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Dominant Legs - "Hoop Of Love"

Video for "Hoop of Love" - the first single from Dominant Legs' debut album Invitation.

Directed/Produced/Edited by Eugene Kotlyarenko Hayden Shiebler
DP - Sam Fuller
Production Design + Props + much more - Richard Vallejos
OFFICIAL VIDEO first single from the full-length debut 'Invitation'
Dominant Legs are a duo formed by Hannah Hunt California (vocals, keyboards)and William Ryan Lynch (guitar, vocals). Ryan is the guitarist of 'Girls' and this new project shows an attractive sound and sweet, nothing cloying, with upbeat chorus, and dyes of the eighties

.Invitation is out 9/27 via Lefse

this video was Directed, produced and edited by Hayden Shiebler and Eugene Kotlyarenko


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Glasslands // Brooklyn, NY // October 15, 2011