Depth Charge: *Depth charge detonation. Amazing, Depth Charge Explode, Depth charge detonation. Amazing, "Глубинная бомба" / Depth Charge (2008), Глубинная

Depth Charge

Что они там взорвали, хрен знает, но круто!
Смотреть всем обязательно! )))))
The world's first underground wakeboard event. The contest was an invitation only slider contest for ten of the best wakeboarders in the world. The venue was an underground lake which sits 120 feet below the surface. It is a historic lead mine first opened in 1864, but since shut down and flooded with over a billion gallons of water. The lake has more than 17 miles of shoreline running under the entire town of Bonne Terre. This was the legendary Red Bull Depth Charge.

'Depth Charge Ethel' by Grinderman. Recorded during the bands 'Treacle Sessions', May 2007. Directed by Iain Forsyth Jane Pollard.
As a freelance artist at age 20, Andrew began to work on the Video Copilot website in his spare time from his apartment in Southern California. The website started with a handful of short After Effects tutorials that were featured on the Creative Cow community. His unusual training style and off-beat humor was a refreshing voice in the training world.

Andrew continued to press the limits of After Effects which ignited a passion to design his own software & plug-ins. Today, Video Copilot plug-ins like Element 3D & Optical Flares are among industry standard tools used by large visual FX studios and individual designers.
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Flume - Depth Charge

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Skin C...
Eric Howden solo in Bamberg, Germany. 10 November 2015 @ Villa Concordia, Bamberg
Track 3 Volume Three

Legend Of The Golden Snake EP

Heroes Charge
Legendary Quest
Depth Voice Part2

Song: Murder Machines (Epic) - TornadoTwins
Digital Abuse - Reborn E.P // // Release: 30/01/12

Глубинные бомбы
Here I have recreated depth charge with some changes to his original design. Why is he in a snowy environment you might ask? Because I thought it looked cool.
This video is a tribute to beast wars, and created for whoever loved the show.
The music used is from crysis.
Вот так у меня получилось. — оригинал.
Diving this shipwreck requires a special diving permit from the Finnish Defence Forces and Finnish Military Museum. V308 was sunk by the Russians September 23, 1941. The wreck still has live ammunition that has not been salvaged. On the video you can see antiaircraft guns and depth bombs on deck. Please enjoy this Full HD video with some militaristic music. Two 300 LED lights were used for illumination. The video was shot during a single dive with a Canon 5D III in an Aquatica housing. Additional w
LP : Unknown Territory CD: 468774 2 (1991). Written Procuded By Doug Wimbish, Ian Anderson,Loretta Heywood And Tim Simenon. Remixed By J. Saul Kane. HQ Audio.

Filmed at the Model Submarine Regatta in Canberra

Challenge of the Gobots
The Avengers have to defend the city against the Atlantians who are trying to flood it! Will the Avengers be able to save new York?

Catch Avengers Assemble only on Disney XD and check out the website at:
This set has been specially made for the Depth Charge Chanel.
Track List:

1. Simple Moves

2. Levity

3. Dreamer

4. Logic

5. Black Light

6. Pulses

7. Vibration

8. Transparent People

9. Vibrasphere - autumn lights (Mindwave remix)

Mixed By: Anton Maiko - Mindwave


Cover Design: Avi Adlin

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Meat Beat Manifesto -- Acid Again EP
Meat Beat Manifesto is Jack Dangers
Depth Charge Mix By J. Saul Kane
Label:Play It Again Sam Records
Catalog#:BIAS 342
Format:Vinyl, 12", 33 ⅓ RPM
Style:Dub, Techno, Experimental
Sure is Pure - Grind Zone Blues (Depth Charge Remix)
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Album: Nine Deadly Venoms


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With his second EP for Turbo Recordings, Nautiluss pushes against the darker edges of house and techno, forging a sound that has earned support from supreme tastemakers like Martyn, Untold, Gesaffelstein, and Ivan Smagghe.

A-side "Depth Charge" combines sub-heavy bass, gritty metallic hi-hats, and cool sonar bleeps to create a unique atmospheric bomb - the perfect soundtrack for dancing
Depth Charge Number Nine from the album Spill

For those of you who asked for it.... You're welcome. Not a single video of this anywhere, so here it is.
A demo of the BEST bass fuzz ever made.... EVER.
MTD 435 American 18v active.
Turn up the sub and feel the bass. Time to get your fuck on.
Toronto Takeover EP [DIGIPOT39]
Various Artists
Release Date: Septembre 5th 2012
Format: 4x Digital Download

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Melting Pot Crew

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Taken from the Now More Than Ever Album released in 2006.

