Depressive Black Metal Part 6: Just Depressive Black Metal Part 6..., Depressive Black Metal Part 6

Depressive Black Metal Part 6

Regnum - Tränen aus Blut
Ars Diavoli - Veneração Suicida
Final Thoughts - Dreams of Self Defeat
Drained - So Far From Joy
Narbe - Sucher


Happy Days - Dying Alone Done
Depressive Years - Inmense Emotional Pain
Niflheim - Épitaphe
Circle of Ghosts - Morning Walk
Beyond Helvete - The Path of Lonely Suicide
Gravemoon - Emptiness 2nd version
A compilation of some of my favourite Depressive Black Metal tracks. The list is in no particular order.


Monarque - La Vallee des Larmes
Coldnight - Morphine Peace
Nostalgie - Hopeless
Inexistence - Living Failure
Make a Change... Kill Yourself - Chapter Four
Abyssic Hate - Depression - Part I
Hateful Tomorrow - Weave my veins
Grimlair - Painful Emergence from Lucidity
Sad - Dichotomy
Arvet - Kaeaermeen Sana Kuolemissani