Dr. Adorable - A Brand New Day смотреть онлайн

Dr. Adorable - A Brand New Day

unoservix does it again! Check out the original comic on his deviantart: http://unoservix.deviantart.com/ Again, the structure of the comic doesn't lend itself to video nearly as well as it looks on its own. This time it's panel sizes that create the feel.

This is based on a wonderful pony tumbler from here: http://ask-dr-adorable.tumblr.com/

All I supplied was the voice. I finally got myself in a position where I could both straighten my back to get maximum mobility in my lungs and diaphr
This took way to long. I just hope it was worth it. I know there are a ton of mistakes. That's why I don't usually do anything with After Effects. It constantly crashes, slows down, and if you do anything else while it's open (or heaven forbid, while it's rendering) my computer spouts an epileptic fit.

It's odd that she's attacking her friends when half of them are part of the League she's trying to join. I guess the artist didn't do a lot of research. It's suppose to be the entire cast of MLP playi