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Depressive Black Metal Part 2

Wolfskult : Einsamkeit
Araxas : Path of Illusions
Sombres Forêts - La Nuit
Freitod (Deu) : Manipulation
Inferi (Fin) : Slow Decay

This is a video with my favourite Depressive Black Metal bands. This is the first part: from 20th position to 11th.
The link for the second part is:
A compilation of some of my favourite Depressive Black Metal tracks. The list is in no particular order.


Gris - Veux-tu danser?
Happy Days - Screams That go unheard
Balnasar - Ewige Ruhe
Wolfshade - Le Refugie des passions
Eterul - In a Desert of Parallel Realities
Tantalos - Mortalitas
Melankoli - Ode to death
Betep Ckop6u - Nocturnal Reflections
Hand Full Of Scars-Новый безумный порыв
Winter Depression - Думи мої... Ви мої єдині
Einsidig - As Tot Stof,Stof Tot As
Tristram - Harvestmane

Funeral Depression
The Descent of the Sun