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Delphic - Doubt

Directed by Andrew Huang From the album Acolyte on Polydor/Chimeric Records Producer: Benjamin Wilkins DP: Laura Merians Production Designer: Norman Scott Costume Designer: Marta Villalobos Hair/Makeup: Christina Guerra Featuring: Mary Elise Hayden, Bobby Gold, Chad Post and Rebecca Ocampo Post FX: Andrew Huang AB5TRAX
Режиссер Эндрю Хуанг (#Andrew #Huang).
Клип, визуальными эффектами, отправляя зрителя в гипнотическое путешествие.
Artist: Delphic Title: Doubt Duration: 4'09'' Dir: Andrew Huang Album: Acolyte Label: Modular Year Release: 2010 +plus:

Британцы =)
Splicing New Order's patent Mancunian brand of indie disco intellectualism with the unbound, arms aloft euphoria of Orbital or the Chemical Brothers, Delphic are the next top drop in a long line of UK acts to make timeless pop music from sonic fragments of the future. Delphic deliver the epic anthem Doubt in all it's glory; straight to the point and full of kick. Little cubes, bubbles, and spikes cover the beautiful bodies in this special effects-laden clip from the UK dance rockers. Video comes directed by
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Хааароший клип на харошую песню
фотографичное такое видео.
красивый клип
британские ребята из Doubt радуют стильными клипами
Анимация - Andrew Thomas Huang
Ну как обычно... в моем стиле)))
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Live... With Jools Holland
Promo video for Delphic's third single, "Doubt", released Monday 4th January 2010.Directed by Andrew Huang.
Креативный видеоклип британской альтернативной дэнс-группы Delphic, в котором на телах людей возникают различные трехмерные объекты.
Delphic - Doubt Dubstep Remix

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красота на красоте

Wanting meaning, wanting more than the same things
Wanting everything, just to start at the ending
I found another face to show
Just because what you say is what will go

Doubt, in it all for me, I've hit the wall
All that's left for you is doubt, better you than me, I've so far to fall
All that's left for you is doubt, in it all for me, I've hit the wall
All that's left for you is doubt, better you than me, I've so far to fall
But I can't change now

Music video by Delphic performing Doubt. From their album Acolyte, coming out on Dangerbird Records June 29. Directed by Andrew Huang.

Delphic - Doubt on Later Live... With Jools Holland

Performed live at the NY Studio
Классная песня и классный клип, записал с телека))
Broadcast by BBC Red Button
NME/Radio 1 Stage
Delphic Live at Reading Festival 2010