Downstream: Воин дорог / Downstream (2010/HD 720), Воин дорог / Downstream (2010), Downstream [VOS Castellano] [Accion], Downstream 2010 [ M&Ms - English


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Действие фильма - недалекое будущее, когда в мире заканчиваются запасы нефти и мир на грани катастрофы. Продовольствия не хватает, заболевание раком среди женщин резко возросло и их численность уменьшается. В этом хаосе и варварской среде валютой являются биотопливо, боеприпасы и люди. Герой фильма, Вез Келлер, пытается найти безопасное укрытие, о котором ходят легенды, но за это надо заплатить большую цену.

The title says it all, really--Poell's presentation served as a metaphor for the state of fashion as he saw it, where the mainstream fashion collective uniformly flows in one direction without thought. If this sounds pretty bleak, you wouldn’t be wrong, but consider the fact that Poell’s presentation, in all it’s depressing splendor, also eliminates some aspects of the typical fashion show that arouse anxiety. There’s no front row seating, no backstage politics, no influx and outflow of stressed out fashion people throughout the venue. There’s no front row seating, no backstage politics, no influx and outflow of stressed out fashion people throughout the venue. It’s just people along the banks of the canal, a public space. Fashion enthusiasts and pedestrians alike have access to the same view and in this sense Poell has democratized the elitism of the fashion show.

L.E.D.V. Music Presents: "Downstream" by Shira Kammen Piano Cover with a twix at the end.
The song is the soundtrack of a very good video game by the name of "Braid".
Leave your impressions in the comment section below and tell me what song you want me to post.

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More content coming soon, and not just piano, but more
Song Title: "Downstream"
Artist: Shira Kammen
Album: Music of Waters
by Apple.Sin, St.Petersburg, Russia

한강하류 - 투게더 브라더스
Music by Sybernetyks. Directed by Benjamin Darbot. Mix & mastering by Quentin Regnault.

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Sybernetyks - Downstream (Official Video)

The song is available here for FREE :

Directed by Benjamin BRILLAUD (

Вниз по матушке по Волге - Downstream Volga-mother - Russian folk song.
Вокальный квинтет "Чистый голос" - vocal quintette "Clear Voice", Belarus.
From the album "Пой, славянская душа!" (Sing, Slavonic Soul!)
Yoyos : Yelets / onedropyoyos Player : Tsukasa Takatsu (Onedropteam Member) Filmed : Masaru Fujita Edited : Tsukasa Takatsu Nikon D5100 Nikkor AF-S DX 18-55mm f/3,5-5.6G VR Nikon
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Cave Diving Eagles Nest Sink Upstream & Downstream HD from Liquid Productions, LLC on Vimeo.

Rebreathers, Trimix, DPV's, 600 watts of light and our cameras traveled 2000 feet Upstream to Kings Challenge illuminating one of the most unique underwater cave systems in Florida. The passageways in Eagles Nest is so large we could still only light a section of it. We spent an hour at 270' to capture this never before seen video.

This video was shot over 2 days. One day for Upstream and a second day for the
Mexico Cave Diving Sac Aktun downstream
The Grand Cenote is well known for the upstream decorated cave passages like the Paso de Lagarto and the Cuznha Loop, but the downstream section has a completely different vibe. It is dark, silty very decorated but with stalactites that look like cement, very weird and ominous atmosphere as if it was a totally different cave system. There are numerous restrictions the further in you get some requiring sidemount.
camera; Pietro Donnagio-, sa
Composer and guitar: Eugen Scobioala
Vocals and lyrics: Dmitry Demchuk (Soulful)


You have forgotten yourself in misery,
And think that it should be
The way how it really is.
As you stand on your knees
Praying for the gods you have never known
Refusing to shout against the wind,
Your belief left you alone...

What kind of shelter
Are you looking for?
When the past holds you tight -
The future can't give you more,
If you don't resist
Against this disease
You'll sail away from your dreams
Like a leaf into the downstream...

