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Dream Theater - Endless Sacrifice

Альбом Train Of Thought(2004)
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cancion endless sacrifice del disco train of thought, live sacado del dvd "live at budokan"

Dream Theater
Live at the High Voltage Festival (24/07/2011) - London - Victoria Park

John Petrucci - Guitar
John Myung - Bass
James LaBrie - Vocals
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
Mike Mangini - Drums

Artist: Mike Portnoy on Drums, Dream Theater the Band
Song: Endless Sacrifice
DvD: Drums of Thought

I Dont own any copyrights. Credits to Dream Theater members Mike Portnoy Warner Music Group Music.

Try to stay alive
Until I hear your voice
I'm gonna lose my mind
Someone tell me why
I chose this life
This superficial lie
Constant compromise
Endless sacrifice

Moments wasted
Time escaping
Endless sacrifice
Играл на джойстике от бокса потому не судите строго

Музыка, как стиль жизни...

Dream Theater - Live In Moscow Russia Crocus City Hall 12.07.2011

Не играл на скилл, сразу говорю, решил попеть немного, а то горло вообще заглохнет.

Вот что бывает, кагда злишь бедную тётю Цунаде =-))))))
Chapter #4 of 13 in my Playlist "Dream Theater Live at the Rosemont Theater" Rosemont, Illinois 10-2-2011...Ytse Jam is cut short in this vid but is concluded in chapter #5 of my playlist...Sorry but I couldn't risk getting caught taping!!!

Endless Sacrifice with awesome Mike Mangini drum solo. He was totally sick at the time but said in an interview this was his best solo of the tour. After seeing them 7 times this tour, I would agree! Dream Theater rocks and this tour was Epic! I told DT at the meet n greet that I would be posting this video - hope they watch it!! Pretty good/clear video quality wouldn't you say Jordan?

Dream Theater - Endless Sacrifice ( Cover )

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последняя часть..
прошу прощения что снимал по частям..(
просто хотелось ещё и покалбасица под эту вещь! ;-))
Live @ Terra Vibe - Athens, GR - 2/8/2011

11:53 fuck yea
Artist:Dream Theater
Album:Train of Thought
Track:Endless Sacrifice
Dream Theater - Endless sacrifice ( Live in Chile ) - Tradução português
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