Down Bar: Шарип Умханов - When The Smoke Is Going Down (Leps Bar 05.03.2014), Mika Newton "Don't Dumb Me Down" performing at Lily Bar & Lounge, 30.08.13,

Down Bar

Официальная группа Мики Ньютон(Mika Newton):
Второй,специальный микс для клуба Up&Down
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night in Up&Down club & KMPP-mixed by dj Anton Square
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Официальная группа Dj Anton Square
“Between the legs, bar down😋😆... It's confusing if you don't know what that means”
Alan Merrill band, Slow Down, R Bar, July 26, 2012
Video clip by kind courtesy of Tony Maiullo.
Alan Merrill- Guitar
Amy Madden- Bass
Mark Brotter- Drums

Interpol - Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down (live in Saint Louis - The Rocket Bar 2002) HD

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The Common Linnets waren gisteravond te gast in The Bar. Samen met Douwe Bob zongen ze 'Slow Down'.

Volg Douwe Bob en de Nederlandse Delegatie op social media:

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They don't have violins, but these guys sure ain't fiddlin' around. Ronnie Wilson and Joey Hamende battle it out playing "Devil went down to Georgia" - a song by the Charlie Daniels Band. Recorded live October 23rd, 2010 at Louie Louie's Piano Bar in Arlington. Accompanied by Craig Hendry as narrator and bass with Mr. Keith Kelly on drums.
* * * Fire on the boys, run! * * *

Ночь, Улица, Разгон, Стрит спот. Это TERRORSNOW!!!
Мощнейшие сноуборды для парка и уличного катания от стрит убийц России.

If you want your summer to be more than just wishing for winter and dreaming about snowboarding in the best summer park, do what the National Slopestyle Teams from The United States, Canada, Norway, New Zealand, The Netherlands and Belarussia do - come to The Camp of Champions to ride and train in the bes
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Role Reversals between men and women at the bars. Hilarious.

#makskartashov #турник #брусья #осваиваю #новыйэлемент Вот на брусьях попытался освоить стойку вверх ногами, но пока ещё слишком слабоваты мышцы пресса и спины... Here on the bars I tried to master an upside down handstand, but my muscles of crunch and back are still too weak
респект Тёме и чуваку из Максимовки 😏
Солнышко ногами на турнике!
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Epic Finnish melodeath band Insomnium's first ever Australian tourn in 18 years!!! Playing live in Sydney's Manning Bar on Saturday 16 May 2015. Filmed from near front row! Awesome show!!
Down With The Sun - from album Across The Dark.

1.The Primeval Dark
2.While We Sleep
4.Where The Last Wave Broke
5.Daughter of the Moon
6.Black Heart Rebellion
7.Down With the Sun
8.The Killjoy
10.Every Hour Wounds
11.Only One Who Waits
12.The Promethean Song

In this video ,Demonstration is focused on following activities:
* Creation of Menus/Menu Items in MenuBar using Menu Editor.
*Rearrange the Menu Items,Deletion of menu item if required.
*Also,How We can Create Sub Menus in a particular Menu Item.
* Create Sub -Sub Menus in a Sub menu(Nested Menu)i.e Menus with menu.
Simple and explanatory steps to create menu bar quickly and easily.

for more Visual Basic tutorials,please visit
Youtube Channel:
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*coloring is off in some bits; sometimes too bright or too dark.

song: belle of the bouleveard - dashboard confessional
fandom: pll
ship: spencer & caleb
plot: spencer has become depressed recently - taking up drinking and well, sleeping with various guys. a has been bringing her down. one night, as she attends a bar, a band on stage catches her attention. the lead singer looks familiar. he's the new guy at school, caleb. she ends up flirting with him and w