Double Bun Hairstyle: Double Waterfall with Double French Braid Buns or Ponytails. Quick and Easy Hairstyle #28, Gimme Clips winning hairstyle - double messy

Double Bun Hairstyle

In this video I will show how to make Double Waterfall braid with Buns from French Braid or with Ponytails. (2 in 1).
You can create a lot of hairs...
Easiest way to make a fun double messy bun! and team up to show you the latest hair fashion trends!

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Coiffure à base de 2 nœuds.
Bien crêper et laquer, sinon le papillon risque de perdre ses ailes.
Hairstyle on base of 2 knots.
Indeed to tease and to lacquer, otherwise the butterfly risks to lose its wings.
Peinado a base de 2 nudos. Peinado "Mariposa", peinado dobla lazo.
Bien encrespar y lacar, si no la mariposa corre peligro de perder sus alas.
Here's a hair tutorial for a cute double pigtail bun hairstyle. This is a fun way to create voluminous and round hair buns when your hair is thin. These high hair buns are inspired by Chinese dolls, adorable pandas, Minnie & Mickey Mouse, Pucca, Kai Lan, and Chun Li. You can wear this cute and easy hairstyle for school, Halloween, or when you cosplay/dress up as any of the characters mentioned above.

Anime Maid Hairstyles ✘
Anime School Girl Hairstyles ✘
Its me, Bailey, and I am back to teach y'all one of my favorite hair tutorials, for short hair, the Double Dutch Buns! If you know how to Dutch Bra...
Love the braided buns you are seeing around on everyone from Kylie Jenner to Mel B? Today we'll teach you exactly how to get the look!

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We've been doing variations of this braided bun hairstyle for years now, but just now getting to it on our list. This is SO super easy, and makes


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This hair tutorial has to be a new favorite! I LOVE the way these simple french braids combine with buns to create an easy, but flawless look. Pa...
Yay! My first hair tutorial! :D
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~Hi guys! I hope this was the little bit of inspiration you needed :) You can do it!!!! :D
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Hello Everyone ! I wanted to recreate this hairstyle because i see it in so many animes such as sailor moon and naruto

I hope you guys enjoy this video, comment below what you think and share any ideas you have for my next video !
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