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Divine Inspiration

Divine Inspiration
The Way 2003

Note - 00:00
Dedication - 00:14
Introduction - 00:21
The Claims: The Nature of God - 02:02
The Claims: Biblical Inerrancy - 03:16
The Claims: Inspiration - 05:57
The Claims: The Bible as the Word of God - 07:15
Nothing New Under the Sun - 08:22
What Should We Expect? - 10:21
Title Sequence - 15:21
What We Actually Find - 16:12
What Are Apologetics? - 24:06
What Motivates the Biblical Apologist? - 25:30
Why Should the Bible Need Apologetics? -
What do we know about God's sense of humor ?
Just pray that He likes to laugh !

Siminn - Iceland 2007
MTV - USA 2004
Oslo Gay Festival - Norway 2003
Nando's - United Arab Emirates 2006
Ituran - Israel 2007
Yes HDTV - Israel 2007
Rubber Cement - Spain 1992
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[Artist: Divine Inspiration ]
[Title: what will be, will be ]

Inspirational Thoughts by Sathya Sai Baba from the book "Living in the Presence of God" written by Seema M Dewan. Music : 'Sacral Nirvana' by Oliver Shanti Friends. Visit : http://saidivineinspirations.blogspot.com/ or http://www.facebook.com/saidivineinspirations
Is this your time?
Is this your day?

(A dance cover of the Steven Tin Tin Duffy 80s pop hit)

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'Progress Of The Soul' By Oliver Wakeman download full version:
The recording 'Progress Of The Soul' composed and performed by Oliver Wakeman is taken from the CD "Enlightenment Inspiration". The Musical Journey draws together the musical influences of spirituality to relax our inner self and create an enclosed world of calm, inspiration and enlightenment.
The CD is part of a 3 CD set entitled "Divine Harmoni
Calling for Love - Ruf nach Liebe
Wir sind alle unbegrenzte Wesen
Völlig unbegrenzt
Wir erfinden unsere eigenen Filme
Warum sollten wir es nicht genießen
Es ist alles Liebe oder ein Ruf nach Liebe
Es ist alles Liebe oder ein Ruf nach Liebe
Es ist alles Liebe oder ein Ruf nach Liebe
Es ist alles Liebe oder ein Ruf nach Liebe
Lass das Morgen dem Morgen
Und lebe heute für heute
Lerne, deinen Kummer zu recyclen
Und du wirst in Liebe und Freude spielen
Wir wollen alle nur leben
Und wir müss
Mert Göçay (Guitar - Vocal)
Mert Topel (Keyboards)
Aycan Sarı (Bass Guitar)
Mert Alkaya (Drum)

Nemrud is Turkish rock band who achieving worldwide success with their psychedelic and progressive rock music. Their work is marking by the use of Shamanic lyrics, epic story, innovative album art, and spiritual ambiance live shows. Nemrud is of the most noteworthy debut of rock music in Turkey.Despite their nationality, the band is not generally considered Pop-rock because of their sound
Photographer Evgeniya Sidorova
Operator Editor Pavel Sidorov

" To the world you may be just one person.
But to one person you may be the world."

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