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Demi Lovato - Skyscraper

не удаляйте пожалуйста)))) ловатики смотрим проталкиваем ДЕМИ !!!
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Небеса плачут, а я наблюдаю за этим
Ловлю их слезы ладонями
Только тишина и её безмолвие,
Словно у нас не было шанса
Тебе пришлось сделать так,
Чтобы я чувствовала себя опустошенной?
Ты можешь взять у меня всё
Можешь сломать всё, что я имею
Словно я сделана из стекла
Словно я сделана из бумаги
Продолжай, доводи меня до слез
Я поднимусь с земли
Как небоскреб
, Demi Lovato 'Skyscraper' live on America's Got Talent The Re,
Я сделала это слайдшоу в приложении Picrolla
Hope you like it:) Посмотрите)

#Skyscraper ( #Небоскрёб ) — #сингл с альбома #Unbroken в исполнении американской певицы и актрисы #Деми #Ловато. Она была написана Тоби Гадом, Линди Роббинс и Керли Кыйв и создано Тоби для предстоящего третьего студийного альбом Деми Ловато, «Unbroken» (2011).
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Colorist: Beau Leon Telecine: New Hat Director: Mark Pellington Production Company: WONDROS Producer: Norm Reiss Editorial: Three Foot Giant Editor: Tim Wheeler Shot on the ALEXA (C) 2011 Hollywood Records, Inc.
She was fully amped at our show, and the crowd went wild. See what happens when she receives her award. Demi's the best! #VCSFF
Demi Lovato - Skyscraper (Demi Live in Brazil)
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The amazing performance of Demi Lovato live at the ALMA awards 2011.

Increíble actuación en vivo de skyscraper y la versión en español rascacielos.
El álbum unbroken sale a la venta el 20 de septiembre!

She rocks!!

Credits to erwintv.
Hi.! Here I leave the presentation of the awards Demi Lovato Alma Awards 2011.!
The amazing truth Singing Demi has a beautiful voice and the song came out great Skyscraper especially when singing in Spanish.! : D
Enjoy the Video.! : D

Hola.! Aqui les dejo la presentacion de Demi Lovato en los premios Alma Awards 2011.!
La verdad Demi Canto asombroso, tiene una voz muy hermosa y la cancion Skyscraper le salio genial sobre todo cuando canto en español.! :D
Disfruten el Video.! :D

Demi Lovato performing Skyscraper during the Future Now Tour at the TD Garden in Boston, MA on July 20, 2016.
After over six months of being silent on Youtube, I got the music itch, and spent the evening playing instruments. This is one I just recorded on the fly, after about 15 minutes of practice. *hopefully* it sounds okay.
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Love this song and I just cant stop listening to it. :D Demis voice is just amazing and I know I'm nowhere near that but I wanted to do this song anaway. :) Enjoy

Demi Lovato sings her hit song "Skyscraper" at the unite4:humanity Gala held on February 27, 2014 in Los Angeles.
Лучшие каверы! Мы выкладываем популярные песни в исполнении незнакомых вам певцов и коллективов.
Do you known someone who's had to overcome hardship or sickness in life?

Demi Lovato's Original Sky Scraper Music Video:


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"Skyscraper" (Demi Lovato Cover) - by ВСЕ ОСТАЛЬНЫЕ КЛИПЫ

Demi Lovato performs "Skyscraper" to just 300 lucky fans at the Porchester Hall for her very special VEVO Presents: Live In London show.<br/><br/>
DEMI LOVATO | #Lovaticsсlub
Your #1 VK source for Demetria Devonne Lovato
DEMI LOVATO | #Lovaticsсlub
Your #1 VK source for Demetria Devonne Lovato
Demi Lovato - Skyscraper

Skyscraper - Christina Grimmie (Cover) By Demi Lovato
Original video link:
Original channel link:
So i worked hard on this for yu guys, i hope yu DIG IT !!
Demi isn't the easiest sing for me; we have different voices completely! Hope yu all like it , I LOVE YU GUYS !! :D
My new album is exclusively on ITUNES! :D



I'm going on tour with SELENA GOMEZ THIS SUMMER!! :D:D
come visit meh, i'd love to meet yuh !

This song always makes me cry, but I try to keep calm.
But BE TOLERANT please, because I've no any musical aducation :'(

You can find more covers on my channel and even some vlogs) Thank you for watching!

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THANKS FOR WATCHING!!!!!!!! Watch in 1080p! Love You All! No, I was not sponsored by either of these companies, and I went to my local CVS and purchased thes.

