Dr Diss befriends NACP - The Woony Woona Wepublic смотреть онлайн

Dr Diss befriends NACP - The Woony Woona Wepublic

I figured I'd join the hoards of musicians who have remixed this piece...
BUT bet you didn't see this version coming!

Got bored one day, decided to do this...
I put a version up on Tumblr not too long ago...
So have a listen to before I changed the reverb...to 'Hamburg Forest'...yes, the reverb of a forest...but it actually works!

Anyway, this wasn't particularly based on Woonastuck, but the title has the word Woona in it and Woonastuck is pretty cool, so check it out!

Original obviously by the ever talented Not A Clever Pony:

DOWNLOAD: http://www.mediafire.com/?7memcqvrxl4bbaj