Dream Theater - In The Name Of God: Dream Theater - In The Name Of God (Live At Budokan), Dream Theater-In The Name Of God (Live at Budokan), Dream Theater -

Dream Theater - In The Name Of God

Dream Theater — рок-группа из США, играющая в стиле прогрессив-метал. Для музыки группы характерны необычная структура композиций, сложные инструментальные партии и высокое исполнительское мастерство музыкантов.
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Это просто фантастический дуэт. .John Petrucci and Jordan Rudess
Artist: Mike Portnoy on Drums, Dream Theater the Band
Song: In The Name Of God
DvD: Drums of Thought

I Dont own any copyrights. Credits to Dream Theater members Mike Portnoy Warner Music Group Music.

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Song: In The Name of God
Artist: Dream Theater
Album: Train of Thought


I found this video when i'm trying to clean up some space on my HDD.
I think it's when i'm still trying to play around with Shredagge 2 (1 year ag...
Concert de l'option musique au Théâtre de la Butte de Cherbourg-Octeville - 30 mai 2013

primera parte http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-rjgGrHJkBk
medley hecho por dream theater que contiene las canciones: trial of tears, finally free, learning to live, in the name of god, razor´s edge, canción sacada del dvd chaos in motion.
I've been on a huge Train of Thought kick lately, so I thought I'd cover something off of it! It's always been a goal of mine to tackle this section of "In The Name of God".
Какой-то осатаневший тип фигачит это соло (причем тоже на music man)...Я был приятно удивлен
Dream Theater's IN THE NAME OF GOD (Train of Thought) played by VRA!
Brasília - April 9th 2015

Footage provided by Junghwan Kim.

Thiago Campos (Brazil) - Guitar
Felipe Campos (Brazil) - Bass
Paulinho Drums (Brazil) - Drums
Denis Oliveira (Brazil) - Vocals
Junghwan Kim (South Korea) - Keys
Rod Calcagno (Venezuela) - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar

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Dream Theater - In The Name Of God

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In The Name Of God (Live At Budokan) (Video)

Filmed and etided by: Ami Bornstein
Arranged by: Moran Magal
Recorded and mixed by: Barak Olier
Make up artist: Neta Lee
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IK Multimedia Amplitube 3 - Mesa Boogie
Dual Rectifier - Demo
Dream Theater "In the Name of God"

On to the Dual Rectifier model from the IK Multimedia Mesa Boogie collection for Amplitube 3...

I previously demoed the Mark IV model on my Facebook playing some "Mark" Dream Theater riffs, check it out if you haven't done so already.

For this one I kept it in the Dream Theater realm, but went for a Rectifier song, because, well, this is
Check out Muneyuki's youtube chanel too!

Dream TheaterのIn The Name Of GODのカヴァー動画です!

使用機材はギターがJP-6BFR、AmpはMESAのMarkⅤ、CruesのアッテネーターのLine outからt.c.electronicのimpact twinを通してNative instrumentsのGuitar rigでSPシミュレータをかけて録りました!

In the Name Of God by Dream Theater, cover. Bugera 6262 with 6l6 jjTesla, without pedals. Esp M2 with EMG 81 active pikcups.