / Jon Ludwick Age 18 (aka John Petrucci II)
Piano / Alyssa Cocca Age 14 (aka Kevin Moore I)
Organ / Haley Wisbey Age 15 (aka Kevin Moore II)
Bass / Mac McCann Age 14 (aka John Myung)
Drums / D.K. Dews Age 15 (aka Mike Portnoy)
Congas / Evan Wells Age 10
Acoustic Guitar / Jace Niven Age 11
Детки очень славно и ловко поют и играют известные роковые произведения.
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (album "Images And Words", 1992)
Dream Theater's Pull Me Under single from Images And Words album...
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This is Original Isolated Multi Track about Images & Words "Pull me under"
Played by John Petrucci
From the album Images and Words ^^
Live on the Metal Fest, at the Club 'Rhythm'.
The very first DT's song I've heard
Наконец-то записал!
Просьба сильно не ругаться) в паре мест накосячил)
Наконец-то записал!
Просьба сильно не ругаться) в паре мест накосячил)
Выступление в клубе Релакс 2005 (кажется)) год. Состав- Алексей Тышкевич-вокал, Павел Чухра-гитара, Алексей Карпов-гитара, Михаил Карпов-бас, Антон Панов-клавиши, Дмитрий Винников-барабаны. Оператор-Сергей Королёв-кайфовал шопиздецйопта))).
Видео группы "♫ Covermelodies / Каверы / Музыкальные комиксы / Цитаты"
I had done a cover of this Dream Theater hymn already some time ago, but hopefully I can do it better today. Also, this is going to be the first so...
Lyrics in Video

http://www.dreamtheater.net/(official site)

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The Dream Theater song Pull Me Under
with the lyrics in the video... some cool pics to go with the lyrics

hope you enjoy and...
Keep on Rockin'
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Música: PULL ME UNDER (Dream Theater)
Gravado no Estúdio FONZARE - Pradópolis/SP - Janeiro/20...
This song is original by Dream Theater. I just covered this song for practicing. Dream Theater is one of my favorite progressive metal bands. And it's really fun to cover this song. :)

Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for fair use for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the

Наглядное пособие по Дрим-Титу ;)
I used a drumless track with a click in this video (click-track is not added in this video). I know the video should be a lot tighter now when i used a metronome, but i'm satisfied with the result.

Lost in the sky
Clouds roll by and I roll with them
Arrows fly
Seas increase and then fall again

This world is spinning around me
This world is spinning without me
Every day sends future to past
Every breath leaves one less to my last

This is From the live at Budokan dvd- Disk 1
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This song is my favourite song from Dream Theater
It's always one of the best song from all of the DT albums
I've tried my best to record this song and hope you all enjoy listening to this cover

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"Pull Me Under" is a part of Dream Theater's album "Images And Words" released in 1992, and is the copyrighted property of its owner(s).
Images and Words: Live in Tokyo. Please Rate

I did a Metropolis drum cover last year, so now it's time for another track taken from my favorite Dream Theater album 'Images and Words', played on a Pearl Masters Custom set. Please comment, like & share if you enjoyed it. Visit me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/girlsgotgroove
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The audio and video don't exaclty synch up, but oh well.
I finally got around to recording this. I took a few liberties with the parts here and there.
Hope you like it!

Recorded with a ZOOM R-16 Multitrack USB Recorder.

I did a rough mix using Logic Pro.

The kicks are 60% natural and 40% trigger blended using Drumagog 5.

Видео группы http://vk.com/a_deth
Абажаю Дэтх! - Группа для металлистов, которые способны относиться к жизни с чувством юмора и воспринимать глупые высказывания о любимой музыке не как оскорбление, а как безобидные шутки.