Look deep inside of your tired soul
To find the way of harmony
And redeem you faults,
Your spirit is a wall
But it's still imprisoned in your body's cage
Liberate your heart
Give a simple chance for a coming start
clear explanation of going downstream. I bet one will be happy ever since simply following the tips given here))
Downstream - саундтрэк к игре Braid - запись с дружбомагичного концерта 22 сентября :з
just relaxed bike... nothing serious, just cought sprig and shared it )))
Дайвинг в сенотах. Dreamgate. Downstream.
Kurt Browning 2010-2011 Stars On Ice Downstream
Only see the roof

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Valerinne - Downstream
Monumenta LP
Out on February 11 2016
Alexandru Daș - Guitars/Synths/Soundscapes
Liviu Stoicescu - Bass
Mircea Smarandache - Drums

Monumenta on Itunes/Spotify/Deezer etc.
Additional video footage from The Internet Archive
Edited by Alexandru Das
Recorded live at Studio 14
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B-TEC Siding Extrusion Equipment and Downstream Equipment

B-TEC is one of the main suppliers for tooling and downstream equipment especially designed to produce highest quality "Siding profiles"
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Концерт 12.10.2014 в Киеве оркестра Cantabile Orchestra.
April 2, 2011 in East Rutherford, NJ
My take on the song 'Downstream' by Supertramp off their album "Even in the Quietest Moments..." overlooked gem in my opinion.

Feel free to like my Facebook page and keep up to date with live performance dates:
all Movie Action-Adventure downstream
Hey guys, felt like doing another cover of a Braid song.
This time though, it's Downstream!
Beautiful little piece with a really playful violin part.
It's tricky on the continuous bass line though, so you'll hear me screw up every once in a while. XP
Despite that, enjoy!
Thank you again Shira Kammen for making such beautiful, beautiful music. :3
Peace out!



Part 2 of the hereford pay and play day

На разогреве у Кирпичей.
by Apple.Sin
На скрипке мне больше нравится, но тут не полный трек
Российский нефтегазовый саммит Нефтепереработка и нефтехимия - Москва, 28 мая, Lotte Hotel Moscow.
Левинбук Михаил Исаакович, Профессор РГУ нефти и газа им. М.И. Губкина, главный научный сотрудник ИНХС РАН им. А.В. Топчиева: Развитие нефтегазохимических технологий, создание новых рабочих мест и расширение ассортимента нефтехимических производств - три главных вектора развития downstream-сегмента отрасли.
Album : Downstream
Band : Goatpsalm
Location : Russia
Format : Digital Album
Release Date : February 29, 2016

Track :
01.Grey Rocks 10:48

Lyrics :
By the cry of loon here was I brought
To the grey rocks nearby river
I seem to have never been here
Or maybe I returned home?
Palms laid on the rough granite
Immemorial drawings sank into fingers
They hectically tell something
On language forgotten far and wide
Fire threads, bloodred lines
Stone beasts turn
Their ardent faces to me
And ask me for

22.12.12 Рождественский вечер в Чайковском
Dive in Hole in the Wall Downstream. Fourth time in sidemount, first dive following sidemount class and first time in LP95s.
Фильмы, Сериалы, Новинки
Ищутся в группе:
by Kirill Ivanov
Интересные факты о нефтяном концерне MOL Group
фильм -

нехре НОВОЕ кино -
Camera by Gennady Pavlov.
Edit some shots by Serg@NT.

Вадим Курылёв
Smokey Bandits
Bullet For My Valentine
Kotaro Oshio
Jeanette Alexander
My first YouTube video. This is first part of Downstream song by Shira Kammen. :)


P.S. Sorry for mistake at the second minute...
2003-06-25 Presentation of Carol Christian Poell's MALE SPRING SUMMER 04 collection, MAINSTREAM - DOWNSTREAM in the Alzaia Naviglio Grande in Milan, Italy
Purchase the part shown in this video here.

1A Auto shows you how to remove, install, change or replace an oxygen O2 sensor. This video is applicable to an 01-06 Hyundai Elantra.
Video was recorded live at The Residency in Los Angeles in 2012.

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Directed an
Braid OST - Downstream

Steam blues (г. Самара)
Downstream Canyoning from Kanlaob River to Kawasan Falls.
Badian, Cebu City. Philippines

Music by Neon NiteClub
Music by
Shira Kammen
Pam Swan

Arranged by Scamper

I don't have sheet music, but you can find some here:

Это мелодия из игры Braid, если кто знает. не судите строго, запись на скорую руку, просто мне интересна любая оценка и критика)