Dream Theater - Forsaken cover: Danilo - Forsaken (Dream Theater Cover) Music Man JPX, Forsaken - Dream Theater (Cover), Dream Theater - Forsaken - cover,

Dream Theater - Forsaken cover

Hi everyone, this is my cover of the great Forsaken by Dream Theater (Systematic Chaos Album 2007). Hope you enjoy it!
Recorded with:
Kemper Profiling Amp (1 Tone transpose)
Music Man JPX
Logic Pro X
Backing track here http://www.guitarbackingtrack.com/play/dream_theater/forsaken_(4).htm
Playing Dream Theater song...hope u like it:)

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My cover of Forsaken by Dream Theater.
Recorded through Guitar Port from Line 6

IMO, John Petrucci is without any doubt the most talented prog metal guitarist out there. He has always been my biggest influence and I have had the pleasure of meeting him. The picture at the end is from Gigantour 2005 Toronto. I apologize in advance as i do not have the tabs, this was played by ear. Thanks for watching.
as in my SOAD covers i've made my own performing version on this incredible song. Thanks for watching!
I love dream theater solos no matter how complex they are...It's sloppy but I gave it a try! Such a fun solo to play. Enjoy! Please don't ask for tabs because I did this all by ear.
Ну типа там криво и не по нотам, по-своему. Ну да ладно ))

Solo guitar: Haykuhi Khachatryan
Rhythm guitar: David Grigoryan

Record & Video Editing By Gr.David

A few shots are taken from the "Dream Theater - Forsaken (In studio)" for video editting :)
My interpretation of this Dream Theater hit... Off their album 'Systematic Chaos'

Без Меж - Забутий [Forsaken] (Dream Theater cover live)
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Хахаха!!!Тип просто жжет=)) Это очень смешно=))))). Но он старается=))
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This is a song that I especially like, and I wanted to make this split screen, simply to show my appreciation to one of these great compositions of Dream Theater.
SilverCast - Forsaken (Dream Theater cover)
live 9 октября 2011, Арктика, СПб
keyboard cover of Forsaken by Dream Theater from "Sytematic Chaos" (minus the guitar solo but with an added keys solo). learned entirely by ear (except for the piano at the beginning) so please don't ask for sheets. Apologies for the syncing problems with the audio and video, i think the camera and the sound recorder think time has two different speeds. i also made a few mistakes in this one, probably due to the fact i learned it and recorded it in one morning, whereas it would usually take about a week bef