O'Keefe Music Foundation

Special thanks goes out to Guj Tungpalan for editing this video

Mixed by Dan Agee

Именно так должны играть выпускники каждой школы музыки.
Записывайтесь на бесплатное пробное занятие в Рок Школу Музторга:

Группа талантливых подростков исполняют кавер на "Pull Me Under" прогрессив-рок группы Dream Theater.
Steel Guard Gig
25 октября 2014г., клуб "Барвы", г. Киев
(c) Alex Clash
Группа талантливых подростков исполняют кавер на "Pull Me Under" прогрессив-рок группы Dream Theater.

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Dream Theater - Pull Me Under - cover by Kovalev Dmitry.
Guitar - Music Man JPXI
Equipment for video: Hamer Chaparral'89; Marshall JCM 2000 Dual Super Lead & VHT 4Х12 CEL


Hey guys! Here's another DT cover for you all, from the Images and Words album! I hope you like it! Please help support me and what I'm doing by going over to my Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign page!


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Lost in the sky
Clouds roll by
and I roll with them
Dream Theater - Pull Me Under (Images Words) - SPLIT-SCREEN COVER - Collaboration
HI everyone!!!!!! That's my new video with others musicians project!!! A Dream Theater Tribute!!

Dream Theater - Pull Me Under

Album: Images Words

Proudly presenting our new Collaboration:

Dream Theater's "Pull me under" from 1992's album Images and words

We started this project about 4-6 weeks ago. Back then Paco Barilla, an amazing, young italian drummer contacted me and asked what I thought about doing some Dream Theater collab. After some discussion we agreed on Pull me under. A bassist friend of Paco also joined the collab. After some further search he also found a great keyboarder and I could get my dear friend JC to join for t
My first John Petrucci cover. Was a ton of fun, I learned a lot, and even did my first "keyboard solo on guitar" All guitar parts that I recorded a...

© 2008 WMG
Pull Me Under (Video)
For more info -

DVD: http://smarturl.it/DreamTheaterLunaDVD
Blu-Ray: http://smarturl....
DVD: http://smarturl.it/DreamTheaterLunaDVD
Blu-Ray: http://smarturl.it/DreamTheaterLunaBluR
Itunes: http://smarturl.it/DreamTheatrLuniTunes
Deluxe: http://smarturl.it/DreamTheaterLunaDLX
DVD/CD: http://smarturl.it/DreamTheatrLunaDVDCD
Blu-Ray/CD: http://smarturl.it/DreamTheatrLunaBluCD
Dream Theater began their mammoth "A Dramatic Tour Of Events" world trek in July 2011 with the final leg in South America taking place in August 2012. It was here at the Luna Park arena in Buenos Aires, Arg
Students of Aaron O'Keefe give another awesome performance. Pull me under by Dream Theatre.

Presented by http://aaronokeefe.com/
Мій черговий KeyDrumming кавер, цього разу на пісню Pull Me Under групи Dream Theater, барабанщиком якої є один з моїх улюблених музикантів, Mike Portnoy. Дивимось та слухаємо!
YouTube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWEZgnA5l_E

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EBMM JPM BFR Bahama Blue
Mesa Boogie Mark V
Dunlop GCB-535q
MXL 2006
Apogee Duet
Logic Pro 9
This is my new KeyboardDrumming cover on classic Dream Theater song - Pull Me Under, from Images Words album.
Tribute to Mike Portnoy, even keyboard players love him! :)

Nuy Drummer Of Tharaband Khonkaen,Thailand
ขอขอบคุณ มะเดี่ยว วง 200 ที่ติดตั้งอุปกรณ์พร้อมถ่ายทำ
ขอขอบคุณอุปกรณ์ถ่ายทำจาก Amzer Records
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Multitrack - A Cover Tribute By Dan-Elias Brevig
Pull Me Under Dream Theater Drum Cover. This is my drum cover of Pull Me Under by Dream Theater.

If you like it, be sure to subscribe for a new cover every month :)

Thanks for watching and for being awesome!