Debut albums come and go, but every once in a while a debut album comes along which makes it's mark and defines an era; Now More Than Ever is just such an album. Since unleashing the massive anthem Together in 2003, Logistics has gone from strength to strength.

Filmed at the 2008 Model Sub Regatta at Canberra, Australia

Travis Bowman plays his tune "Depth Charge" on a Dyer Harp Guitar Style 5.

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Track #11 of Dj Infiniti's album "looking for something"
DJ Rashad - She A Chicken Head feat. Tone Sko
DJ Tre - Funky Vibes
DJ Spinn & DJ Rashad - Shawty Off Tha Chain
DJ Rashad - Get The Shaft
DJ Manny - All I Do Is (Smoke Trees)
Roy Ayers - Everybody Loves The Sunshine (Machinedrum Edit)
DJ Rashad, DJ Manny, & DJ Spinn - Lets roll out
DJ Tre - You Upset Em
Young Smoke - Wouldn't Get Far
Wooferface - Crazy (With You)
Ticklish - Rescue Me
EPROM - Regis Chillbin (Machinedrum Remix)
TNGHT - Higher Ground [feat Kanye West Side
Artist : Behind Blue Eyes And Krusseldorf
Title : Depth Charge
Album : Kisses from the clouds
Genre : Techno
Label : Iboga records
Date : Dec-05-2009
Depth Charge - Bastard Swordsman
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Shaolin Buddha Finger 00:00
Dead By Dawn 06:47
Bounty Killer 11:51
Depth Charge (Han Do Jin) 17:15
Bastard Swordsmen 23:02
Bounty Killer II 27:41
Daughters Of Darkness 31:30
Goal 36:58
Hubba Hubba (What's In The Bag Man?) 40:57
Here's the third 45 release from the amazing Sirocco Bros. If you like your rockabilly primitive, yet thumping, then these boys won't let you down. It's all about bashing up the dance floor, which is a Sirocco Bros. trademark. I defy you not to STOMP!

Battle Pirates Piranha Depth Charge Short Demonstration Preview.
Level 3 Depth Charge on Mercury Hull Versus Level 31 Cargo Salvage

For more Battle Pirates Strategy, Base Design and Fleet Builds
Shot and Ligthing by: Paciano Triunfo
Edited By: Matt Oner and Secret Sidewalk

Shot @ dying orchids studios

Светлое пиво. <br>Blue Curacao — 15 мл. <br>Ликер Cream de Cacao (White) — 15 мл. <br>Grenadine — 15 мл. <br>Украшения: Нет. <br>Способ приготовления
Flume - Depth Charge [Snippet] off the Skin Companion EP II // Out next Friday February 17

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Спасибо Dimitri Vegas , Like Mike за акапеллу !!
Depth Charge (2008) (TV) Trailer Trailer
Depth Charge - Shaolin Buddha Finger
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Howie B Depth Charge DJ Cheeba
Heroes Charge
Legendary Quest
Depth Voice Part1

Song: New Shalom (Dubstep Remix)Lecrae feat. Pro
Депс Чардж и Рампейдж. Трансформеры. Битва Зверей. AMV SLASH
Beast Wars

Depth Charged is a complete concept as Fixmer’s track arrangement takes the audience through various emotions illustrating how there is more to darkness than the dance floor. Beginning with a slow but heavy bassline, “Ellipse” acts as a perfect introduction setting the attitude for the album. “Fleeting Beauty” brings us fluttering chords amidst a serpentine drone, while the rolling bass of “Unforeseen” sends you into a trancelike state. “Purity” distracts the listener with
From the 1997 Disko Vixen EP. Outstanding music from J Saul Kane.

Velvet City Records 1992

If anybody deserves the title Breakbeat music pioneer it's the man behind Depth Charge, J. Saul Kane. 'Depth Charge Vs. Silver Fox' is a collaboration between Kane and Gunshot rapid-fire spitter, Alkaline.
Underwater depth charge going off in pool and filmed using the ix-Camera's i-SPEED 716R in HD at 5315 frames per second.
Глубинная бомба / Depth Charge (2008)

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