WATCH IN HD :) Hey guys! So today I have a look inspired by Demi Lovato's Skyscraper Music Video. I absolutely love this song and video and I think that it i.<br/><br/>
I love this song a lot, thought I'd film it. I apologise about my bad microphone because it peaks the audio so much. Yolo.<br/><br/>
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Деми Ловато /Demi Lovato - Skyscraper Live in Brazil - VEVO Sessions by Fanta Деми Ловато / Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart a Break Live in Brazil - VEVO Sessions by 20 10 2015 HD 720
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Деми выступает на концерте Vevo в Сан-Паулу, 20 октября.
Music video by Demi Lovato performing at São Paulo. © 2015 Hollywood Records, Inc. & Island Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.
1. 01:46 Confident
2. 05:25 Heart Attack
3. 10:23 For You
4. 14:44 Stone Cold
5. 19:42 Skyscraper
6. 24:12 Give Your Heart a Break
7. 27:43 Neon Lights
8. 31:58 Cool For The Summer

Demi’s album CONFIDENT available now!
Google Play
Official site
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Деми выступает на концерте Vevo в Сан-Паулу, 20 октября.
This song was really difficult! Its not perfect yet but comments and crits please guys :)

I do not own this song. No copyright infringement intended<br/><br/>

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Sunday, March 24th
DEMI LOVATO'S BEST PERFORMANCE IN JAKARTA! She almost cry at the end of the song! Wanky! :'D "You Saved Me"<br/><br/> КЛИПЫ НОВЫЕ И СТАРЫЕ.НАШИ И ЗАРУБЕЖНЫЕ
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Siga: @geracaodemi
Demi Lovato performed her hit "Skyscraper" on Good Morning America on July 6, 2012. All rights reserved to ABC and their affiliates.

DEMI LOVATO | #Lovaticsсlub
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Cece Frey - Skyscraper by Demi Lovato. Subscribe for more. New video at midnight.

Кавер версия на песню Demi Lovato - Skyscraper

Вокал: Софья Подлесных (SoFi) -
Музыка: Demi Lovato
Русский текст: Елизавета Сивакова (Indie) -
Съёмка: Никита Долгов -
Монтаж: Дмитрий Головин -
Запись вокала: Дмитрий Головин (GD records studio) -
Demi's INCREDIBLE performance of Skyscraper from "America's Got Talent," this is one that had to be seen to be believed! I'm still in awe from it due to the simple fact that she makes it look so effortless each & every time she steps out on that stage. This performance was flawless from start to finish - especially w/ the high notes that only Demi herself could hit & her work on the piano... Just WOW! In addition to that, I loved the change in the instrumental arrangement, the fire, & the symbolic set that
A touching tribute to the lives lost in the attacks on Paris and many of the other tragedies that occurred this week.
November 14, 2015
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Me playing the beautiful Skyscraper originally performed by Demi Lovato, and more recently the X Factor winning single/Christmas number 1, performed by Sam Bailey.

Hope you like it

Thanks for listening

July 23rd, 2016
Live at the Air Canada Center

Recorded by myself
Demi Lovato live in Kansas City Missouri
I took it at the Future Now Tour at the Palace of Auburn Hills on July 30, 2016
DEMI LOVATO | #Lovaticsсlub
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Filmed live during New Years in Niagara in 2013. Practically front row; great audio/video quality; filmed with iPhoneb

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Demi Lovato HD Skyscraper Endfest Sacramento 7-20-2012

27.03.2013. Russia, Moscow.<br/><br/>
Demi Lovato's before speech and performance of her hit song, "Skyscraper" at the "Breakfast in Barbados" concert sponsored by Chum 104.5 FM.

Demi's Speech: "I know a lot of you guys out there probably don't know a lot of my music. You're thinking oh hey she's the Disney chick, right? And she was on X-Factor. But I've never really heard her music. Well, let me tell you something. The music that I put out there. Everything I release. Everything I've written is for you guys. And I can't tell you how tha
Skyscraper 0:03 Neon Lights 3:54
heres another video of demi on we day with better audio and screen
she performed today (20/9) on we day with skyscraper and neon lights.
i think she was amazing and flawless!! what do you think? please comment & like
and subscribe for more videos that relatble to demi
if you want to hear the speech at the beginning watch my other video of her on we day:

demi lovato we day
demi lovato we day
demi lovato we day
Demi Lovato performing her iconic song "Skyscraper" and the beginning of "Give Your Heart A Break" from her third album "Unbroken" at the DEMIWORLDTOUR in Brisbane Australia.