Mari Voiles


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Recorded this a couple of months ago. Haven't been singing DT for like 10 years! Messed some intonations a bit cause the memory fails me ;)
An awesome song from the BEST Dream Theater album!<br/><br/>
Pipo Elo performing an acoustic version of Dream Theater's "Pull me under"

copyrights not mine

Thumbs up for my buddy Sam! He always wants to be around and singing "backup vocals" when I'm recording, and sometimes the only way I can get him to shut up is to pick him up. Some months ago I posted a picture on my Facebook page of me holding him while singing, and several people asked/dared me to put up a video with me holding him, so... here ya go!

From their 1992 album, Images and Words, here is Pull Me Under - Dream Theater's telling of Shakespeare's "Hamlet".
These are STOCK Axe-Fx II presets. USA Clean and Petrucci Rhythm.

More from Irving Park, May 8. These ran together so I had to put them in the same video. Lots of nuggets to be found here: Have A Cigar, Paradigm Shift, The Tarantella, Flight Of The Bumblebee
Live at First Midwest Bank Amphitheatre, Tinley Park, IL, USA 18.07.10

Детишки играют Pull Me Under
Dream Theater live from download 2009.
Song: Pull me under

Children playing Pull me under by Dream Theater. Check out www.clubedemusica.com
Mon ultime version de ce titre, après des jours de travail sur le son. Guitare, Suhr Riot, Effectrode Blackbird, Torpedo CAB et ordi, aucun ampli. Tout reste analogique et à lampes, et je pense être sur une très bonne voie pour le son rythmique et solo. Merci ! :)

My ultime rendition of this song, and the most I can do about the sound after 3 days of work. I think I'm in a good way to have a killer tone !

MATOS/GEAR : Music Man John Petrucci JP Kek'choz (me souviens plus xD), Suhr Riot, Effect
Kiev Kills: Great Zombie Party + Kibalnik B-day!
13 сентября 2014г.
Клуб "Тыква", г. Киев
(c) Alex Clash
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Dream Theater live at Auditorio Nacional in Mexico City 2002

From the Bootleg Bucharest

Take The Time (C# dorian)
Pull Me Under (E dorian)
Dream Theater Keyboard Solos covered by Fabien Labonde on Korg N364

+ Take The Time slow version as a tutorial

Note that i can't really play like Kevin Moore ... these are re-interpretations
all rights reserved to Dream Theater and their label
Andy James - Dream Theater Pull Me Under (Perfomance)
преподаватель: Дмитрий ЛЕВИН: http://vk.com/dmitry_levin
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Just warmin' up at this song but finally looks like its sounds not too shity )
Anyway original is still one of my favourite.
Alexander Sophiex Drum Show 2015
Alexander Sophiex playing:
Gretsch - Drums
Remo - Drumheads
Sabian - Cymbals
Pearl - Hardware
=== Soun...
Нано Мамедова. 18 лет. г. Ярославль. Pull me under - Dream Theater (drum cover)
Конкурс Drummers United 2016!
Учреждены три номинации:
- барабанщицы
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- барабанщики от 16-ти лет и выше.
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Подробности: https://new.vk.com/drummers_united_2016
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Dream Theater - Pull Me Under, live from Milwaukee, June 29, 1993.

Where is Portnoy?

1 - Metropolis pt. 1: http://youtu.be/sPJG9rvJf8s
2 - Under ...
Fantazia live în deschiderea concertului aniversar Cargo 30 de ani
Arad 29 noiembrie 2015
”Pull me under” original by Dream Theater
Perfect Germany Dreams - Markthalle, Hamburg, Germany - 09/04/1993 (9/12)
запилил классическое соло Петровича)
Первый и весьма пьяный концерт
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Huge thanks to BEHRINGER for shooting this video!
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Drum cover of Dream Theater's "Pull Me Under" (Images and Words - 1992) by Panos Geo.

Music by Dream Theater
Lyrics by Kevin Moore
Original Drum Part by Mike Portnoy