Depressive Black Metal Part 3: Just Depressive Black Metal Part 3, Ambient / Depressive Black Metal Part 3, Best Black Metal Bands/songs Part 3 (Atmospheric

Depressive Black Metal Part 3

Deorc - Infernal Howls of a Possessed Nightwolf
Fornicatus - Down Again
Hopeless - Elements (Knife, Poison, Rope, Gun)
Hypothermia - Skogens Hjärta
Wedard - A Desolate Song For Desolate Hearts

There was a forest where mankind's cupidity was the mere shadow of a an oppressive past.
There was a forest where the trees' bark reflected the beauty of a lost world.
There was a forest where the night's song awakened the sun of another life.
There was a forest where the skies' sanctuary watered the dried up lands of the gods.

A compilation of some of my favourite Depressive Black Metal tracks. The list is in no particular order.


0:00 Gris - Il Était une Forêt...
1:40 Make a Change... Kill Yourself - Chapter One
2:42 Hypomanie - Depressie
3:55 Lugburz Sleed - Рисуя на плоти... (Drawing on a flesh...)
4:57 Svarti Loghin - Inner Desolation
5:53 Coldworld - Dead Stars
7:14 Araxas - Das Ende der Gezeiten
8:30 Eindig - De Strop
9:34 From the Sunset, Forest and Grief - ...Cold, Empty Forgotten...
10:38 Void of Reveries - The Ghost that Sleeps Within Me

Coldworld - Suicide
Twilight - Beyond Light (Beautiful and Malignant)
Nyktalgia - Misere Nobis
Sterbend - Dwelling Lifeless
Trancelike Void - Everything Fails
Todeskult - Where Discomfort Is Lurking
Sieghetnar - II
Almost an hour of the best most memorable depressive Black Metal out there.


Happy Days - What it feels to be unloved
Nocturnal Depression - Dead Children
Nachtmystium - Solitary Journey
Nargaroth - A Whisper Underneath The Bark Of Old Trees
Wedard - Der Weg in das Reich der Kälte
Make a change...kill yourself - Chapter 2
Veil - Suicidal Winds (reprise)